Beautiful Names For Girls Inspired by Nature

Beautiful names for girls is what parents are looking for. Every mother believes that her baby is the most beautiful in the world. They are looking for a female name which will stand out in the crowd and will determine baby’s life.

A usual source to find a beautiful girl name is Nature and more specifically Flowers and Plants. The most important characteristics of a name of this category, except from its meaning, are both sound quality and easy pronunciation!

We’ve made a research in our database and collected names for girls that have all the above characteristics. All names are inspired by Nature and we hope you like them!

Beautiful Names For Girls Inspired by Nature

Alpinia The flower Alpinia took its name from an Italian botanist Prospero Alpina. Available colors range from a distinctive red to subtle whites, pinks and yellows.

Ammi – As a beautiful girl name Ammi has many forms e.g. Ammie, Ami, Emmi or Emmy. It is a vary popular flower witch looks like a large umbrella carrying hundreds of small and white flowers.

Anemone – The origin of this flower name is Greek from the word “anemos” which means wind. It is also known as windflower.

Dahlia – Dahlia it is very similar to the daisy flower and it has many hybrids around the world. As a baby name is somewhat popular with Scandinavian origin, meaning “valley”.

Daisy – It is a very popular name for women and a very common flower which is native to north and central Europe.

Freesia – Freesias are known for their light, alluring fragrance, much like roses, they’re associated with Valentine’s Day. One of the most common plants used in making bouquets to give out as gifts. It is a very beautiful girl name, but it’s not popular at all!

Holly – From the Holy Tree. As a name Holly has many variants such as Hollee, Holleigh, Holley, Holli, Hollie, Hollyann and Hollye. It is an old English origin name.

Iris – Iris name is connected with ancient Greece, where Iris was the messenger of the Gods between heaven and earth. A

Ivy – A very popular and beautiful girl name with an old English origin. Variants of Ivy are Iva, Ivalyn, Ivee, Ivey, Ivie and Ivyanne.

Jasmine – Another popular name from the famous flower. It is of Old French and Persian origin. It has many variants such as  Jas, Jaslyn, Jaslynn, Jasmeen, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasminda, Jasmyn, etc.

Lily – A Latin origin name meaning “purity” as well as “beauty”. The Lily flower belongs to the family of plants known as Liliaceae.  A really popular and beautiful name.

Nerine – As a girl’s name is of Greek origin from the Nerine plant which belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. A rare but beautiful name.

Olivia – From the Olive Tree. Olivia is a Latin origin name.

Rosy / Rosemary – Both Names are from the Rose flower. Rose flowers belong to the genus Rosa, a member of the family Rosacea. There are over 100 species.

Vanda Vanda is a not very popular but very cute girl name of Italian and Czechoslovakian origin. From the famous stunning blue flower.

Violet – A Latin origin Female Name, which means “Purple”. A beautiful name for a baby girl.

Willow – It’s a somewhat popular first name for girls, from the Willow Tree.

Zinnia – A beautiful flower and a beautiful girl name! Zinnia is a genus of 20 species of annual and perennial plants of the family Asteraceae. As a female name is of Latin origin.



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