Top 10 Baby Names for Boys of 2012

In the past year (2012) there was an increasing tendency people to choose names for their babies, according to name’s popularity. That’s because it is believed (and it’s true) that a name which is very popular, can help their kid to develop in his life.

As you might already have read in “Naming your Baby” article, there many things to consider before you choose the best name for your baby. The safest way is to choose one of the most popular names! These names include all the characteristics that are most valuable for a name.

Great sound quality, easy to pronounce, good meaning (at least not bad) etc. The only part to consider is Uniqueness. It’s true! Your baby will not have a unique name if you choose one from the following Top 10 Baby Names For Boys of 2012 List! On the other hand, who cares?

It’s the always the safest way and for sure your boy will be happy with it! Take a look in the following list there are names that you have heard many times before!


Top 10 Baby Names for Boys of 2012

Baby Name

Name Meaning – Description

1AidenIt’s a variant of the name Aidan. Aiden is the No1 name because of its sound. It became very popular in America in the 20 century. Aidan was also a character name in the popular TV series, “Sex and the City”. It means “fire” or “help”.
2EthanEthan is a Hebrew origin name. It means “Solid”, “Strong” and “Firm”.  In the Old Testament it is the name of a wise man.
3LiamIt means “Strong-willed Warrior” and “Protection” . It’s an Irish origin name.
4MasonFrom an English surname meaning “Stone-worker”. An English origin name.
5NoahIt means “Peaceful” and “Rest” and it’s a Hebrew origin name.
6AlexanderA Greek origin name mostly known from the famous Alexander the Great.  Its main meaning is “defending men”.
7LucasTransferred from a surname most popular in Germany. Although it’s a Greek origin name meaning “From Lucania”.
8JacobA Hebrew name and it means “he who supplants”. It’s mentioned many times in the Old Testament.
9JaydenIt’s a form Of Jaden. It became very popular name because of the suffix “aden”. All the similar names such as Braden or Hayden have an extremely increasing popularity.
10JackDiminutive Form Of John. An easy to pronounce name and this is the reason of its popularity. Many famous actors and celebrities have the name Jack. It has many variant forms as a surname too (Jackman, Jackson etc.)


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