Pretty Boy Names For 2014

Baby name trends change drastically each year. There is nothing more affected by so many different variables, than baby names. Almost each and everything happening in the world affects the dynamic trend of baby names. Most of the times, pretty boy names are influenced by celebrity names, or more than that, celebrity baby names! 2013 was a big year for celebrity baby names with the world waiting in big anticipation for the birth of the royal baby. His birth has brought the name ‘George’, back into fashion. ‘George’ actually went on to become one of the most popular baby boy names of 2013.

Here, we will look at some pretty boy names that we hope are going to be hot in 2014.

 Pretty Boy Names For 2014

The first one is Mitchell is a very popular baby and pretty male name in the western world. There are a lot of very famous celebrities with first name Mitchell, one of them being Mitchell Johnson. The name Mitchell is believed to have many different origins. In most parts of the English speaking world, the name is believed to be a variation of the more traditional, Michael, which means ‘who is like God’. In Irish, the name Mitchell is supposed to mean ‘gift from God’. The name though usually used as a surname, is expected to be a really popular in 2014.

Similar to Mitchell, Tucker is a name that is mostly used as a family name or surname in the English speaking parts of the western world. The origin of the name Tucker is rather disputed because Tucker has been used as a family name in England and other areas near England, for many centuries now. In Old English, the name ‘Tucker’ is believed to mean ‘garment maker’. This is because garment making was a prominent profession in England centuries ago.

Another pretty male name is Riley. Riley is supposed to have both Old English and Irish origins. In Irish, the name is believed to have been derived from the common Irish surname, Ó Raghallaigh or O’Reilly, which means ‘courageous or valiant’. In English, it is supposed to mean ‘rye clearing’. The name has been popular in the entire western world and especially in the United States, for a really long time. This might be due its unisex nature. The name is expected to continue its popularity in 2014 too.

A good choice for a boy name is Grant, which is also a name that is used commonly as both a surname and a first name. The name has English origins and is supposed to have quite a number of meanings. It could possibly mean ‘tall or large’ because this was a nickname used for people of exceptional size. It could also mean ‘great’, according to some other sources.

Rowan is a very popular name of Irish origins. Rowan Atkinson, none other than the legendary Mister Bean, is one of the most famous people, with this name. In Irish, Rowan means ‘red haired’. The name also has a number of variants like Roan and Ruadhan. In Arabic, Rowan is also a female name.

The name Oliver is a very popular baby boy name in all English speaking parts of the world. There are a number of famous people named Oliver. The classic fictional character of Oliver Twist is one among them. The origin of the name is a bit disputed and most western languages have their own meaning for Oliver. In English, the name is derived from the ‘olive tree’. In Latin, it means ‘olive or peaceful’, while in German, it means ‘elf army’.

Lucas is another name that is popular both as a family name or surname and also as a first name. The name has many different origins, but in all of them, the meaning is a variant of ‘light’. For example, in English, it means ‘light or illumination’. The biblical meaning of Lucas is, ‘white or pure’. In Greek, it means ‘light giving’. The name had waned in popularity a bit in the last decade, but it is believed to be making a comeback next year.

Porter is a very popular surname in all of the English speaking parts of the world. The name though used mostly as a surname, is now finding prominence as a given name too. The name, in Old English, means ‘gatekeeper’.

Ashton is a very popular and stylish boy’s name in the entire western world. The name manages to be both modern and traditional, at the same time. The most popular person named Ashton is the American TV and movie star, Ashton Kutcher. The name is derived from an English surname meaning ‘ash tree down’. The name has recently found popularity as a girl’s name too. The name is expected to be one of the hottest baby boy names of 2014.

One of my favorite male names is Silas. It has many different origins. It is definitely one of the oldest names on our list. The biblical meaning of Silas is ‘three or the third’. In English and Latin, the name Silas means ‘forest, woods, or of the forest’. The name though not a very popular first name, came into prominence, after the popularity of the fictional TV character Silas from ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

Warren is a very old and traditional baby boy name. It is used as both as a surname and a given name. It has an Old English origin. It means ‘gatekeeper or protector or watchman’. There are a number of famous people named Warren, with Warren Buffet being the most popular among them. The name is expected to be one of the most popular baby boy names of 2014.

Kenai is a relatively new name and there is no actual information on its origin. Though there are cities and even rivers named Kenai, its exact origin is still disputed. The name has been very popular in Alaska for a long time and is now finding fame in other English speaking parts of the world.

Last but not least we have the name Zane, which is a very pretty boys name used mostly in the western world, especially in the United States. The name is supposed to have Hebrew origins, and means ‘gift from god’. The name ‘Zane’ has a number of variants like Zayne, Zain and Zaine. The name is expected to become very hot in 2014.


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