Pretty Girl Names With Deep Meanings

Parents are increasingly looking for beautiful and unique names for their children. Picking names that sound feminine and pretty can have a lasting impact on the little girl who carries that name. There are many pretty girl names to choose from that also have deep, interesting meanings. Some of these names are based on famous individuals, unique places, or even historical people. The following are several pretty girl names and the deeper meanings behind each of these beautiful names.

Pretty Girl Names With Deep Meanings

Acacia – This exotic sounding name is Greek in origin and related to a specific type of wood. There are a wide variety of Acacia trees and shrubs that grow all over the world. Australia is home to many types of Acacia trees. The name is also Biblical because Acacia wood was used to build the Ark of the Covenant. The Acacia tree grows in the desert near the southern part of Israel. Acacia is a name that has been used in both Greek and Spanish culture. There are very few famous people with the name Acacia, making it an original name to have.

Aisling – This beautiful Irish name means a dream or a vision. This is a relatively new name and was not known to be used before the 20th century. Like many different names, Aisling can be pronounced a variety of ways. It’s usually pronounced “Ash-ling” but can also be pronounced with a long A sound, as in “Aiz-ling.” Aisling is actually a genre in poetry that developed sometime in the 17th century. It has become a fairly popular name in recent years in Ireland. Aisling Cooney is an Olympic athlete from Ireland who participated in the 2008 Olympics in swimming.

Chelsea – This is an old English name that often means seaport. Of all the pretty girl names, this one may be the name that several famous individual’s share. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has this beautiful name as well as well-known comedian Chelsea Handler. There has also been a famous song titled, “Chelsea Morning.” The name became more widely used in the 1970’s. It peaked in popularity in the United States in the early 1990s, however, when the Clinton’s were in the White House. It’s actually more popular in Australia than in England or the United States.

Pretty Girl Names

Chiara – This beautiful name is of both Latin and Italian origin. It means famous and bright. There is a church in Rome, Italy named the Santa Chiara. There was once a Saint Chiara who followed Saint Francis of Assisi. Chiara is known as the Italian version of the name Clara. There is also an Italian singer that uses Chiara for her stage name. There are several Italian celebrities named Chiara. A few include Chiara Conti and Chiara Baschetti. Chiara has recently been ranked the 8th most popular name in Italy.

Jocelyn – This particular name is interesting among all the pretty girl names since it is used as both a first name and a surname. The name is primarily an English name, although the French use the name for both boys and girls. Jocelyn means playful and joyful. Some sources have stated that the name means to pour or running water. Jocelyn is the name of several actresses, including Jocelyn Lane and Jocelyn Towne. It’s interesting to note that the famous singer Joss Stone was born Jocelyn Eve Stoker.

Maeve – This short name has Irish roots. It means one who intoxicates or who brings great joy. Other sources have stated that Maeve is a French name and comes from the word “mallow.” One syllable names can be strong and yet still be feminine. Like the color mauve, which is a cross between pink and purple. There are several famous women with this pretty name. Maeve Binchy is a famous Irish novelist. Maeve Quinlan and Maeve Kinkead are both American actresses.

More Pretty Girl Names

Frederica – Frederica is the feminine version of the name Frederick. The name is of German descent and means peaceful ruler. It can also mean security and friendship. There are a variety of cute nicknames that can be used with this name. A few include Fritzi and Rica. Throughout history there have been several royals with the name Frederica. A few include Princess Frederica of Prussia and Frederica of Baden.

Nicholette – This particular name is French and means victory of the people. Although her name has a slightly different spelling, Nicolette Sheridan is a famous actress who shares this name. This spelling of the name is closest to the male version of Nicholas. This makes this particular spelling an interesting combination of both masculine and feminine. The name Nicholette would look and sound strong, yet pretty and elegant.

Rosina – This lovely name is Italian and is a form of Rose or Rosa. The name is believed to have originated during the Middle Ages. This name is obviously in reference to the flower. Words such as “delicate,” “soft,” and “beautiful” may often be associated with a name that is closely related to the rose. The name can also mean soft or a tender horse. Rosina is also the name of a village in northern Slovakia. Rosina Lippi is an American novelist who has written romance, literary, and contemporary fiction.

Pretty Girl Names

Sadie – This is a lovely name that means princess in Hebrew. It’s originally a form of the name Sarah. The name is now particularly popular in English countries. There are several well-known actresses with this name. A few include Sadie Frost and Sadie Robertson. The name Sadie has a soft, pretty sound and with its relatively short spelling would go well with most last names. During the last few years the name Sadie has dramatically increased in popularity. Interestingly, Sadie also enjoyed a peak in popularity during the 1800s.

Sydney – Of all the pretty girl names on the list, this one is also the name of a world famous city. Sydney is a gorgeous city in Australia with a population of over 4 million. The name means one who lives near a meadow or the river. Famous individuals with this name include the Oscar winning actor, Sydney Poitier and the late novelist Sydney Sheldon. Sydney Penny is an American actress who also shares this name. Even though the name is obviously masculine as well as feminine, it’s been a very popular name for girls in recent years.

Tatiana – Tatiana is believed to be a name of Roman and Latin descent. Many pretty girl names are named after famous people and places. This particular name is no exception. Saint Tatiana was a Christian martyr in the 3rd century. This beautiful name belongs to the heroine in the novel “Eugene Onegin.” It also happens to be the name of two Russian ladies of royal ancestry. The first was Princess Tatiana Constantinovna and the second was Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna.

Pretty Girl Names

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