Greek Mythology Names for Girls

Baby names inspired by mythology are quite common all over the world. Many people like to choose interesting names of Greek gods and goddesses from the mythological world. The main reason behind this choice is the unique nature of these names and the history attached to their origin.

Some people get inspired by the fantasy world of folk heroes and so they name their children after these creatures or characters. Since gods and goddesses in Greek mythology are given interesting tasks and roles, this also becomes a reason for choosing such a name.

In this article we are going to review some popular and widely adopted Greek mythology names for girls.

Greek Mythology Names for Girls

Athena – A beautiful and attractive name meaning the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology, Athena is among the top 150 girl names for the year 2014. Athena was the daughter of Zeus and had many abilities and qualities other than wisdom including warfare and handicrafts. The name is also connected to the city of Athens, Greece and its Roman equivalent is Minerva.

Camilla – This name is found among Greek mythology names for girls but is more connected to Latin origins. Camilla means “Young Ceremonial Attendant” and is quickly gaining in popularity. Recently the name appeared in the top 50 girl names. The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker, is a good example of this name.

maya-angelouCressida – This name from the Trojan War epic is quite popular in the United States. The meaning of this beautiful girl name from Greek mythology is “Gold”. It is also the name of one of Shakespeare’s heroines and is therefore quite well-liked by those who appreciate literature. Cressida Cowell is a popular author who wrote the world-famous series, How to Train Your Dragon.

Helen – Everybody is familiar with this lovely name among Greek mythology names for girls. Helen of Troy in Greek mythology was a renowned beauty and daughter of Zeus and Leda. In fact, this character is thought to be the most gorgeous woman in the entire world. The Trojan War happened as a result of kidnap of this lady.

Leda – How can we forget the queen of Sparta when talking about Greek mythology and folklore? Leda is another well-liked and beautiful unique name for girls; the popularity of which is increasing with the passage of time. Leda is also the name of a river in Germany and a moon of Jupiter. Leda and the Swan is a popular poem written by William Butler Yeats.

Marian – This is a unisex name from ancient Greek mythology and also from the English Robin Hood myth. This one is gaining in popularity with the passage of time because of its uniqueness and connection with folklore. However, most people are unaware of its meaning. Some consider it to be a variation of Marie or Mary meaning “Bitter”.

Penelope – Does this name from Greek mythology names for girls ring a bell? Penelope means “Weaver”. The famous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is by far the most popular example of this name. Its popularity is increasing day by day and has hit the top 150 names for girls this year. Penelope Penny is a character that also appears in the world-famous movie Harry Potter.

Phoebe – Another popular and one of my personal favorite girl names from Greek mythology, Phoebe is named after Phoebus, who was one of the Greek Titans. Like the famous American series, Friends? Well, then you are sure to love this name if you also appreciate the character of Phoebe. The name means “Radiant” or “The Shining One”. It is also a biblical girl name and very popular among Christians. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has also named his daughter Phoebe.

Rhea – This name among Greek mythology names for girls is a hot favorite of parents for the year 2014. Rhea means “A Flowing Stream” and it was the name of the mother of all gods in Greek mythology. If you want to choose a name for your daughter from the folklore that is also quite rarely found in movies, novels, or literature; then we recommend you choose this lovely name.

Selene – A variation of Celine, Selene is another popular name from Greek mythology referring to the goddess of the Moon. Its Roman equivalent is known as Luna. The name has its roots in another Greek word that means “Light”. Selene is becoming famous but has not yet appeared as a popular character in a movie or novel.

It’s good to get inspiration from ancient mythology and folklore if you want to be creative in selecting a name for your daughter. There are many popular and interesting Greek mythology names for girls; see above for examples that are widely-used and quite well-liked names all over the world. Choose a name from the above list if Greek mythology and fantasy inspires you.


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