Popular Cute Girl Names For 2014

It’s almost 2014 and many expecting parents must be excited about ushering in the year, when there little one will be born. Like every year, 2013 also saw some big changes in the style of baby names. Traditional baby names made a big comeback, but the modern and wacky ones were not far behind.

The baby with the most popular and cute girl name to be born in 2013 was probably the Kardashian baby, North West.

Hoping celebrity parents will have a little bit more sense that to name their baby ‘North West’, we will look at some cute girl names that are expected to be really hot in 2014.

Cute Girl Names for 2014


Amaya is used for girls. The name has originated from Spanish and Basque and is a form of “Amaia” meaning a high place. In Arabic means night rain. Amaya was the name of a heroine of the knight Teodosio de Goni’s traditional Basque stories.


Amelia has its origin in Germany. Amalia means ‘work’ or ‘effort’ and in Hebrew it means ‘work of the God’. The name Amelia, used for girls is a Latin name meaning to strive or excel or rival. It is a variant of Amalia. The name became popular in 1751 with Henry Fielding’s novel “Amelia”. Amelia is used in English and German speaking Countries and is extremely popular in England and Wales.


Annie is one of the oldest and most traditional names on our list. It is believed to have Hebrew origins. In Hebrew, the meaning of Annie is ‘prayer’. The name and its variants are used, without any discrimination, all over the world. The name never really went out of fashion and is expected to become one of the most popular cute baby girl names of 2014.


Celine is a very beautiful and feminine name that is popular, all over the world. The name is of French origin and means ‘sky or heavenly’. The name is a variant of the French version Céline. The name is also supposed to have Latin origins. In Latin, Celine means ‘heaven’. The most famous person with this name is the very talented Canadian singer, Celine Dion.


 Chloe is a name of Greek origin and it means young or green shoot or blade of grass or a plant. The name is used for girls in English speaking countries. Candice Bergen named her daughter Chloe. It was one of the names for Greek Earth Goddess Demeter. Chloe was one of the main protagonist in “Daphnis and Chloe”, the Greek Pastoral Romance by Longus.


Continuing in the trend of naming baby girls after flowers, the next name on our list is Clover. For people who feel that baby names derived from flowers like daisy and rose are too common, Clover is the perfect option. The clover is also associated with good luck due to the four leaf clover and the shamrock symbol of the Irish. The name has found more takers after actor Natasha Wagner named her daughter Clover, in the memory of her mother, Natalie Wood’s hit movie, ‘Inside Daisy Clover’.Breastfeeding


Elyssa is a form of “Elissa” and has its origin in Hebrew, Greek and English. The name is used for girls in English and Latin speaking countries and means God is my vow or oath or promise, and God’s perfection. Elyssa is a unique and cute girl name.


Hanna has its origin in Hebrew and Africa and is derived from “Hannah”. The name stands for Grace, Favor and joy. Hanna is a popular name for girls and is mostly used in Dutch, English, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish speaking countries and in Africa.


Kali is a name that has started to become popular in the western world very recently. The name follows the trend of naming babies with exotic sounding names. The name Kali has Indian or rather Hindu origins. In Sanskrit, the name Kali means ‘the black one’. In Hindu mythology, the goddess Kali is the destructive form of Lord Shiva’s wife Parvathy.quote6558


Kamila is believed to be the female version of the male name, Kamil. The origin of the name is disputed. While many claim that the name is derived from Latin, meaning ‘attendant at a religious service’, many others claim that the name has Polish and Slovak origins. The name has numerous variants in many different languages. Some of the most common are Camilla, Kamilah, and Jamila.


Kalayah is a name used for both boys and girls. It originates from the Bible and it is the name of the son of Talmai; the son of Anak. Though the name was in existence from 1880 AD, the name is becoming more popular from 2003, according to the census for commonly for baby girls. It is more commonly used as surname or middle name, than the first name. The name is becoming more popular because of the preteen hip pop star from Minneapolis, Kalayah Jones. It is a good choice for a cute girl name.


Laycee means to be delicate and tender like a lace, it is a French as well as an Irish origin name. The name Lacey is the variant of the name spelt as Lacey. This name is considered as the surname used for describing people of a place in Normandy, a region located in the north of France. It is also said that the name is derived the name Lascius, a person from Latin.


Lucille is a beautiful and cute girl name that was very popular in the early part of 20th century. The name was brought into prominence by the very popular American actor and comedian, Lucille Ball. The name Lucille means ‘light’. The name is rising in popularity again after the popular American actor Maya Rudolph named her daughter Lucille.


Lulu is one of the most cute girl name in our list. It’s also an exotic name due to its roots in Africa. More specifically, it is of Swahili, and Tanzanian origins, and means precious, pearl and calm. The name is one of the latest in the trend of giving babies, very exotic sounding names. The name is expected to become one of the hottest baby girl names of 2014.


Typically a cute girl name with two derivatives, one being a Spanish name of Sun and other being a Latin name, meaning ‘Sea’. In US, it is taken as one of the most popular names. It comes into the water and celestial category. Famous real life people with the name Marisol are Marisol Nichols an actress, Marisol Aguirre a French actress, Marisol Escobar a well known sculptor from Paris.


Norah is a very popular and cute baby girl name of Irish, Greek and Latin origins. The name means ‘light, or honor’. In French, the name Norah is seen as a variant of Helen. The name is also believed to be from the English word Honora meaning ‘honor’. The name came into prominence in the last decade after the success of the popular American singer Norah Jones. The name is expected to go on to become one of the most popular baby girl names of 2014.


It is a Greek origin cute girl name derived as a female form of Phoibos which means bright one. Phoebe means radiance and purity. In Greek myths , the name ‘Phoebe’ is mother of Artemis and Apollo, which is associated with moon. In addition, it is also the name for Goddess of moon. Phoebe is a name bestowed upon children of celebrities like Bill Gates, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lithgow, Lisa Peluso, Sherry Stingfield and Vernon Kay.

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Poppy is a baby cute girl name that was quite popular in the late seventies and early eighties. The name is slowly making a comeback after celebrity chef Jamie Oliver names his daughter Poppy. The name is of course derived from the flower of the same name. Though right now the name’s popularity is confined to England, it is soon expected to become one of the most popular cute baby names of 2014 in the rest of the English speaking world too.


Continuing in our trend of cute girl names after beautiful cities is Paris. Paris has traditionally been used as both a girl and a boy name. It is now used mostly as a baby girl name. The name Paris has Greek, French and Latin origins, and means ‘son of Priam’ or ‘abductor of Helen’.


Rose is one of the most beautiful and feminine names you could ever give your precious little girl. The beautiful name is of course derived from the beautiful flower, rose. There are a number of very famous people named Rose, with the fictional character of Rose from the movie Titanic being one of them. The name is slowly rising to its former glory as a first name and middle name. Some of the variants of Rose are Rosie, Rosalyn, Rosemary and Rosa.


Ruth is the most famous baby girl name from the bible. In Hebrew, the name Ruth means ‘companion’. The meaning is so because when the mother in law of the biblical Ruth was taking leave, Ruth told her that she would accompany her, wherever she went. In return, her mother in law gave her the name, Ruth, meaning ‘companion’. Ruth is one of the most feminine names ever, and has always remained a classic. The name is expected to continue ruling the charts to become one of the most popular baby girl names of 2014.


Sasha is a cute girl name which came into existence in the 18th century. The term, ‘Sasha’ means defender of mankind. It is originated from the Indian mythology and the name was used to indicate ‘the Moon’. This name is commonly given to the babies who are born under the dominant planet ‘Saturn’ too. It was initially used as a unisex name but gradually became more popular for baby girls. The author of Night of the Moonjellies and Hall of beasts, Mark Shasha holds this name and has made the name, quite popular, among baby girls.


The name ‘Venice’ is of course from the most beautiful man made city in the whole world, the Venice of Italy. Venice, though a beautiful name, is quite unusual and is only slowly rising in popularity. The name is also believed to have Latin origins. In Latin, Venice means ‘favor giving’. The name is expected to be one of the hottest cute baby names of 2014.


The meaning of the word Victoria in Latin is Victory, triumphant. Victoria was a Roman goddess of victory known to Greeks as Nike and in modern English as Winged Victory. Early Christians adopted the name, most likely because of Saint Paul’s statement: God, which has given us the victory. Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous celebrities and the celebrity opened the doors for the rise of the name’s popularity.

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  1. Mary
  2. Kalayah Jones
  3. Kathy Summers
  4. Jessica Isabel
  5. nanci
  6. Sinthia Luna
    • Starfire
  7. Amelia oxley
  8. RaeRae
  9. nsanzamahoro j.m.v
  10. Jessica

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