Summer Baby Girl Names

Having fun and relaxing, all comes with summer. It is also a time when there are flowers such as Jasmine, Lily and Daisies and bright sunlight and people go for holidays and to the beach. If expecting a baby girl, you can use these inspirations to give her a name.

You can even name her Summer. Some of the summer baby girl names have different variations providing options in case one wants a bit of twist to the name. Your daughter will be sharing her name with many famous people and celebrities.

If your sweet girl was born in summer time, a summer girl name will always remind you of this great period of your life! Below are some of the summer baby girl names with their meaning and origin.

Summer Baby Girl Names


The name Daisy originates from a flower that had hibernated for a whole century. It would be a nice name for a baby girl in summer to denote its radiance. The name means pearl and its original use was as a nickname for the name Margaret. A summer name, Daisy has been given to many people including celebrities and has been used in television programs.

Daisy is the name of Meg Ryan’s daughter, American civil rights leader Daisy Bates, English actress Daisy Haggard among other celebrities. On TV, it is the name of Julia Roberts’s character in the movie Mystic Pizza and Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby.


What a better way to commemorate the season than naming your baby girl Summer. The name means the season of summer when people relax and have fun. The popularity of the name is rising since its use started in the 70’s. It has also appeared on the screen in programs such as Days of Summer, The Mentalist and Baywatch. Some of the famous people with the name are Summer Song, actress Mia Farrow’s daughter, Summer Glau an American actress and Summer Wayans an American model.


The beauty of flowers in summer is the inspiration of this name, which is an English flower. Its gentle sound makes a good name for a girl. The love of the name is seen with the many girls who are named Lily including those of celebrities such as the daughters of Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and Ed Harris.

Famous people such as actress Lily Tomlin and singer Lily Allen share the name. Its variations are Lil, Lilie, Lillie and Lilie.


Jasmine is a good reminder of the sweet fragrance of summer. The name means a flower that has become popular all over the world. Its use started in Persia with other people using it as well to name their daughters. The popularity of the name rose with the release of Alladin in early 1990s where one of the characters is called Jasmine. It’s different variations include Jazmyn, Jessamine, Yasmin or Jasmin depending on the part of the world where one comes from.

Celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Martin Lawrence have not been left behind in naming their daughters Jasmine. Actress Jasmine Guy also shares the name.

A baby makes love strongerHelena

Helen comes from the Greek origin and it means bright or the shinning one, something that symbolizes summer. In the Greek mythology, the name was given to the most beautiful woman in the universe, the daughter of Zeus. William Shakespeare also used the name in his works. Helena is the Latin version of Helen, which sounds more feminine.

Lately, some of the prominent persons using the name are United Kingdom’s Princess Helena, entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein and model Helena Christensen. The name has some nice variations if you would like to name your baby girl. Some of them are Lena, Helenka, Heleen, Olena and Ilka. On the other hand, you can stick to Helena just as Kelly Rutherford did.


Made famous by William Shakespeare in his play, Juliet means youthful and it is a romantic English name. Summer is a time for relaxing and going to theater, making Juliet a good name to give to your baby girl born in the season. With its popularity rising, most people are giving it to their daughters including famous people such as Shaun Cassidy whose daughter is Juliet. Other famous people are Juliet Grey an American author, Juliet Prowse a South African dancer and Juliet Turner an Irish singer.

Many TV shows also feature the name Juliet; some of them being Juliet Burke of Lost, Juliet Sharp of Gossip Girl and Juliet Granville from the novel the wanderer. The famous Juliet Capulet of Romeo and Juliet should not be forgotten.

If you prefer, you add a little twist and name your baby girl the French variation, Juliette. Other variations include Julia, Juliana and Julyet.


A summer baby girl name originating from Latin, the name is the female version of Leo in French. It also has other variations including Leona, Leon and Lionell giving you many choices to name your summer baby girl. Just like its male version, its means lion a symbol of strength in character and body.

Leonie Cassel is the name of the daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. She shares the name with other prominent people such as Leonie Duquet a French nun, Leonie Hazlehurst an Australian actress and Leonie Brinkema an American judge.

On TV, the name has featured on Remembrance of Things Past with aunt Leonie as the main character.


If you are expecting a baby girl in August, you can name her Augusta. It the feminine form of Augustus, which is a summer baby boy name, and it means great or magnificent. Roman emperor’s wives and daughters were given the name as a title of honor. It is also the name of a saint and a place in United States.

The mention of the name brings into mind the wealthy Great Aunt an image that was created by characters in Harry potter books, travels with my Aunt and in Jeeves and Wooster books. Some of the prominent people sharing the name are Augusta Thomas an American composer and Augusta Dabney an American actress. Some other variations of the name are Agusta, Augustia, Augusteen in Irish and Austina among others.

summer baby girl names

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