Weird Baby Names for Boys

So, what is ‘weird’ actually? Something which is cheesy or anything cool? Or maybe, something unusual and unique is the weird now. Well, whatever the weird is, some baby names for boys are really weird. Some of them are cool, some gives a good idea. Some are odd, some tend to be funny and some turns out to be cute. Choosing a baby name is surely a difficult thing but sometimes parents just focus on the good meanings of the name. Not all parents are looking for classy or unique names but for those who are looking for some weird names for their babies, settling on one becomes hard. Apparently, some of them gives two simultaneous names to their kids, such as John-Patrick. Let’s take a look on some of the weird baby names for boys:

Weird Baby Names for Boys

Colton – Who doesn’t like Colton Haynes of the movie Teen Hunter (2009). Well, a weird baby name for boys but very exotic in views of many parents. It was basically used as English surname meaning Cola’s town and is occasionally related with “Colten’. Right now, it is ranked on 65th position in America and 97th in Canada. Probably, the name is adopted from the city Colton in California, US.

Van – Who isn’t aware of the popular movie Van Helsing released in 2004 staring American apple-pie Hugh Jackman as Gabriel Van Helsing. Apparently, the name ‘Van’ too, became popular since then. In America, it was taken as a title for immigrants and was also used as abbreviation for other names like Vance and Ivan. However, it later got the status of a proper name in Dutch. Presently, it is ranked on 847th position in America.

Eli – Doesn’t it sound like a girl’s name? But interestingly, it is a Greek name for boys. It is also used by Americans now. Many meanings are drawn out of it, such as the one who defends man, or the person of high status. It is a religious name and ‘Eli’ is possibly the high priest of Israel and teacher of Samuel. In Biblical Latin, it has the related name ‘Heli’. In US, it is on the position 44 and on number 164 in England.

Theo – Doesn’t it feel like we are sitting with a priest when we meet any guy ‘Theo’? But no, many cool and atheist parents also name their baby boy Theo. It is actually an old Greek name with the meaning ‘God Given’. In German, it is also referred to the bold people. Currently, it is pushed to the 793 position in US and is most common in France and Sweden with position 14th and 19th respectively.

Dmitri – A famous bomb character of movie Anastasia was no doubt liked by many. Despite of being a lame character, the name Dmitri was also loved by majority. In many languages including means the earth-lover and in Greek, it is derived from Demeter having the myth of goddess of corn and harvest.

Porter – Loved by all, Porter from the blockbuster movie Payback not just made his name popular among the American boys but is also viewed as a weird baby name for boys. Well, the meaning of Porter in many languages is Gatekeeper. In United States, it is ranked on 430th position on the popular baby names chart.

Harrison – The adorable little son of serial killer Dexter, Harrison, no doubt has a weird name. Yet, many parents like to call their young princes Harrison. It is purely an English name and is common since 19th century. No particular of Harrison meaning is found except that the son of Harry, which is certainly humorous. Despite of being a weird baby name for boys, it holds the position of 181 and 37 on US and English/Wales charts.

Creed – Literally, creed means a system of religious beliefs but is usually known as an American rock band formed in 1993 of Florida. Many rock music lovers love to christen their baby boys as Creed due to its crispy sound. The name was recurrent in religious families of late 17th century but was lost then. Nevertheless, it is back again.

Flynn – Earlier, it was used by Irish men as surname but the trend changed and the name was used as a proper name by many conventional parents too. Currently, it became popular due to the sweetheart fictional character Flynn Rider from the animated movie Tangled. It is also believed that the name is a damaged from of tribe ‘Flann’. In USA, it holds the 691th position and 162 on English charts.

Jagger – Do you know, Don Rooney named his boy Jagger. No doubt, this name should top the lost of weirdest names due to its killing sense. In English and America, the name is assumed to be related with the name Carter and is liked by many due to Sir Mike Jagger form the rock band, The Rolling Stones.

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