Most Unusual Baby Girl Names Of 2013

Generations get set on certain names over time.  The names of the fifties differ from the eighties and now in the year 2013 there are names that have evolved.  Unusual baby names have always been around but the trend of them being unusual reflects history.  This list provides some of the most unusual names of 2013.  Some of these names may be familiar but the meaning and spelling of the name, may be the reason it’s an unusual baby girl name of 2013.

Abira: Abira is Hebrew for a source of strength and one who is very strong. Similar Names: Abera, Abyra, Abyrah, Abirah, Abbira, Abeerah, Abhira. Origin: Hebrew

Abra: Abra is Hebrew and Arabic for a feminine form of Abraham; mother of multitue, mother of nations. Similar Names: Abri, Abrah, Abree, Abria, Abbra, Abrah. Origin Hebrew and Arabic

Adanne: Adanne is African for her mothers daughter or a mother’s pride. Similar Names: Adane, Adayne, Adaine, Adayn, Adain, Adean, Adeane. Origin: African

Aelfwine: Aelfwine is a very unique and unusual English name and means a friend of the elves. Similar Names: Aelfwyne, Aethelwine, Aethelwyne. Origin: English

Corinthia: Corinthia is Greek for a woman of Corinth. Similar Names: Corinthiah, Corinthe, Corynthea, Corynthe. Origin: Greek

Harlee: Harlee is English for a girl from teh meadow of the hares. Similar Names: Harlea, Harley, Harleen, Harleigh, Harlene, Harlie, Harli, Harly. Origin: English

Idona: Idona is Scandinavian for a very fresh faced, and meek woman. Similar Names: Idonah, Idonna, Idonnah, Idonea, Idonia, Idonya. Origin: Scandinavian

Ignatia: Ignatia is Latin for a fiery or flambouyant woman buring brightly with a strong personality. Similar Names: Ignacia, Ignazia, Iniga, Igantiah. Origin: Latin

Ixchel: Ixchel is Mayan for the rainbow lady and is the goddess of the earth moon and healing according to mythology. Similar Names: Ixchell, Ixchala, Ixchalle Origin: Mayan

Jada: Jada is American for a person who is punctual or on time, and stems from Jadal Similar Names: Jadall, Jade, Jadelle Origin: American

Jetta: Jetta is Danish resembling the jet-black pungent stone. Similar Names: Jette, Jett, Jeta, Jete, Jettie, Jetty, Jetti, Jettey Origin: Danish

Karissa: Karissa is Greek for a woman who is filled with grace, love and kindness or someone very caring. Similar Names: Karisa, Karyssa, Karysa, Karis Origin: Greek

Keaton: Keaton is English for a person who is from the town of hawks. Similar Names: Keatun, Keeton, Keetun, Keyton, Keytun. Origin: English

Laima: Laima is from Latvia and is another name for one who is fortunate or the goddess of good luck. Similar Names: Layma, Laema Origin Latvian

Larue: Larue is American for Rue, and means a medicinal herb. Similar Names: La Rue, Laroo, Lar, Larou Origin: American

Maeve: Maeve is Irish for a woman who is breathtaking or intoxicating. Similar Names: Mave, Meave, Medb, Meabh. Origin: Irish

Maitreya: Maitreya is of Sanskrit of one who offers a lot of love to all. Similar Names: Maitreyah, Maetreya, Maetraya, Maitraya. Origin: Sanskrit

Majaliwa: Majaliwa is derived from the Swahili language or people and has the meaning of God’s grace. Similar Names: Majaliwah, Majalewa, Majalywa, Majalewah, Majalywah Origin: Swahili

Manette: Manette is Latin and Hebrew for star of the sea of bitterness.  Similar Names: Mair, Mal, Mallie, Manon, Maria, May, Mia, Molly. Origin: Latin and Hebrew

Oba: Oba is African and represents the goddess of rivers in mythology. Similar Names: Obah, Obba, Obbah Origin: African

Olayinka: Olayinka is Yoruban and means that the girl is surrounded by wealth and honor. Similar names: Olayenka, Olayanka. Origin: Yoruban

Paige: Paige is an unusual girl name which means young assistant. Similar Names: Paige, Payge, Paege. Origin: English

Patti: Patti is English for the feminine form of Patrick or one who is of noble descent. Similar Names: Patsy, Pattie, Trisha, Patrizia, Patrisia. Origin: English

Persephone: Persephone is Greek for the daughter of Demeter and Zeus who was abducted to the underworld. Similar Names: Persephoni, Persephonie, Persephony, Persefonie. Origin: Greek

Pgina: Pinga is Inuit for a mythological goddess of the hunt, and fertility and healing. Similar Names: Pingah, Pyngah, Pyngah. Origin: Inuit

Phoebe: Phoebe is greek for a bright and shining woman, and is another name for the moon. Similar Names: Phebe, Phoebi, Phebi, Phoebie, Phebie, Phoebe, Phoebee Origin: Greek

Piper: Piper is English for one who plays an instrument like a flute or a piccolo. Similar Names: Pipere, Piperel, Pyper, Piperella, Piperela. Origin: English

Qitarah: Qitarah is Arabic for having a great smell or nice fragrance. Similar Names: Qitara, Qytarah, Qytara, Qitaria, Qitarra, Qitarria, Qytarra, Qytarria

Rosaline:  Rosaline is German and English resembling a gentle horse or a form of rose or beautiful flower. Similar Names: Ros, Rosaleen, Rosalen, Rosalin, Rosalina, Rosalinda, Rosalinde, Rosaline, Chalina Origin: German and English

Tevy: Tevy is from the roots of Cambodia and means an angel. Similar Names: Tevey, Tevi, Tevie, Tevee, Tevea. Origin: Cambodian

Trinity: Trinity is Latin for the holy three. Similar Names: Trinitey, Triniti, Trinitie, Trinitee, Trynity, Trynitey, Tryniti, Trynitie Origin: Latin

Udup: Udup is an Indian unusual name for a girl, born beneath the moon’s light. Similar Names: Udupp, Uddup, Uddupp. Origin: Indian

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