Unique Baby Names For Girls

Unique Baby Names For Girls have great value in the baby names world! People choose a unique name because they want their kid to be unique. This is the most common way to choose a baby girl name. But in the last few years it is appeared and for boy names.

What makes a name  unique? Take a look at your family friends names. It must not be the same with one of them, not even similar. It doesn’t mean that it must be the only one in the whole world! Of course it must not be a celebrity name or a famous person’s name.

Many people choose to create a name that is unique. Perhaps it means something special for them and their family. Others choose to customize the spelling of a name, but in this way it is not that unique! They are looking for a name which will stand out in a crowd and will certainly have a special meaning for them. It is not easy to choose a unique name and sometimes it can be risky.

Because of a misspelling the name can mean something bad or something different from what you have imagined! Here is our suggestion of Unique Baby Girl Names, which are short and easy to pronounce.

Unique Baby Names For Girls

Amya It means “Night Rain” or “High Place” and it’s from the name Amaya. It’s an American origin name.

Blythe An Old English origin name meaning “Happy” and “Cheerful”.

Dulce Dulce name’s meaning is “Sweet” and it is a Latin origin name.

Eponine A Pretty name mostly known from the movie “Les Miserables” Eponine was a character in the movie played by Samantha Barks.

Hadley It from an English surname which was derived from a place name. Its meaning is “Heather field” in Old English.

Harper Another name that looks male but it’s Unisex name. It has several meanings: “Harpist”, “Minstrel” or “Maker”.

Kenzie Kenzie is “Son Of Kenneth”. It’s alternative meaning is “Fair and handsome one”.

Kirrlly A pretty name quite popular in Australia. It means “dark lady sheltered from the rain”.

Nia A Welsh name from the name Niamh which means “bright” in Irish.

Odelia It is a Hebrew origin name, meaning “praise God” or “Little wealthy one”. Great sound quality name.

Perla It’s obvious that it means “Pearl”. Despite that it is a great quality name it’s not very common.

Rowan It looks like a male name, but it’s a unisex name and not very common for girls. The name came from the Rowan tree.

Satine Satine is a pretty and rare name. It suits perfectly on every little girl. It is of French origin and it means “Satin”. A really cute and unique baby name for your girl!

Tatum It means “Cheerful” and “bringer of Joy”. It is similar the male name Tate.

Tesia It means “Loved by God” or “The one who loves God”. The names origin is unspecified. Perhaps it’s Polish.

Zelene A variant of the girl name Zelia and it means “Sunshine”.

Unique Baby Names For Girls

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