Top 10 Baby Names for Girls of 2012

In the baby names world it is easy to be confused! If you are a parent of a sweet baby girl, you have to take a look at the Top baby names. It’s an easy way to satisfy your girl and all your relatives and friends. All the names included in the Top 10 Baby Names for Girls of 2012 are common names and very popular.

What makes a name popular? There are many secrets that you can read in “Naming Your Baby” article. But this not only the only reason. Perhaps the main reason comes from the “Magical World” of Celebrities, TV and Movie stars and of course the Music industry. All these have a great influence in shaping people’s mind. That’s not always but it’s the main rule.

As you will realize, from the names listed below, you know for sure someone famous with this name. For example the name Sophia belongs to many famous Stars such as Sophia Loren (Italian actress), Sofía Vergara (Colombian model and actress), Sofia Coppola (American actress and director) and you can find many many others!

As we all know, Women can easily change their names if they don’t like it. So if you want to remember your kid’s name, choose one of those and you will be sure that she will never change it!


Top 10 Baby Names for Girls of 2012

Baby Name

Name Meaning – Description

1SophiaIt’s a Greek origin name which describes a wise person. Other meanings are Wisdom and Knowledge.
2EmmaThe most common meanings are whole – complete – universal and faith.
3OliviaOlive. Known from William Shakespeare’s character in his comedy “Twelfth Night”. From the olive tree which is the symbol of fruitfulness – beauty and dignity.
4AveryThis baby name has three different meaning depending of its origin. In French means “counselor” or “wise”. In American it means “someone who rules the elves”. In English it means “rules with elf-wisdom”.
5LilyA fragrant flower symbolizing purity.
6ZoeIt means life in Greek. It is also been used as an English name in the 19th century.
7ChloeIt means “Blossoming” or “Green shoot” in Greek.
8LillianLillian comes from the beautiful flower Lily. As a baby name describes a girl which is as beautiful as the lily flower.
9MadisonA baby name with different meanings – “Son of the mighty warrior”, “Gift of the Lord”, “Mighty in battle” “Woman from Magdala”. The only one that suits to a girl is the last one. Although is a pure female name!
10EmilyThe most common meaning of this baby name is “Flattering”. It has roots from the Roman family name Aemilius.


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