12 Unique Baby Names For Girls

Baby girl, Daddy’s princess and Mama’s apple-pie would surely be angry when she’ll grow up and doesn’t like her name. Well, some girls would surely grow up and love their names. Still, what could be some unique baby names for girls that are both edgy and cool, or maybe unusual to such extent that become fun? Musingly, such unusual girl baby names might be considered weird but sometimes creepy, as ‘Weird is New Cool”. Lately, did you hear, Beyonce just named her little angel, Blue Ivy. Oh yes, that is some weird yet adorable name for girls. If you are expecting a baby in 2014 or sibling or bestie of any expecting person, have a look at some of the unique baby girl names. Surely, they would be of some help in your decision.

12 Unique Baby Girl Names

Aurora – Princess Aurora, one of the favorite fictional characters of girls is taken from movie “Sleeping Beauty”.  It has the meaning of sunlight in Latin and natural display of light in sun. In USA, it is ranked on number 166, 404 according to England and Wales demographics, on 100th on Canada’s charts and holds the 7th position on Italian charts.

Aubry – is a variation of old German word, “Aubrey”. It means “elf or magical being, power”. The name has its origin in French and English and is used for both the genders.

Cassidy – Previously, the name for boys is now been used for baby girls. Inspired by some famous rap songs for all times, such as Get No Better and I will Never Tell, some hip-hop-parents are using the stage name of popular rapper Cassidy for their baby girls. In many languages including American English and Irish, the name means clever or intelligent.

Felicia – It is a name of a fictional character in the series of fighting games Dark Stalkers. It is also the name of a cartoon character Felix the Cat. In England, it is being used since Middle Ages and had been common in America during 19th century but almost disappeared after 2000 however is ranked on number 295 in Netherlands and on 40 in Sweden.

Lourdes – Did you hear; Madonna named her baby girl Lourdes. In American and Spanish languages, it is generally referred to with ‘Virgin Mary’. It was most common during 1960 to 1970a but became almost unknown and creepy later. Well, Madonna has again brought back this weird name. The girls with name Lourdes are commonly deemed as determined and traditional.

Cecily – This name usually goes with Lady Cecily Neville, the duchess of York and mother of two kings. Presently, the name has become common due to actress Cecily Strong from the popular TV Show Saturday Night Live. The bubbly girl has bounded parents to name their baby girls after her. The name was common during 1990s but got lost later. Still, weird but a cool name indeed.

Kynlee – The name Kynlee belongs to two origins first is the English origin which mean King’s meadow. Gaelic being the second of the name which means Patronymic’s fair headed warrior whose surname was MacKinley and was Fhionnlaoich’s son a viking invader a name given to him. Kynlee is a unisex name, it is ranked as 747 in popular baby names for girls. Kynlee name comes into category of flower names.

Ruby – The name, although very common during mid 19th century, became again very popular after the character Ruby was introduced in the American serial Supernatural. The character was basically an attractive vampire who gets involved with the co-star Sam and the couple gets married in real life as well later. In French, English, American, and Latin, Ruby means a jewel or something very precious. In America, it holds the 106th position, ranked on number 7 on English charts, and tops the Australians demography. The girls with this name are usually confident, creative, and lively in their public and personal lives and are mostly the public speakers.

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Sierra – Often confused with Syria, the name is pronounced as see-ER-ə. The meaning of the name in both Irish and American is dark. Presently, the name is ranked on number 278 in America and was used by not more than 50 girls in Canada. Actually, the name became common with the movie Dollhouse released in 2009. Musingly, the weird name was not judged very good as the character Sierra was assaulted in the movie.

Trixie – is a unique yet cute girl name, taken from the movie Speed Racer. It is usually symbolized for lively and mischievous girls. In Latin, it means happiness or the thing that brings joy. Some people say it’s the abbreviation of English name Beatrix but who really cares as long as the name has a good meaning. The popularity of name ‘Trixie’ was high in early 2000s but decreased gradually and became once again popular after the release of Speed Racer. However, the name is again lost somewhere lately.

Vivienne – The name became recognized after the movie Arthur was released in 2009. The name is also adored by gamer parents due to the appearance of stylish character with similar name in game Phantasy Star Portable. In French, Latin and American, the name means lively. According to reports, the name is ranked on 322nd position in America.

Yvette – Pronounced as ee-VET, the name was most known during 1960s to 1990s because of the fictional character in the BBC sitcom ‘Allo Allo!’. Basically, it is a French form of ‘Yves’. According to reports of 2010, the name was ranked below 800s even.

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