Unique Girl Names Inspired By Animals

Unique girl names are the most popular kind of names that a woman wants! Native Americans are known for naming their babies inspired by not only animals, but also nature in general. The animal kingdom is a great source to find a unique female name, because it has a vast variety of different species, all with numerous, fascinating skills and characteristics, many of which are envied by the human species.

Throughout centuries, man has learned to love and respect animals, to appreciate their abilities and acknowledge their contribution to the eco- system. Often, humans might carry some animal-like characteristics. For instance, one might be fearless like a lion, or intuitive like dolphins or cunning like a fox.

Here is our list of unique girl names inspired by animals:

Adolpha: it is of Old German origin meaning noble wolf. It can also be found as Adolfa and Adollfa.

Altaira: it is of Arabic origin and it means bird.

Arachne: it is a greek word meaning spider. The Greek myth says that goddess Athena turned her maiden into a spider for offending her after challenging her into a weaving contest.

Ariel: it is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is Lion of God. This name became popular from Walt Disney’s cartoon “The Little Mermaid”.

Ava:  its origin is uncertain, probably German, but we also find the Hebrew name Chava as in life or serpent and in Latin avis means bird.

Ayala: it is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is deer or gazelle.

Birdena: its origin is American and it means little bird. It has three variant forms, Birdie, Birdine and Byrdene.

Bunny: originated from England and deriving from names such as Bernice or Barbara.

Cat: it is used as a shorter name for the name Catherine, which is Greek and it means pure. Also, Kitty, Kit, Kitlyn, Kittee and Kittey are used as pet names for Katherine. However, everyone thinks of the animal cat when hearing it!

Cholena: it is of Delaware Indian origin and it means bird.

Columbine: its origin is Latin and the meaning of the name is dove.

Delphine: this name is of Greek origin, it means dolphin. It has several variants, such as Delphina, Delfa, Delphyne, Delphinia.

Dove or Dova: it is a bird’s name and it represents peace and from a religious aspect, God’s covenant with Noah and the Holy Spirit.

Fauna: this name we find in Roman mythology. Fauna was the goddess of nature and animals. It has the following variant forms: Faune, Fauniel, Fauniella and Fawna. Fauna was known for her pureness.

Fawn: its origin is Old French and it means young deer. It has the following variants: Faina, Fanya, Faun, Fawna, Fawnya.

Faline: it is of Latin origin and its meaning is like a cat. Faline has variants which are: Faeleen, Fayline, Felina, Feyline.

Gazelle: this name is of Latin origin, a variant from Gazella, which means gazelle.

Guadalupe: its origin is Spanish and its meaning is wolf valley. Lupita is short for Guadalupe and it also has two variant forms, Lupe and Lupelina.

Kefira: its origin is Hebrew and it means young lion. Its variant forms are Kefeera, Kefirra, Kefirah, Kefeira.

Leandra: it is of Greek origin and it means lion man. Its maschuline form is Leander and it has several variants, such as Leanda, Leandre, Leandria, Leiandra, Leodora, Leonelle, Leoline and Leoine.

Leona:  it is of Latin origin and it means lion. Leona has variant forms: Leeona, Leeowna, Leone, Leoine, Leonelle, Leontine, Leowna, Leola, Leonia, Leonie, Loni.

Linette: it has an Old French and Welsh origin and its meaning is linnet, a small songbird and also idol. Its variants are : Lenette, Lanette, Linet, Linetta, Linnet, Linnette, Lynnet, Lynnette, Lonnette and Lynette.

Melissa: it is of Greek origin and it means bee; honey. According to Greek mythology, a princess of Crete was transformed into a bee after she learned how the honey is collected. This name has many variants, such as Lisa, Malissa, Melosa, Missy, Melly, Milli, Millicent, Melisande, Melisanda, Melisha, Melitta, Mel, Melicia, Meliza, Melesa.

Orpah: its origin is Hebrew, it means fawn, young deer. It is known to be a Biblical name. It has several variants: Afra, Aphra, Oprah, Ophrah, Orpa, Orphie, Orfit.

Rachel: this name is of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Rachel was Jacob’s wife. Rachel means ewe, female sheep.

Tabitha: it is of Aramaic origin and it means gazelle.

Tora: it is of Japanese origin and its meaning is tiger.

Ulva: it has an Old German origin and it means wolf.

Ursula: this name is of Scandinavian and Latin origin. Ursula means little she-bear. It has the following variants: Orsa, Orsala, Orsolla, Sula, Seula,  Ulla, Ursa, Ursala, Ursulina, Ursulette, Ursley, Ursuline, Ursie, Urszuli, Urselina, Ursella.

Yona: it is a variant from the name Yonina of Hebrew origin and its meaning is dove.

Zippora: its origin is Hebrew and it means bird.


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