Six Beautiful Old Fashioned Girl Names

Naming a baby is nowhere close to being an easy thing to do. Everyday there are new names that often arise from the most recent films, T.V. shows, or books, and some are even made up on the spot, when the child is born. Most of these names are arguably quite nice and lovely, but some may be too trendy to make the necessary difference for a child in the long run. Many old fashioned girl names have stood the test of time, and some of these have disappeared and now they are regaining popularity. These are six timeless and dependably beautiful old fashioned girl names you should consider if you are having difficulty choosing.


Nora is an old fashioned girl name with Italian, English, German, French, and Latin roots. It has found to be the shortened version of the name Honora, although some say it has a connection to the name Eleanor. Honora is derived from the Latin word for “honor”, while Eleanor is derived from the old French and old German word for “other”, or “foreign”.

Taking all three of these meanings into account, Nora gives the impression that anyone possessing this name also possesses a foreign, honorable quality. This is an interesting combination because while being honorable has the connotation of one who has not strayed too far from the norm, being foreign is something that may perhaps be honorable, but also different. Nora is a beautiful sounding name, and if you are someone who cares about the meaning of a name, the name Nora will allow the child to have flexibility in life; they may both fulfill traditional, honorary roles, while being uniquely themselves.


Stella is an old fashioned girl name with English and Latin roots. The name means “star” in Latin. It was made into a name by Sir Philip Sidney, a 16th-century poet, through his collection of sonnets called “Astrophel and Stella”. It later appeared in Tennessee Williams’ play called “A Streetcar Named Desire” in character“Stella Kowalski”. Outside of those usages, Stella has not been used much. Stella can be a beautiful name for anyone wishing to name their child after something as beautiful and mysterious as stars, which brighten the night sky in their twinkling manner. In the last 100 years, Stella has gained popularity by more than 400 percent. Other versions of the name include “Estella” and “Estelle”.


Alice is another wonderful old fashioned name that is coming back into style. Although a contemporary name during the 1880s, Alice has remained a well-known name through “Alice in Wonderland”, a famous book written by Lewis Carroll (who created the name), as well as an even more famous film based on the Carrol books, which was made by Walt Disney in 1951.

The name has roots in German and French. Because the name was created by Lewis Carrol, the name itself does not hold a specific meaning, but it has connections to the French name Adeliz, which means “noble” and “exalted”. The name became very popular around the release of the book, but dwindled for quite some time after that, and is just becoming more popular now. Alice just may the perfect name for your child.father-quote1


Gloria is another beautiful old fashioned name for a daughter. Gloria is a Latin baby name that means “glory”. It has been a name used in various pieces by wonderful composers, and is found in the song called “Gloria in excelsis Deo”, which is over 1,600 years old. Because this name is as old as it is, it rivals with the timelessness of biblical names, but it may surpass even these names because of the fact that its literal meaning is so closely tied with the morals expressed in the New Testament. If you are an individual who prefers the timelessness nature of names as old as this, then Gloria may be the perfect name for you to name your child.


The old fashioned name of Zora is of Slavic origin and means “dawn”. Although this name is old, it has not been used too often during its existence, but has been gaining popularity in recent years. The most famous occurrence of this name resides in the author Zora Neale Hurston, the author of the book “Their Eyes Were Watching God”.

Zora is simple and easy to pronounce, making it a very good name to name your child, and because it possesses a “z”, it is also exotic sounding. Even if the trend of this name’s growing popularity continues, this name will still sound unique to the ear, and even though its origins are from Slavic cultures, its common affiliation with African-American Zora Neale Hurston makes it slightly ambiguous. If you wish your daughter to have this beautifully exotic, yet wonderfully simple quality, Zora could be just the name you need.


Clementine is gorgeous name of French origins. It means “mild” and “merciful”, which are beautiful characteristics for someone to have, and especially extremely nice to embody in a name. It is the female equivalent to Clement. Clementine is also the name for a specific kind of mandarin orange, found to be extra sweet and juicy. These small fruits evoke feelings of wonderment in the consumer, as does the name Clementine.

In the last century, the name has gained more than three times the popularity, but still remains to be uncommon. Clementine, over 1600 years old, is an old name: that much is true. But it is also a name that has only become more and more relevant in the modern world.


Many baby names exist, making it difficult to pick just the perfect name. Sometimes, the best sort of name is an old fashioned girl name that has stayed around for a long time. Even better are names that are equally old fashioned and refreshing, like the lovely names listed above that possess many different meanings. Regardless, picking a name can be a long process that should not be rushed. The perfect name will come in time.

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