10 New Baby Name Ideas For 2014 Newborn Girls

2014 has been already established and there are already many happy new parents that they saw their baby coming into life. As a new parent, one of your following tasks is to find a cute baby name. For those who are lucky to have a cute baby girl born in the first 20 days of 2014, we recommend you to continue reading and you will definitely find these baby name ideas very helpful.

For almost 10 months BabyTopNames.com is giving you baby name ideas. We always try to pick the most attractive names between millions. The New Year is a new challenge for us, as there are many sites out there, offering name ideas without any kind of research.

With respect to new parents and with the hope that our suggestions will help, we proudly present the following fresh baby name ideas 2014.

10 New Baby Name Ideas For Newborn Girls of 2014


It is of Greek origin and it means dry. It is a rare name used for girls in English speaking countries. Azalea is a flowering shrub that grows in dry soil and has red, pink, purple and white flowers. The name signifies moderation and temperance in Victorian language. As a female baby name, Azalea is supposed to mean beauty and wealth.


Carley is a form of “Carlie” and has its origin in German and English. It used to be a surname only, but in the last few years it is also a very nice girl name. The meaning of Carley is “free man” or “farmer’s meadow”. The name is used for both the genders in English speaking countries; however, it is more often used for girls than boys.


Coco has its origin in Spanish, meaning assistance and in Greek, it means the victory of people. The name is used for both the genders, more popular for girls,used in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish speaking countries. Gabrielle Chanel was nicknamed Coco and the fashion designer was then known as Coco Chanel. Courtney Cox and David Arquette have named their daughter ‘Coco Arquette’.


Ira is an interesting name with its origin in Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, and Maori wherein it means watchful, the chosen one, earth, and gene respectively. It also means Sky Goddess in Polynesian mythology. This name is used for both genders in English, Hindi and German speaking countries. Ira is mentioned in the Bible as King David’s priest. In Hindu mythology, Ira is the name of the Goddess of wisdom.


During the ancient time Mary used to be a very common name but in Hawaii it was called Meliah. When Americans came to Hawaii, the name Mary had to be translated from English to Hawaiian, since Hawaii do not have alphabets like R and Y Mary got transformed to Meliah. It also comes from the Melia.


Molly was the nickname of the name ‘Mary’, during the Middle ages. Traditionally, this name came into origin from Mother Catherine and Father Francis during the 19th Century. Today, Molly is used an an individual name, in itself. Irish used it first and spelt it as Mally. It is a famine name, in Hebrew it means ‘a child wished for’.


Pranita comes from Indian word which means Unknown, in Sanskrit it means wherever she goes she takes honor along with her, it also mean a gift of god in Sanskrit. In Hindi, it means beautiful, creative, honest and loving or an intelligent female. It is a name suggested for baby girls.


It is a feminine name with its Hindu origin, and it means daughter of mountain. According to Hindu mythology, it is one of the names of the goddess Parvati. A possible variant of the name Shayla is Sheila. Shyla is more commonly used in Hindus and Christians. It is generally quite an uncommon name.


Tamera is an origin of English and Hebrew which means Palm Tree. It is a feminine name and most common name amongst the women. It is a variant of the name Tamara. It is also a symbolic names used in the Orient. People with this name are supposed to be extroverts. The name is very popular in East European countries like Slovakia, Croatia and Czech Republic.


The origin of the name Valery can be traced to France. The name means strong and health and it is a variant of the Latin word Valerie. In English speaking countries both names are used mostly for girls. But in Russia the name is a very popular male name. There are many famous Russians with this name like writer, pianist and conductor Valery Afanassiev, Valery Jacobi, a Russian painter and the famous football player Valeri Karpin.

There are also many non-Russian famous actresses with this name are Valerie Harper, Valerie Bertinelli and Valerie Perrine.

New Baby Name Ideas

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