Trendy Baby Names 2015 for Girls

A baby girl name should be very wisely chosen as it’s the mirror of the girl’s personality. In 2015 baby names trends will not change from the previous years. Parents tend to pick one of the most commonly used names for their girls, as it is a safe and easy way to decide.
In this post we present you the most trendy baby names for girls for 2015 born babies.

Trendy Baby Names 2015 for Girls


Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigayil which means “My Father is Joy”. In England, this became one of the most widely used names for kids, especially for the Puritans.

Up to this day, you can still find Abigail being very popular in the US, Canada, New Zeeland and Scotland. Girls with this name usually are persons that seek love and a companion, and who also do whatever it takes to have harmony and peace in their life.


Amelia is a Germanic name that means hard working and it’s one name that has been given during the times of royalty mainly in the Scandinavian regions and Netherlands. Amelia is a patron saint of farmers and those that suffer.

Some famous people named Amelia are Amelia Earthart which was an aviatrix, Amelia Janny which was a writer and Amelia Warner which was an actress! This is a historic name that is very popular in England!


Chloe is one of the most popular names in France and the United Kingdom. It means little green sporut and it refers to the Greek goddess of earth, forest and agriculture. It’s a popular protestant reformation name and it’s widely encountered in the US right now.

Famous people with this name are the musician Chloe Alper, the actress Chloe Webb and the model Chloe Jones, among many others. Girls with this name are great at learning and analyzing stuff, which means that they are good teachers or scholars. They are usually introverts and quiet.


Emma is a Germanic name that’s currently the most popular in Belgium. It has a historical meaning of “universal woman” and it has been used as a popular naming choices during the Middle Ages.

Emma is a name for the royalty, and nowadays it’s widely encountered in the cinema world as numerous actresses such as Emma Stone, Emma Peters and Emma Thomson have it. Emma is also a popular poetry name with Emma Lazarus and Emma Page being perfect examples.


Grace is a name with the meaning of Elegant and Graceful Woman. It’s one of the most popular Christian names mainly because it refers to the divinity. It’s a surname as well and it has Latin origins.

Some famous bearers of this name are Grace Coolidge, the actress Grace Kelly, as well as the writer Grace Abbot and the golfer Grace Park, among others. It’s important to know that this is one of the most popular names for babies in Ireland.


Layla is a cute and trendy baby name, that means “night” in Arabic. It is commonly by the famous Arabian poet “Imru’ al-Qais” in his romantic poems by the 6th century. The name origin is Arabic. In the English speaking countries Layla became very popular after the release of the song ‘Layla’ in 1970 by Derek and the Dominos.

The name has many variants such as Laila, Leila, Leyla in Arabic and in English Laila, Leilah, Lyla, Lela, Lila and many more.


Lillian is a game that seems to originate from England, mainly in the 16th century when it was used as the diminutive of Elisabeth, even though numerous historians tend to think that this might come from the Latin Lily as well. This is a name that isn’t encountered that often, but it’s mostly popular in the US and Canada.

The meaning of this name is After the Flower and girls with this name have an inclination towards leadership as well as independence, as they ignore the details and focus only on the matter at hand. Some famous persons bearing this name are the writers Lillian Allen, Lillian Faderman, and Lillian Gibbons.


Natalie means “Christmas Day” and comes from the Latin name “Natalia” and it’s a French origin famine name. In the the 4th century, the wife of the martyr Saint Adrian of Nicomedia had this name. There are many celebrities with the name Natalie.

Natalie Wood (American actress), Natalie Nicole Alvarado, known as Natalie (American R&B singer and songwriter), Natalie Portman (American actress, producer, and director) and Natalie Maria Cole (American singer, songwriter, and performer) are the most famous celebrities with this name.


Scarlett is an English based name that has the meaning of red cloth vendor. The name on its own derives from Persian and from the popular cloth color named carmine red.

There are many persons that bear this name, despite it not being hugely popular in any country. Scarlett O’Hara and Scarlett Johansson are some of the most famous persons bearing this name.


Victoria is a name with deep roots in history. It’s a name that means Victory in Latin and it has been used in countries all over the globe, although its European popularity came in the 19th century thanks to the queen Victoria. Numerous geographical areas in the world have this name, including cities in Canada and an Australian state.

The name means Woman of Victory and some famous people with this name are Victoria Beckham, the writer Victoria Brooks and the actress Victoria Abril.

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