Italian Girl Names – A Sense of Romance

Everybody wants to pick the most suitable name for their children. Some parents are looking for less popular names so that their chosen names would be unique and interesting. Italian names are a great source for that kind of names and they also give a sense of romance, as Italy is one of the most romantic countries of Europe. Below we have a list of some of the top Italian girl names. They have been derived from their Latin, German, English, or Spanish equivalent.

Most of these names are quite popular but some are also uncommon and give you a choice of either a well-liked or an out of favor name depending on your requirements.

Albertina – This name is a derivative matching up with Italian Alberto (male) and Alberta (female). Albertina means “Bright through Nobility” or “Intelligent” and the popularity of this cute name is on the rise all over the world. Some other variations of this name are Elbertina, Elberta, and Elbertine.

Anjelica – This one is again a variant of the name Angelika or Angelica and it has its origin in Greek mythology. Later on it was added to modern Italian girl names. It means “Angelic” or “Messenger of God”. Anjelica, with different spelling, can make a unique and interesting Italian name for a girl. Angelica Maria is a popular Mexican actress and singer. Anjelica Huston is an American actress and director appearing in many famous movies including The Big Year and voice-over in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure.

Daniela – The name Daniela or Daniella has Italian roots and is also found in Hebrew and American literature. It is one of the most popular Italian girl names meaning “God has Judged” or “God is my Judge”. This name is quite popular in Spain ranking among the top 50 Italian girl names. It is also widely used in the United States. Daniela Hantuchova is a renowned tennis player from Slovakia.

Donatella – Another popular and well-liked Italian name for girls, Donatella means “Given by God”. The name is quite unique as it is rarely found in literature or movies. It sounds spectacular and theatrical and therefore becoming popular with the passage of time.

Elisabetta – This name has been derived from its Greek equivalent Elisabet, meaning “Pledged to God”. It is, in fact, an Italian derivative of the popular English name Elizabeth. This glamorous name sounds soft and very feminine. Although the Italian variation is not very popular, the English equivalent Elizabeth is quite frequently mentioned in literature.

Fiorenza – Female version of the Italian boy name Fiorenzo, this name is the English equivalent of Florence. It means “To Bloom” or “Flourishing”. Fiorenza is a beautiful Italian name for girls but is rarely found among celebrities and other famous personalities.

Gabriella – This name meaning “Warrior of God” or “God is my Strength” is quite popular all over the world and has Italian roots. It is also written as Gabriela in some countries like Australia but the name with double “L” in its spelling is more popular. Its French equivalent is Gabrielle. High School Musical starred Gabriella Montez nicknamed “Gabby” as the deuteragonist.

Gina – Although also used as a separate name, Gina is more commonly used as a nickname of Italian Giorgina, Angelina, or Regina. It means “Angel” because it is derived from Angela, a popular and well-liked name from Greece, Spain, Russia, and Italy. If you want to keep a short yet meaningful name for your girl, choose this beautiful name.

Lorenza – This name is a feminine form of Italian Lorenzo, a popular name in the movies. This attractive name among Italian girl names means “Of Laurentum”. It is also written as Laurenza and is one of the most unusual yet exciting names for girls.

Marcella – This name has Latin roots but its popularity is on the rise in Italy and other parts of the world. Marcellina is another variant derived from Roman Marcellus, which means “Warlike”. The Italian name Marcella is a female version of Marcello, meaning “Of the Sea”.

Nora – Like Gina, this name is a short form of other Italian girl names like Leonora. However, this short yet attractive name is quite popular all over the world even in Asian countries. It means “Light” and it is also written as Norah. Nora Price is a famous author and Nora Ephron is a popular American film director and producer.

Italian girl names are quite fascinating and therefore a number of parents all over the world consider these names for their lovely little ones. These names sound soft yet appealing and at times very romantic and dramatic. Many people like Italian names because of their dreamlike nature. If you also plan on using one of these girl names, take a look at the above list that has been compiled especially for those who are on the lookout for unique and remarkable Italian girl names.


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