Seven Popular Old Fashioned Boy Names

Old fashioned boy names are sometimes shunned, and they are all for the wrong reasons. Some people say that some old fashioned names are stuffy or even boring. What these people forget is the timelessness of these names, the everlasting power they possess, and the wonderful charm they emote. Old fashioned boy names are indeed exactly that, but they still exist for these reasons. If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect name for your son, an old fashioned name can be just the perfect name to give an infant male, and the best way to greet him into the world. Here are seven extremely popular old fashioned boy names that will never go out of style.

Old Fashioned Boy Names


Abraham is one of the most classic boy names. The origin of the name resides from Hebrew, but is also used in English, Dutch, and seen in Biblical Latin. The literal meaning of the name is “father of many”, and is most famously seen in the bible in the man named Abraham. Some people have tied the name to Abram, which means “many, multitude”. This, actually, is Abraham’s original name before God changes it in the book of Genesis.

The Jews have regarded this man to be the founder of the Hebrews via his son Isaac, and interestingly enough, the founder of Arabs by Muslims via his son Ishmael. The name Abraham is also strongly associated with Abraham Lincoln, who was the16th president of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln is most known for his heroic deed of emancipating the slaves as a result of the American Civil War. Abraham is a very respectable name and could be the perfect name for a boy.


Victor, a nice, strong sounding name for a boy, derives from the Latin language. In Latin, Victor means “victor” as in someone who is victorious. This name was a popular name during Roman times, and is used often today. In the past, people believed that in naming someone “Victor”, they would have a victorious life.

The name has many variations such as Bittor, Viktor, Vitor, Viktoras, Wiktor, Vitya, and Gwythyr in the languages Bulgarian, Catalan, Coration, Czech, Danish, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Russhian, Serbian, Slobak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Welsh.

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Miles is another old fashioned boy name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The name, although used by the English, originates in Germany, from the Germanic name of Milo. There is no known meaning of the name; however, people believe it may be connected to the Slavic name element “mil”, which means “gracious”. It also could be tied with the Latin word for “soldier”.

There are quite a number of famous people who have had this name, including the famous musician Miles Davis. Fans of Sega’s video game “Sonic” will be familiar with this fact: that the name of Sonic’s sidekick “Tales” is, in actuality, named Miles. Miles is a stylishly masculine name that holds a level of sophistication, and if you are having difficulty deciding on the perfect name, searching for elegant names such as Miles may be your solution. Variants of Milo include Milo, and Myles, both of which have originated in Germany.


One of the most traditional male names is Edward. Meaning “rich guard”, Edward derives from the old English element “ead” which means “rich” and blessed”, as well as the element “weard”, which means “guard”. One of the first memorable individuals with the name of Edward was Saint Edward the Confessor, who was the king of England in the 11th century, just before the Norman Conquest.

In the 13th century, Henry III named his son the same name as homage to the saint. Edward has since then spread throughout Europe and is used by many. Other versions of Edward are as follows: Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned, Ted, and Teddy. Edward is an honorable name to be considered when naming a child.


Alex is the shortened version for the name Alexander, which is the Latinized form of the Greek name “Alexandros”. The name Alex means, “Defending men” or “defender of men” or “to defend, help”. Several figures in the New Testament are named Alex, the most famous being Alexander the Great, whose life has, since then, been written about, spoken about, and, much later, reenacted in film.

The name has been made quite popular through emperors, popes, and kings. In the last 100 years, the popularity of the name Alex, as well as Alexander, has quadrupled in the United States of America. Another variant of the name is Aleksander.


Leo is a very popular old-fashioned name that originates in Latin. Meaning “lion”, Leo is a very striking name that has been used by a number of famous people, including the genius inventor Leonardo Di Vinci, as well as the extremely talented actor Leonardo Di Caprio. Both use an elongated form of Leo; the other being Leopold. In history, there was Leo the Great, who was a famous pope.

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage in many cultures. Some people believe that in naming a boy “Leo”, you are granting him great courage in his life. This idea has even made its way to popular literature, including Harry Potter. In the series the magic school’s house of Gryffindor (which houses only the most courageous of students) has a lion as its mascot.


Daniel is a name of Hebrew origin, and means, “God is my judge”. Daniel is a name famously known via the Biblical figure Prophet Daniel, who became a prominent man in the court of Babylon. Although this is found in the old Testament, Daniel is not excluded to Jewish cultures, and is an extremely popular name used all over the world, including the country of England.

Daniel is also a lovely sounding name, is easy to spell, and is easy to pronounce. Another variant of the name is spelled as “Daniyyel” although this is rarely used.

old fashined boy names

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