12 Romantic Girl Names Inspired By Love

Valentine’s Day is almost here! 14th February is a really special day for all couples in love. A day that helps people to become more romantic by exchanging gifts, cards or wishes, and give their relationship a sense of romance.

Perhaps Valentine’s Day is more important for couples that are already married and their relationship has been tampered through time. For couples that are already parents a unique idea is to make a gift to their baby girl by picking one of romantic girl names for their baby girl.

Romantic Girl Names are inspired mostly by love, romance and Valentine’s Day. All the girl names in the list below, can remind the couple that they are not only parents but they are lovers too. Although romantic girl names can be found and in many other categories. You can check out those inspired by flowers and nature in general and of course names inspired by precious stones.

12 Romantic Girl Names Inspired By Love

Adore or Adorea

Both romantic baby names are a variant of Adora, which has many origins, Greek, Latin and German. The meanings of Adore and Adorea are “gift” or “gifted” “adored” and “beloved”. We suggest these names and personally I love them both!


A French origin name meaning “Love” and “Affection”. Amor comes from the French word “amour” which means love in English. It can easily be transformed to Amora or Amore. It is used very rarely as a baby name.


Candy is another rare name which means “sweet”. An English and French origin name which can describe your little sweet baby. It is inspired from the gifts that couples in love exchange on Valentine’s day. It used to be a popular surname, but it’s really very romantic as a baby name!

Cherry or Cherri

A cute name inspired by the fruit cherry. It also means “sweet” and by its color represents passion and romance. It is used more often as a middle name or a surname but in the last few years we meet Cherry more and more often as a girl name. One of the most famous actresses with this name is Cherry Jones played in the movie The Village (2004) and the TV series 24.



A French origin name inspired by the word desire. It’s pretty obvious that Desiree is closely related to Love, Romance and Valentine’s Day. In the last years the name isn’t so popular as in the 90’s decade. Although it is expected to be more popular in 2014 because of its special meaning.


Another romantic baby name which means “Valuable” “Brilliant” and “Shiny”. Diamond is pretty popular and it’s actually a unisex name used for both boys and girls. Very often it is used as a nickname too. If you want your girl to be easily noticed, consider picking one of its variants Diamanda, Diamontina, Diamante, and Diamonique. Most people believe that all its variants are more unique and beautiful names than Diamond.


Faith means “belief” and “love in God”. One of the most popular names on this romantic baby girl names list. It represents the oath of faith given between the parents at their wedding. It is an English origin name. The popularity of the girl name Faith is due to its strong and deep meaning.


Jewel is one more popular girl name which means “valuable” and “delight”. It’s an old French origin name and it was in vogue in the 19th century. Nowadays Jewel is not one of the top baby names parents pick.


Love is exactly what a romantic baby girl name means. The meaning of the girl name Love is “affection” and “full of Love”. It is an English origin name and it’s popular in English speaking countries. It has many variables such as Lovely, Lovelyn, Lovella and many more.


The name Rose comes from the well known flower. It is said that people with that name are very spiritual and they try to inspire others. Rose is very common in US and it’s a Latin origin name. Parents that pick it for their baby girl are very romantic with very deep sensitivity. It has many variants, the most common of them are Rosa, Rosie, Rosette, Rosalia and more.


An English origin name which is inspired by the red precious gemstone. It is a unisex name used more often for girls. Ruby is the birthstone of month July. It appeared as a baby name in late Victorian era. In the last years Ruby is one of the most rising baby names in the Top Baby Names list for both girls and boys.


Valentina is inspired by Valentine’s day. It is the feminine form of the saint’s name Valentine. It means “healthy”, “strong”, “brave” and it has a Latin origin. For many people it is maybe the most romantic girl name they can imagine. In the US top baby names chart, it is continuously rising up and definitely is the most recommended choice from this list. Valentina is used in the most non English speaking countries like Italy and Spain even in Russia and Greece.

Romantic Baby Girl Names

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