Baby Girl Names Inspired By Classic Comic Book Characters

Having a baby girl can be so exciting and choosing a name for your new daughter can be just as exciting. You want her name to be special and have a special meaning. You may even want to carry on a family name such as your great grandmothers or grandmothers’ name and even a favorite aunt. Choosing a baby girl name is important as she goes through life and not only should it match her middle and last name to have a soothing flow to it, the name you choose for your daughter can even reflect on what she may be when she grows up.

There are trends in baby names from biblical girl names to family names, however, have you ever thought of choosing a name from one of your favorite comic book or comic book movie characters? These can have special meaning for you as the parents as well as have special meanings all of their own from Latin, Aboriginal and English meanings. Sometimes you may think you will never choose a name for your new baby girl, but here is a list that may just help you out. Say the names out loud, write them down and take a vote with your spouse. What ever name you choose is going to be special anyway just as special as your new baby girl.

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Classic Comic Book Characters

Betty (Betty Cooper from Archie Comics)

Meaning:Consecrated to God Origin: Hebrew

Bitter (Bitter Frost from Amazing Spider-girl)

Meaning: Unknown.  Origin: Latin

Cassandra (Cassandra Cain a/k/a Batgirl from Batman)

Meaning: (Legend) Trojan princess with the gift of prophecy. Origin: Greek

Diana (Diana Price a/k/a Wonder Woman)

Meaning: The Devine One – The goddess of hunting and the mood in Roman mythology. Origin: Latin

Dinah (Dinah Drake a/k/a the Black Canary from Flash Gordon)

Meaning: Judgment. Origin: Hebrew

Harley (Harley Quinn from Batman)

Meaning: From the hare or stag meadow. Origin:  Old English

Jean (Jean Grey from X-Men)

Meaning: God is gracious. Origin: French

Jessica (Jessica Drew a/k/a Spider Woman)

Meaning: Wealthy. Origin: Hebrew

Lana (Lana Lang from Superman)

Meaning: Afloat, calm as still waters. Origin: Old English

Lois (Lois Lane from Superman)

Meaning: Agreeable. Origin: Greek

Lorna (Lorna Dane a/k/a Polaris from X-Men)

Meaning: Invented name from the 1860’s Novel ‘Lorna Doon’ by R.D. Blackmore.  Origin: Scottish

Marie (Rogue from X-Men)

Meaning: Star of the Sea. Origin: French

Mary Jane (Mary Jane Watson from Spiderman)

Mary meaning: Star of the Sea, Jane meaning: God is gracious. Origin: Hebrew

May (Aunt May from Spiderman)

Meaning: From the month May (fifth month of the year). Origin: Hebrew

Pamela (Pamela Lillian Isley a/k/a Poison Ivy from Batman)

Meaning: Sweetness or Honey. Origin: Greek or English

Pepper (Pepper Potts from Iron Man)

Meaning: From the pepper plant – Spice. Origin: English

Selena (Selena Kyle a/k/a Catwoman from Batman)

Meaning: Goddess of the moon.  Origin: Greek

Sue (Sue Storm a/k/a the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four)

Meaning: A Lilly. Origin: unknown

Veronica (Veronica Lodge from Archie Comics)

Meaning: A true likeness or image. Origin: Latin

Wanda (Wanda Maximoff a/k/a the Scarlet Witch from X-Men)

Meaning: A sandhill or a Wanderer Origin: Teutoic and Aboriginal

Baby Girl Names

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