French Baby Girl Names With Thoughtful And Insightful Meanings

For all mothers searching names for their little girl babies, we come in handy with some French exotic name options definitely worth to be taken in consideration. Right from the homeland of wine and cheese, romanticism and seducing accents, French names always have thoughtful and insightful meanings turning to be great options for naming your beloved baby girl.

French Baby Girl Names

Adelle – a French baby girl name which means (to be) of the nobility, noble. Babies wearing this name have a special level of creativity, drawn to arts and will enjoy life. Liked by everyone around them either new or old acquaintances, if they desire these persons will easily become the center of attention everywhere they go.

Bernadette – It is inspired by French Saint Bernadette which established of the Roman Catholic shrine at Lourdes in the 19th century after having visions of Virgin Mary; feminine of Bernard. St. Bernadette was canonized in 1933. Any girl wearing this name will be highly focused on trying to have their life in order, stable. They might come harsh on people not sharing the same beliefs in justice, truth and discipline. Having a practical personality, are very good at savings and creating material things in the world.

Bianca – another French girl name, meaning white, shining, bright. The persons wearing this name tend to shine both through their personality and figure; they have a pure soul and tend to be honest and sincere.

Bette – the meaning of the name Bette is “a diminutive for the Hebrew Elizabeth”. It is often used as a similar for of Betty. American actress Bette Davis was also one wearing this lovely name. People wearing these names have high predilections towards philosophy, teaching, and mystics. They tend to have a little introspective personality because they are very intelligent thinkers.

Bijou – this precious French girl name for baby girls has the meaning of jewel. The French name is deviated from Breton, which means ring. A person wearing this name must definitely be precious human being on the outside and inside her soul. Actress Bijou Phillips proudly wears this name. You can check out more Beautiful Girl Names Inspired by Precious Stones.

callmomanddadCarressa – the meaning of the French name is Tender touch. People wearing this name have predilection to meditate, analyze the world surrounding and find relevant information about the greater truth in life. These persons are creative and have great communication skills. They like to be involved in several social and professional activities in the same time, thus presenting a risk in having management problems for their time and financial resources.

Celestine – comes from the Latin caelestis, which means heavenly. These persons have a personality inclined through family relationships based on love and unity. These babies will grow up to be adults who enjoy team working and sociable individuals. They are highly intuitive, seeking for spiritual achievement and they most often succeed. They tend to become dreamers, imagining a possible future and base their plans upon these dreams.

Chanel – this French girl name comes from the inspirational perfume creator and designer: Chanel. People with this name have a great ability to learn and teach the others their new knowledge. They are great thinkers in practicality and can become great business leaders in any field of work they might desire to turn their attention to.

Delphine – the meaning of this name it’s pretty obvious, it means dolphin. So for any mother who nurtures a passion for dolphins, this name might become a great tribute. Babies having this name will grow up with a personality inclined towards leadership, which will be a great advantage for becoming great event planners, creators of important event along history. They are focused on succeeding to complete their goals, using their rich imagination to add a special touch in everything they enterprise. They successfully implement any new idea that have and made up their mind on it, basing themselves on determination and efficiency. Because of their personality, aggressively trying to achieve their mission, they tend to become bold and too cocky. Thus, encounters of difficulties in accepting orders from superiors might create tensions. From the same reasons, they might turn to become impatient, stubborn and proud.

Darcia – this French baby name for girls means dark. Persons wearing this name can become great inspirational muses for other human beings. They can use their magical influential power to create positive or negative ideas on others, being also able to create great good by influencing others to greater causes. They tend to be broadminded, generous and like to dedicate their life for serving the greater goals of humanity regarding their professions. Their personality is romantic and passionate, compassionate and intuitive. Most probably they can have magnetic personalities. Because of their romantic nature, these persons can fall in love easily and sometimes they get hurt really fast because they are sometimes quick-tempered.

Lilou – this lovely name for girls, has ranked in the top 50 names for baby girls. Its origins might appear from names like Aurélie, Amélie, Aline, Élise, Élie, Coralie, or Liliane by adding short suffix ouas sign of affectionate caring for the one wearing one of these names. The meaning of this name is lily. Another impact on the frequency of using this name in France has been in the year of ’97, when actress MillaJovovich played in the movie The Fifth Element, a character called Leeloo.

Yvie – finally we have one of the most beautiful names for many parents. It is more commonly used in the version of Evie, meaning in French hazelnut. Other meanings might be full of life. Like the mentioned meaning, a person wearing this kind of name, should definitely be an energetic person, positive and nice to spend time around. Although, sometimes these persons can become a bit tiring for other personalities that are more into calming moments.

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