Popular Baby Names For Girls 2013

Nearly half way through the year of 2013, girl baby names are already on the radar and the trends of popular or common baby names of 2013 are similar to the previous year.  The only difference with these popular baby names is that parents are trying to be a little bit more creative with the variations of these names and the spelling.

It’s almost a contest to see what parents can come up with the most creative way to name their child.  Many have already seen the names that add the “Lynn” on the end of each girl name.  Although this is fun and new, the traditional names are still the most popular.

Girl names are simple to come up with because many can be derived from boy names.  For example: Kyle is a boy name that can be transformed to Kylie.  Feminine names can’t be transparent to name a boy as easily as girls so the variations of girl names are endless.

With all of the flavors of girl names that are circling society, one thing hold true and that most originate from ancient Hebrew, and Latin names.  These cultures are the root of most girl names.  However the most Popular Baby Names For Girls of 2013 are listed below.

Most Popular Baby Names For Girls 2013 (Pos. 1 – 20)

1. Sophia:  One more time we see the name Sophia and its variants at No1. It is the most popular name of the last years. It’s a Greek origin name which describes a wise person and the name meanings are “Wise”, “Wisdom” and “Knowledge”.

2. Emma: Emma is German and is considered one who is complete; or a universal woman.  Origin: German. Similar Names:  Emmy, Emmajean, Emmalee, Emmi, Emmie, Emmaline, Emelina, Emeline

3. Isabelle: Isabelle is Spanish form of Elizabeth that means my god is bountiful or god’s promise.  Origin: Spanish. Similar Names: Isabeau, Isabela, Isabele, Isabelita, Isabel, Ysabel, Ishbel

4. Olivia: Olivia is the feminine Latin form of Oliver, it’s derived from the olive tree or one who is peaceful.  Origin: Latin. Similar Names: Oliviah, Oliva,Olive, Oliveea, Olivet, Olivetta, Olivette, Olivija

5. Kylie:  Kylie is English as a feminine form of Kyle, or from the narrow channel.  Origin: English. Similar Names: Kylah, Kylar, Kyle, Kyla, Kyli, Kyley

6. Emily:  Emily is Latin and means an industrious and hardworking woman.  Origin: Latin. Similar Names: Emilee, Emilie, Emilia, Emelia, Emileigh, Emeleigh, Emili, Emelie

7. Abigail: Abigail is Hebrew for the source of a father’s joy.  Origin: Hebrew. Similar Names: Abbigail, Abigael, Abigale, Abbygail, Abygail, Abygayle, Abbygayle, Abbegale, Abby

8. Mia:  Mia meaning is “Mine” or “Beloved”. Origin: Italian, Danish and Latin. Similar names: Mea and Meya.

9. Madison:  Madison meaning is Son of the mighty warrior. Origin: English and Hebrew. Similar names: Maddison, Madisen, Madisson, Madisyn and Madyson.

10. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is Spanish origin name that means my god is bountiful or god’s promise.  Origin: Spanish. Similar Names: Isabella, Isabeau, Isabelle, Isabela, Isabele, Isabelita, Isabel, Ysabel, Ishbel

11. Chloe: Chloe is Greek for a flouring woman, blooming. Origin: Greek. Similar Names: Clo,Cloe, Cloey

12. Ella: Ella is German and means from a foreign land.  Origin: German. Similar Names: Elle, Ellee, Ellesse, Elli, Ellia, Ellie, Elly, Ela

13. Avery: Avery is English for one who is a wise ruler: of the nobility usually a royal family member.  Origin: England. Similar Names: Avrie, Avery, Averie, Averi, Averee, Averea, Avereah

14. Addison: The meaning of Addison is Son of Adam. Origin: English. Similar Names: Addeson, Addyson, Adison and Adisson.

15. Aubrey: Aubrey meaning is Magical being or Magical Power. Origin: German and French. Similar names: Aubary, Aubery, Aubre, Aubree, Aubreigh, Aubrette, Aubri, Aubriana, Aubrianne, Aubrie, Aubry and Aubury.

16. Lily: Lily is Latin resembling the Lilian.  Origin: Latin. Similar Names:  Lilian, Liliana, Liliane, Lilianne, Lilias, Lilas, Lillas, Lillias

17. Natalie:  Natalie is Latin and refers to the birth of Christ born on Christmas Day.  Origin: Latin. Similar Names: Natala, Natalee, Natalene, Natalia, Natalja, Natalina, Natasha

18. Grace: Grace is Latin for having God’s favor and is also used in mythology for the graces were the personification of beauty, charm and grace.  Origin: Latin. Similar Names: Gracee, Gracella, Gracelynn, Gracie, Graciana, Gracia

19. Charlotte: The most common feminine variant of Charles. It means Manly or Joy. Origin:German and French. Similar Names: There are over 100 variants of Charlotte eg. Carla, Carleen, Carletta, Carlie, Carline, Carlota, Carlotta, Carly,, Char, Chara, Charla, Charlaine,  Charleen, Charlene, Charlet, Charlett, Charletta, Charlie, Charline, Charlita, Charlot. etc.

20. Zoey: Zoey is Greek for A life-giving woman or a woman who is alive.  Origin: Greek. Similar Names: Zoee, Zowey, Zowie, Zowe, Zoelie, Zoeline, Zoelle, Zoe

Most Popular Baby Names For Girls 2013 (Pos. 21 – 100)

21. Sofia41. Audrey61. Scarlett81. Naomi
22. Hannah42. Savannah62. Stella82. Morgan
23. Amelia43. Sarah63. Maya83. Kennedy
24. Harper44. Alyssa64. Katherine84. Ellie
25. Lillian45. Claire65. Julia85. Jasmine
26. Samantha46. Taylor66. Lucy86. Eva
27. Evelyn47. Riley67. Madelyn87. Skylar
28. Victoria48. Camila68. Autumn88. Kimberly
29. Brooklyn49. Arianna69. Makayla89. Violet
30. Zoe50. Ashley70. Kayla90. Molly
31. Layla51. Brianna71. Mackenzie91. Aria
32. Hailey52. Sophie72. Lauren92. Jocelyn
33. Leah53. Peyton73. Gianna93. Trinity
34. Kaylee54. Bella74. Ariana94. London
35. Anna55. Khloe75. Faith95. Lydia
36. Aaliyah56. Genesis76. Alexandra96. Madeline
37. Gabriella57. Alexa77. Melanie97. Reagan
38. Allison58. Serenity78. Sydney98. Piper
39. Nevaeh59. Ava79. Bailey99. Andrea
40. Alexis60. Aubree80. Caroline100. Annabelle

Popular Baby Names For Girls

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