Modern Girl Baby Names

Choosing a name with good meanings and style is certainly a difficult thing for parents. Settling down on one name for their baby girl is almost as complicated as taking an important decision for the betterment of their child. Most parents in the contemporary society prefer unique and modern girl baby names now. But the question is; what makes a name modern? Primarily, some traditional names also give a very modish look but importantly, one can be short and start with J, K, M, and O in order to fulfill the requirement of ‘modern’. Plus, the trend of putting ‘X’ in place of ‘Z’ has also increased the fashion of names starting with X and Z. Well, let’s come out from old-fashioned names and think forward.

Here is a list of ten most modern girl baby names

Modern Girl Baby Names

Azelia – It has Hebrew origins. Probably, it is taken from the Greek word “azelos” meaning “not jealous” or contented. It has never been a common name for baby girls and never used as surname. It is also reported that it is a name of a Greek flower. In United States, the name is not found in top 1000 names while outside United States, the name is not listed in top 100 baby girls’ names.

Alana – It is pronounces as Ah-Lah-Nah. It roots back to German and Hebrew Origins. Like name, the meaning is as beautiful, i.e. precious or something that awakes. In Gaelic, it means little rock. Possibly, it is a latest version of boy’s name Alan. It also has several variant forms, including Alawna, Elena, Lana, Aleyna, Alina, and more. In US, it holds the position of 173rd position and 224 in England/Wales.

Xena – It is derived from Greek ‘Xenia’. The meaning of this name is not definite but some say that it is somewhat related to a guest or any stranger. It was basically the name of the main character in the 1990s television series ‘Xena – Warrior Princess’. The name thus became known in mid 1900s only. Presently, the name is uncommon but very stylish for cute baby girls. However, it is a cultural name and is related with other names in different languages and cultures like Ksenjia (Croatian), Senja (Finnish), and Osana (Ukrainian).

Zuri – It has French origins. Its meaning is white and lovely. It is believed that girls with this name are interested in serving public and desire to make a place in society.  They are imaginative, creative, and look for spiritualism. According to the American charts for most popular names, Zuri is listed on 652nd position.

Fiona – It has Scottish and Gaelic origins. Its meaning is somewhat similar to that of Zuri, i.e. white and lovely. It was initially used by James Macpherson in his poem Fingal. It can also be related with ‘Vionna”.  In United States, it is positioned on 209 number and 98 on Canada’s list of most popular baby girls name. In England/Wales, the popularity of this name has decreased rapidly during the last decade.

Lou – The name gained popularity when the German-American model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and occasional actress Heidi Klum named her daughter Lou. It is most used in French and English cultures. Previously, it was used as an abbreviated form of Louise. Its variant forms include Louanna, Lu, Loulou, and more. The name was very common in mid 1900s but vanished. Well, the name has returned with a sense of modernity now. It is most popular in France currently, holding the 25th position.

Lexa – It is a Greek name, derived from Alexandra or Alexa. Or probably, it is the feminine version of Alex. In United States, the name is not listed in top 1000 names and not in top 100 names of other countries. The meaning of this is ‘defender of mankind’. Reportedly, it is a Czechoslovakian baby name.

Reba – Pronounced as Ree-bah, this name is derived from the name Rebecca. However, the name ‘Reba” became popular due to singer Reba McEntire. The name is linked with African names also, including Ryeba and Rheba. The name was common during 1940s to 1960s but got lost later. Presently, the name is very rare but classy as well.

Joy – The name is simply taken from English word Joy, meaning happiness or enjoyment. Even though the name has become very common, yet it is one of the most modern girl baby names currently. It is ranked on 498th position according to American charts, 458th in French, and 204 in Netherlands.

Careen – It was first used by Margaret Mitchell in her novel ‘Gone with the Wind’ (1936). Its variant names are Careen and Karine. It is an invented name and like many other names listed above, it is neither included in the top 1000 names in American charts nor in top 100 names of other charts.

Ella – has its origin in French and English and is a form of the word “Ellen”. It means entire in Germanic, shining in Old Greek. The name is very popular in girls in English, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries. It is one of the most popular names in the US, UK and Australia. Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald is a famous bearer of the name.

Grace – is derived from the Latin word “Gratia” which signifies Goodwill, charm, and grace. It is a very popular name for girls in English and French speaking countries. The Puritans created this as a virtue name in the 17th century. Late Grace Kelly (1929-1982), an American actress, was a famous bearer of the name. Grace is also a prayer read before meals.

Ira – is an interesting modern girl baby name with its origin in Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, and Maori wherein it means watchful, the chosen one, earth, and gene respectively. It also means Sky Goddess in Polynesian mythology. This name is used for both genders in English, Hindi and German speaking countries. Ira is mentioned in the Bible as King David’s priest. In Hindu mythology, Ira is the name of the Goddess of wisdom.

Lynn – The meaning of the name Lynn is waterfall, it is a Gaelic word. The name was a surname originally which was given to those people of Irish region who use to live around the waterfall. It is a unisex name but very common as a baby girl’s name. There are famous personalities with the name Lynn like Britney Spears sister with name as Jamie Lynn Spers’s, also an actress named Lynn Collin, one of the romantic authors with the name Lynn Kurland.

Mia – is derived from ancient Egyptian word meaning ‘beloved’. Its origin is Latin, Scandinavian and Hebrew. Mia comes from Latin names Amelia, Maria and Stella. All of them mean the same Star of the Sea. In Italy, Mia is taken as a surname derived from cara mia meaning ‘my dear’. It is quite a common name amongst the celebrities like Mia Honey Threapleton, celebrity daughter of Titanic actress Kate Winslet and Jim Threapleton, director.


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