Most Unusual Baby Boy Names Of 2013

It’s no surprise these days that parents are trying to choose names for their boys that are practical and stand out among others but are also unusual. Unusual Baby Boy Names are normally traditional but spelled differently to help them stand out. But, there are also many baby boy names that are unusual and can have many facets of spellings.

Apart from bringing a newborn into this world, the most blessed thing a parent can do is to name their baby. This gift may influence or impact the child’s life and it can also mold the boy’s personality. Choosing a good name for a boy is something that should be cherished with meaning and character. One thing to consider with unusual boy names is that some may be transparent as girl names too.

They can be interchangeable with masculine and feminine variants of spelling. Unusual boy names that are common girl names should be spelled with a masculine format. Check out the list below of unusual baby boy names.

Most Unusual Baby Boy Names Of 2013

Adonis: Adonis is Greek in mythology, as a handsome man who was loved by Aphrodite. Similar Names: Addonia, Adohnes, Adonys, Adones Origin: Greek

Aedan: Aidan is Irish and means a passionate or fiery young man. Similar Names: Aiden, Aedan, Aidano, Aydan, Aidyn, Aiden Origin: Irish

Alejo: Alejandro is Spanish and is derived from the great Alexander, meaning helper and defender of mankind. Similar Names: Alejandro, Alejandrino Origin: Spanish

Bramley: Bramley is English from the wilde gorse meadow or the raven’s meadow. Similar Names: Bramly, Bramlee, Bramlea, Bramleah, Bramleigh, Bramli, Bramlie Origin: English

Cloudy: Cloudy is American and shouldn’t be confused with “Claudia”.  It means light hearted. Similar Names: Cloude, Cloudee Origin: American

Courtney: Courtney is English for a courteaus man, or one who is courtly. Similar Names:  Cordney, Cordni, Cortenay, Corteney, Cortni, Cortnee Origin: English

Crandell: Crandell is English and means the valley of cranes. Similar Names: Crandel, Crandale, Crandail, Crandaile, Crandayl, Crandayle, Crandael, Crandaele Origin: English

Ephraim: Ephraim is Hebrew for one who is extremely firtile or productive and is found in the bible.  Similar Names: Efrain (Spanish) Eff, Efraim, Efram, Efrem Origin: Hebrew

Ezekiel: Ezekiel is Hebrew for one who is strengthened by God. Similar Names: Esequiel, Ezechiel, Eziechiele, Eziequel, Ezequiel, Esquevelle, Zeke Origin: Hebrew

Finn: Finn is Gaelic for a fair haired man. Similar Names: Fin, Fynn, Fyn, Fingal, Fingall Origin Gaelic and Irish)

Gaston: Gaston comes from French roots and portrays a man from Gascony. Similar Names: Gastun, Gastan, Gasten, Gasconey, Gascon, Gasconie Origin: French

Hadar: Hadar is Hebrew for a spectacular ornament, or someone adorned with great looks.  Similar Names: Hadare, Hadarit, Haduraq Origin: Hebrew

Hamilton: Hamilton is English for a person that is from the flat-topped hill. It’s most common as a surname. Similar Names: Hamylton, Hamiltun, Hamyltun, Hamelton, Hameltun Origin: English

Harvey: Harvey is English and also French for a man who is ready for battle or a strong man. Similar Names: Harvy, Harvi, Harvie, Harvee, Harvea, Harv, Harve, Hervey Origin: French and English

Hugo: Hugo is Norse for a thoughtful or kind man.  Similar Names: Hugyn, Hugen, Hugan, Hugon, Hugun Origin: Norse

Ichabod: Ichabod come from Hebrew roots and means that the glory is gone. Similar Names: Ikabod, Ickabod, Icabod, Ichavod, Ikavod, Icha Origin: Hebrew

Jabari: Jabari is African for a valiant or honest man. Similar Names: Jabarie, Jabary, Jabarey, Jabarea Origin: African

Joaquin: Joaquin is Hebrew for one who is established by God, and God will judge. Similar Names: Jachim, Jakim, Josquin, Joakim, Joakeen, Joachim Origin: Hebrew

Juwon: Juwan is Spanish but the norm is “Juan” It’s from John, meaning God is gracious. Similar Names: Juanito, Juan, Jwan Origin: Spanish

Lars: Lars is Scandinavian from Larson, or the son of Lawrence and one teaches others.  Origin: Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian

Maverick: Maverick is English for an independent man; a non-conformist.  Similar Names: Maveric, Maverik, Mavrick, Mavric, Mavrik Origin: English

Nicomedes: Nicomedes is Greek for a man or warrior that thinks of victory. Similar Names: Nicomedes, Nicomedo, Nicomedo Origin: Greek

Nikon: Nikon is Persion for one who brings good things.  Similar Names: Nikan, Niken, Nikin, Nikyn, Nikun Origin: Persian

Reagan: Reagan is Gaelic for one who is born into a royal family, the little ruler Similar Names: Regan, Ragan, Raygan, Reganne, Regann, Regane, Reghan Origin: Gaelic

Rhys: Rhys is Welsh for someone that is very enthusiastic about life.  Similar Names: Rhyss, Rhysse, Reece, Reese, Reice, Reise, Reace, Rease Origin: Welsh

Snow: Snow is American meaning frozen rain.  Similar Names: Snowy, Snowie, Snowi, Snowey, Snowee, Snowea, Sno Origin: American

Tory: Tory is American form Victoia, and means victorious, or winner and conquerer. Similar Names: Torry, Torey, Tori, Torie, Torree, Tauri, Torye, Toya Origin: American

Tybalt: Tybalt is Latin for one who sees the truth without distraction Similar Names: Tybault, Tybalte, Tybaulte Origin: Latin

Yuta: Yuta is Hebrew and Japanese for one who is priased or awarded and superior among man.  Similar Names: Yutah, Yoota, Yootah Origin: Hebrew and Japanese

Unusual Baby Boy Names

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