Popular Baby Names For Boys 2013

It is never an easy task to select a name for your baby. Parents have to contend with a large number of  baby names before they find the one they like.

Recent surveys reveal that:

  • People prefer to find names which mean strength and bravery for their baby boys.
  • Older parents wheel towards classical baby names.
  • The younger ones dig up popular names.
  • Many parents prefer a new surname, over their own for the child.

Choosing a popular baby name for your boy, is the most common way that young parents prefer. To avoid a weird situation, stay away from the names of former girlfriends and boyfriends. It is not prudent to give your child the name of pet or a name that has been picked up by someone close to you. Your baby will live with the name for a lifetime and will always hold you responsible. You may be overloaded with suggestions for suitable baby names from well meaning family and friends. The decision lies with your partner and you and it is wise to reveal the name that you have selected only after the baby’s birth.

Take in consideration what negative consequences may have the name you have chosen for your baby boy. A little misspelling or a weird meaning of the name,  can make your son the butt of all the jokes. Be careful with the initials too which can get embarrassing for the child.

Popular baby names have many alternative sources and it is the safest way to avoid all the “hidden traps”. In the following name list we present you the Top 100 most popular male names until May 2013.

Most Popular Baby Names For Boys 2013 (Pos. 1 – 20)

1. Jacob: The most popular Hebrew origin name. It means is “the one who supplants”. Jacob was the son of Rebekah and Isaac and one of the great patriarchs of the Old Testament. In the last decade (2000’s), Jacob was the most popular male name.

2. Mason: From masonry and the male name meaning is “Stone worker”. Mason is an English and French origin name.

3. Ethan: A Hebrew origin cute name, which means “Solid” and “Enduring”. Ethan alternative name meanings are “Firmness, Long-Lived”.

4. Noah: It means “Comfort” and “Rest” alternatively means “Peaceful”. It’s a variable of the name Noach. Noah is a Hebrew and English origin name.

5. William: It’s an old German and Irish origin name. As an old German it means “Helmet, protection” and as an Irish name it means “Will” and “Desire”. William has many variants like Liam, Wiley, Willy, Will etc.

6. Liam: It is a short form of William. Liam it’s an Irish origin name meaning “Will” and “Desire”.

7. Jayden: You can find Jayden as a female name also. It is of Hebrew origin, meaning “Thankful” and it became popular in American in the 1990s. Variants of Jayden are Jaden (American) and Jadon (Hebrew).

8. Michael: Michael was in 2nd place of the Top Male American Names Of 2000s Decade“. It is of Hebrew origin and it means “The one who resembles God?”. Michael is one of the two archangels (Michael and Gabriel) who defeated the dragon.

9. Alexander: A very popular name (No13 in the 2000 decade top baby names list) which is mostly known from the famous Alexander the Great who was the King of Macedon in ancient Greece. It’s a Greek origin name and its meaning is “Man’s Defender” and “Warrior”.

10. Aiden: It’s a variant of the name Aidan. This baby name was No1 in the “Top 10 Baby Names for Boys of 2012“. It became very popular in America in the 20 century. Aiden means “Fire” or “Help”.

11. Daniel: One more Hebrew origin name, which is very popular. In Hebrew Daniel means “God is my Judge”. He is the Prophet and Writer of the “Book of Daniel” which is included in the Hebrew Bible.

12. Matthew: The name meaning is “Gift of God” and it is of Hebrew origin.  In the Bible Matthew was of the twelve apostles, who wrote the first Gospel account of the life of Jesus.

13. Elijah: The meaning of Elijah is “the Lord is my God” and it is of Hebrew origin. Elijah was a great prophet of Israel and in the Book of Kings he performed many miracles for and by him. During the Passover the name was very popular on Jewish newborn boys.

14. James: It is the Latin form of the Greek name Iakobos and the Hebrew Yaakov. Yaakov was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. The name meaning is “The one who supplants”.

15. Anthony: It is a Latin origin name. Anthony has many variants like Andy, Antoine, Antony, Tony and many more. It was at No11 of most popular male baby names of the past decade. Anthony means “Priceless”.

16. Benjamin: A Hebrew origin name, which means “Son of the south” or “Son of the right hand”. In the bible Benjamin was the patriarch Jacob’s twelfth and most beloved son.

17. Joshua: Its main meaning is “God is salvation”. It is a Hebrew origin name with many variants like Josh, Joshuah, Yehoshua etc.

18. Andrew: An English form of the Greek name Ανδρέας (Andreas), which means “Man” or “Male”. In the New Testament the apostle Andrew was the first disciple to join Jesus. He was crucified on an X-shaped cross.

19. David: It is of Hebrew origin, and it means “Beloved”. David was one of the most remarkable personalities in the Bible. He wrote about half of the Psalms and very likely composed music for them as well. He is the only David mentioned in the Bible.

20. Joseph: It is the Latin Form of the Greek name Ιωσήφ (Ioseph) and it is a Hebrew origin name. Joseph main meaning is “Jehovah increases” or “He will add”.

Most Popular Baby Names For Boys 2013 (Pos. 21 – 100)

21. Logan          41. Wyatt61. Robert81. Xavier
22. Jackson42. Isaiah62. Charles82. Adam
23. Christopher43. Henry63. Thomas83. Cooper
24. Gabriel44. Eli64. Sebastian84. Nathaniel
25. Samuel45. Hunter65. Colton85. Grayson
26. Ryan46. Jack66. Jaxon86. Jace
27. Lucas47. Evan67. Kevin87. Carson
28. John48. Jordan68. Zachary88. Nolan
29. Nathan49. Nicholas69. Ayden89. Tristan
30. Isaac50. Tyler70. Dominic90. Luis
31. Dylan51. Aaron71. Blake91. Brody
32. Caleb52. Jeremiah72. Jose92. Juan
33. Christian53. Julian73. Oliver93. Hudson
34. Landon54. Cameron74. Justin94. Bryson
35. Jonathan55. Levi75. Bentley95. Carlos
36. Carter56. Brandon76. Jason96. Easton
37. Luke57. Angel77. Chase97. Damian
38. Owen58. Austin78. Ian98. Alex
39. Brayden59. Connor79. Josiah99. Kayden
40. Gavin60. Adrian80. Parker100. Ryder

Popular Baby Names For Boys


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