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Every single day, thousands of babies open their eyes up to new havens of glimmering hope and ideas; they open their eyes to this world. Considering their vulnerability, their parents take on every change they can to safeguard the interests of their child. Amidst the uniting emotions of joy and expectations, they are also responsible for providing a sense of identity to their child.

Yes, this identity would be their ‘name’. After all, in a never-ending landscape of evolution, a name is the only tag that the child carries with it to distinguish himself/herself from the crowd. Hence, giving a name, especially a unique and cool baby name, will be deemed equivalent to giving a meaning to the individual child.

If we deliberately think, and brainstorm names for our child; we can come up with an array of beautiful words that deeply fulfill our craving in an exemplary manner. One of such names would be “Wanekia” which means ‘making life’ and it’s both cool unique girl name. It is perfectly suitable for naming any baby girl. If we speak this word slowly with our own mouth, we wouldn’t doubt the amount of life and energy this word seems to spread. Life is abstract, in itself and we could get vivid descriptions of it in different ways from different people in the world. However, the intertwining of deep emotions, different mindsets, and different cultures is what makes life meaningful and this is a word that perhaps contributes more than anything else.important for mom

Another cool unique girl name would be “Amadea” meaning ‘God’s love’. How beautiful! We have grown up always in remembrance of our love for God. We duly practice going to the Church, read religious scriptures and have always had tremendous faith in God’s preaching. We surely cannot resist entrusting our child with this lovely name, can we? Our child would become a symbol of what we rightfully preach, and march upon to progress in his/her life to the best of his abilities. His/her life would always be guided by God and we would happily watch and support it with the ultimate realization that “Good always triumphs over evil.”

Angelynn” would also be apt name for an American baby. It means “a beautiful angel”. With the word angel embedded in the name, it wouldn’t be hard to recognize how truly fetching this name could prove to be. All our lives, we try to find ourselves, with a consciousness for not hurting anyone and doing everything as beautifully as we possibly can. Since our name have always been a bearer for our own character and reputation, a name like this can help our child advance further in his life realizing how his/her life needs to be as thought-provoking as his/her name.

We have all come to know heaven as a beautiful destination after the death of people who have been virtuous all their lives, but do we ever think of “Heaven” as a name? “Heaven” typically means ‘from the Heavens’ and sounds enticing. Why would it not? From our childhood, we have been brought up and inculcated with morally acceptable schools of thought regarding our fundamental values and principles. We achieve things with this acknowledgement that doing good will always make us better. Then, why not name our child, “Heaven”? We surely will hope that our child’s exquisite personality builds upon the foundation of his/her stunning name.Q2542

Jamarreon” means strong willed. It’s a cool unique girl name. Who wouldn’t want their child to grow up into a determined and purposeful person? Of course, naming them wouldn’t necessarily make them so; however, we can at least bestow a name that is fully congruent with the person we want our child to be. Throughout history, we have come to learn about people who built an enormous kingdom, destroyed the indestructible, and performed various feats disregarding the opinions of majority of people. These people were able to do so, majorly because they contained within them, a lighthouse of will power. So, this name is surely suitable and of course, exotic for an American newborn.

Shawnita” meaning ‘blue diamond’ is yet another fascinating name. Blue diamonds are indeed magnificent and giving an identity to a child by referring him/her as a blue diamond instead makes the heart soar. Diamonds are one of the precious substances on earth and they are formed with much effort. Hence, naming our child ‘Shawnita’ can only lead to feelings of exhilaration when we think about all the potential future successes our child holds in store for himself/herself. A name like this couldn’t be regrettable, for sure.

What would you do if you somehow landed on the “Land of Prayer”? Well, the name ‘Tyrianne’ indeed seems to reflect so, meaning the ‘Land of Prayer’. If we are deep religious devotees and look forward to our child getting involved in the same things as we do, we might want to give our child this unique name. Again, of course, we wouldn’t jeopardize our child’s future if we don’t bestow him/her with this name, but giving such a meaningful name would surely be an addition to the god given gifts your child already holds within his/her soul and body.

The last cool unique girl name of this post, is ‘Nilah’ meaning ‘Success’. Now, success is what distinguishes a person from other people. Put in hard work, determination, will power and you’re good to go. However, success comes at a cost of making several temporary sacrifices. It can only happen when the long-term vision means the most to you. Hence, this name would surely contribute to our child’s identity and his/her character in the long run, and when he/she comes to a path leading down to two roads, he/she is sure to choose ‘the path less traveled’.

Hence, the baby name we grant our child, can significantly affect him/her in the long run. It will be the basis on they establish themselves in their life, and it will always serve as a permanent representation of their character and reputation. A good character and a good sense of individuality will help them overcome predicaments and fear in the future. The first step that parents can do to accomplish the uniqueness of their child, and especially their girl, is to name her/him with a cool, unique name that will be the basis of their personality!

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