Summer Baby Boy Names

The mention of summer brings into mind a period of relaxing, going for holidays and having fun. It is a time to go to the beach and sun bathe in the summer sun while taking it easy.

If you are expecting a baby boy in summer, you may want to give him a name that symbolizes the season. There are different variations on some of the summer baby boy names just in case you would like to add a bit of twist to the name.

Your son will be sharing it with famous people and children of celebrities. TV programs and books also have characters with these summer names.

Below are some of the summer baby boy names with their meaning and origin.

Summer Baby Boy Names


The name originates from August, one of the summer months though it is more significant. It is more Christianity based with its fame brought by St. Augustine of the fourth century whose writings and teachings were used by early Christians. The name also means great or magnificent.

The name is still popular with celebrities such as giving it to their children. Agustin the Spanish version of the name is becoming popular in South America. It also takes the top position in Uruguay and among top five in Argentina. There are various variations of the name in different languages. It is Agostino in Italian, Augustinos in Greek, Augustus in English and Agustin in Spanish.


With summer signifying holiday and going to the beach, Marin is a good summer baby boy name to give to your child, especially for those who love the sea because it means ‘of the sea’. In some European countries like Croatia, the name is unisex. It has different variations with Scandinavian using Maren and France it is Marine for girls. It is also the name of a county in San Francisco.

Some of the famous people named Marin are Romanian male novelist Marin Preda, Bulgarian composer Marin Goleminov and Marin Boucher French male pioneer among others. On television, there is Marin Barry a character in the movie Somethin’s gotta give and Marin in Game Boy game.


Summer signifies blue skies and the name Julius can always be a reminder of that in the month of July. It is gaining popularity not only for Latin but also in other parts of the world. The French use Julien or Jules, Italian use Giulio and Spanish call it Julio. The name gained its popularity by being associated with Caesar of the ancient times and Pope Julius 1. English speaking countries took up the name in the 19th century and currently it appears with characters on TV shows such as in Everybody Hates Chris in which the dad is called Julius. In the movie Twins, one of the twins is called Julius.


For the sea lovers, Dylan would be a great summer baby boy name. It means the god of the sea in Welsh mythology. Its popularity rose in the 90s with the airing of Beverly Hills with one of the characters being Dylan. Other famous people with the name are Dylan McDermott an actor and Dylan Thomas a Welsh poet.

Celebrities have also given the name to their sons among them being Pamela Anderson, Michael Douglas and Kenneth Edmonds. Chris Bosh also named his daughter Dylan because the name is also suitable for a girl. Dillie is its international variation with other spellings being Dilan or Dyllan.


This summer baby boy name symbolizes strength, both character and body wise with its meaning being a lion. A boy’s summer name, it originated with Romans and had been used by 13 popes including Pope Leo the great. Its current popularity has risen partly due to the presence of the name on popular TV shows and celebrities such as Leo DiCaprio. Other famous people with the name include Leo Tolstoy a Russian Writer, Leo Ryan a congressman and Leo Melamed of Chicago Exchange. Others have named their sons Leo such as Kim Raver and Jeff Gordon.

On TV, there has been many characters with the name such as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, Leo Fitz in SHIELD and Leo Dooley in Disney lab rats.


Trees are beautiful in summer and so is the name Birch, which is the name of a tall and strong tree that has a white bark. The tree has many uses such as making furniture and papers. The Russians used to worship it and they now consider is their national tree while in New Hampshire it is the state tree.

Giving your son the name Birch would mean sharing it with the former Democratic Senator Birch Evans and Thora Birch an American actress. The name has also featured on TV in movie Simon Birch with the character having the same name. Some of the variations of Birch are Birk and Burch.


If expecting your son in the month of June, then Junius would be a good name to give to him because it means ‘born in June’. Its origin is Latin, and its popularity shows that Americans are following the Romans in using the name.

Junius Richard the former president of Sri Lanka and Junius Morgan the father of JP Morgan are some of the prominent people sharing the name. The other one is Junius Futrell a former governor of Arkansas. Variations of Junius are June, Junto and Juneau.


This summer baby boy name originates from Latin and it means bringer of light or illumination a situation that is associated with summer. It has many variations such as Luke in English, Lucas in Swedish and Luciano among others. Its popularity in the early times was due to the author of the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament, a physician called Luke. Nowadays, the name is popular the US and in England and Wales, it takes the 21st position in popularity.

Many famous people such as Luke Bryan an American singer, Luke Brookshier a television writer and Luke Cutts a British Pole vaulter share the name. There have also been characters on television using the name such as Luke Ross in the series Jessie.


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