10 Unique Names For Unique Girls

There are quite a number of expectant mothers who desire to have a unique name for their unique girl. They might believe that it could give their child an overall better sense of individuality as well as a fresh start without the dullness of a typical name.

It is natural for humans to want to stand out and display their own persona of creative individuality. Giving a newborn girl a unique baby name may enable her to feel special and one-of-a-kind because truly, that is how her parents will feel about her when she is born.

A baby name, should be considered, as a carefully selected gift. Names have histories and backgrounds and they should be carefully picked, because your baby will carry that name for the rest of their lives.


This beautiful unique name is in the English form of Old German origin and may also be spelled as “Adelayd,” “Adalayde,” or “Adalaide.” The meaning behind this name is considered to be “of noble kin,” “noble natured,” or “noble kind.” Adelaide is still a rare name, despite it gained a lot of popularity due to the German princess ” Queen Adelaide” who married in 1830 the British King William IV. Rachel Griffiths, the famous actress, chose the name Adelaide for her daughter.



Priya is a Sanskrit Indian name which means “beloved” in the last few years it’s starting to gain popularity also in English speaking countries. A lot of parents choose this name because of its sound. When it is whispered, carries the sound of mystery. In India there is a tradition, that girls who are born in August, are given Priya as a name.


Eisley is more common as a surname, like the actress India Eisley. A very rare yet beautiful name that has been Americanized from the Swiss surname, “Eisele”. In America Eisley is used as a first name also and it is pretty unique. It is believed that a girl who carries this name is always in good spirit, generous and very easily loved by others! Its meaning is simply “cheerful” which is a wonderful meaning to match a cheerful baby.


This extremely rare female name is believed to be relatively new and of American origin. It supposedly means “heavenly high” but does not appear to have an official meaning. Many people believe that it is a variant of the name “Luise”. It’s a very cute baby name, suggested for smiley girls! Girls who carry the name Lulette have remarkable abilities with great success in their lives.


This unique name, is a combination of the words Crystal and Belle. It has many alternate spellings such as “Cristabel”, “Chrystabelle” and “Chrystabel.” It is of Spanish origin and it means “beautiful Christ follower,” yet it may remind people of crystals or fresh “crystal clear” water. The name reminds a person of the charismatic southern charm. The hospitality, their charitable help to the community, and impeccable manners.


The next unique name in this list is Xanthia. A name which is an absolute gem and leaves a sense of elegance. It is said, that a girl with this name can adapt quickly to any situation, and uses her creativity to solve problems. New experiences are always challenges, she cannot resist! Finally, her flexibility always helps her to stand on her feet again. Xanthia means “blonde” and it’s a Greek origin name. Other meanings are “yellow” and “golden”. Do you have a blonde baby girl?


Miriam Hopkins who was born in Savannah,Georgia on October 1902, is one of the most famous persons that carry this cute and also unique name. Miriam is a name that gives the potential of a shooting star. With great sound and easy to remember name, Miriam should give your girl a touch of uniqueness. She is a person who will live or dedicate their life to the arts and sciences of the world. She has a very high intelligence and naturally inquisitive and she can show her talents by becoming athlete, artist in singer or any other artistic job. The need to know, what happened in the past, will lead her to become a historian. She also has an insatiable appetite for learning about how the world works.


Libby is being used quite often as a first name in England. It is originates from the popular name Elizabeth. Her energy and patience with herself and others is boundless. Her choice of attire is versatile, from dresses to jogging outfits. She has the ability to learn quickly. This allows her to study in more than one field, that holds her interest. Women with the name Libby are dynamic and creative personalities and they usually develop as actresses and singers. They also embrace the physical side of their nature, and train to become, athletes and coaches.


Jana is the short version of the Hindu god Janarthanan. This name has other versions worldwide. This is a unique baby name, because it is recognized as being different and special, anywhere in the world. Jana is friendly and very affectionate and delicate person. She dresses in comfortable attire and bright colors. She has the potential to develop in the fashion world as a model or designer. Finally she is famous of her elegant style.


Rayce is a unique name of French origin. It rolls off the tongue smoothly when spoken. Her femininity shows through very clearly in the way she dresses and carries herself. She is a pretty serious person who rarely laughs, but always smiles with meaning. She is a very intelligent and independent individual and uses her serious and logical way of thinking to develop as a writer, lawyer and engineer. She does not leap into anything, until it has been researched, and a solid plan of action has been made. Rayce is a very reliable person, and she will study any chosen field with zest. Finally Rayce consider to be the best mother for her children!


These are just a few of the many unique names out there. Endowing a newborn child with a unique name can ultimately contribute to the specialness of the new individual. It can overall provide a fresher feel as the little human begins to grow up into this world.


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