Irish Girl Names For Lucky Baby Girls

Irish girl names are becoming a popular trend. Not only do they have very powerful meanings, they are also supposed to bring plenty of luck in baby’s life! Below is a list of unique Irish girl names. Each name will have the pronunciation, meaning and brief history. Be sure to pay attention to how each name is pronounced. Saying a name wrong can be compared to striking a wrong note in a song, it can be offensive to the listener.

Irish Girl Names in Alphabetical Order

Áine (pronounced on – yuh) comes from the Irish word “aine,” which means “splendor.” Anne is the English version of this name. In Celtic mythology, the Queen of the fairies was named Àine. She is also known as the goddess of love and fertility.

Bronagh (pronounced bro -nuh) comes from the Irish word “bronach,” which means sorrowful. According to Irish history, there was a woman named St. Bronagh, who was known to take care of shipwrecked sailors. Though the meaning seems depressing, it did not hinder this woman, or the following celebrity from becoming successful. Bronagh Gallagher is an Irish actress who appeared in films such as Star Wars: Episode I- Phantom Menace and Pulp Fiction.

Cara (pronounced ca – ruh) is an Irish word that means “friend.” The names Carina and Cheryl are derivatives of this name. There are many famous people who have this name. Two from the list of celebrities include: Cara Black, a professional tennis player and Cara Buono, an American actress.

Dechtire (pronounced Deck – tir – ruh) was the name of a Celtic goddess, who was transformed into a bird on her wedding day. The meaning of the name is unclear. The Irish word deich means ten, so it is possible that the name could mean tenth child.

Eibhleann (pronounced ave – linn) means “pleasant, beautiful, and radiant.” It is said to be the Irish form of the name Helen. This appears to be one of the most unique Irish girl names. It hasn’t become popular yet.

Fionnuala (pronounced fin – o- luh) comes from “fionn-ghuala,” which means “fair shoulder.” According to Irish mythology, Fionnuala, along with her siblings, was changed into a swan by her jealous stepmother and it’s for sure one of the most unique Irish girl names.

Gormlaith (pronounced gorm-lee) means “illustrious princess.” According to an Ireland legend, Gormlaith was the wife of a Viking king named Olaf, as well as two other kings in Ireland. She was best known for her beauty and evil nature.

Iona (pronounced i-o-nuh) was the name of an Island that lies between Ireland and Scotland. The name is associated with the word blessed.

Keela (pronounced key-luh) means “beauty.” It is used to describe well written poetry. Keela is also the name of a Star Wars character, born on the planet Haruun Kul.

Meara (pronounced meer-uh) is derived from the Irish word “mara,” which means “sea.” There is actually an Irish surname, “O’meara,” which comes from the Gaelic name “O Meadhra.” It is a derivative of the word meadhar, which means “merry.”

Niamh (pronounced nee-iv) means “radiance, luster, and brightness.” Niamh was the daughter of the sea god Manannan, and was described as a beautiful princess with golden hair. There is an Irish soccer player named Niamh Fahey. There is also an Irish singer named Niamh Kavanagh.

Orlaith (pronounced or – la) means “golden princess.” Orlaith was the name of the Queen of Ireland who was executed in 941. She was accused and found guilty of having an affair with her stepson.

Radha (pronounced row- uh) is derived from the Irish word radharc, which means vision. Radha is also the name of a Hindu goddess. She is often pictured with the god Krishna.

Siobhan (pronounced Shiv-on) means “God is gracious.” Of all the Irish girl names, this one has become extremely popular in the United States. Common English spellings of this name include: Sheuvaun, Shavon and Chevonne.

Teagan is a derivative of the Welsh word “tegwin,” which means beautiful. There is a famous actress writer and body builder who goes by the name Teagan Clive.

Ultana (pronounced ul-ta-nuh) is the feminine version of the name Ultach. There are eighteen different saints named Ultach of Ardbraccan. The original saint was known to care for sick children in Dublin and has a hospital named after him.

Yseult (pronounced ee – solt) was the named of an Irish Queen, who was removed from power after falling in love with her husband’s nephew. The legend states that she and her husband’s nephew fell in love with each other after accidentally drinking a love potion. It is unclear what this name means.

There are many Irish girl names to choose from. Like a beautiful song, each has a meaning and a story to tell. Each name has a unique sound. When selecting a name, be sure to do your research. The name you choose will greatly impact your child. Just like music, a name can be uplifting, or it can cause great sadness. If you are interested in learning more Irish girl names or cute baby names in general you can always subscribe or like Babies Cute World Facebook page below and you will be inform of our latest names suggestions.

Irish Girl Names

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