Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys

When it comes to having a child, one of the most interesting phases is definitely choosing the right name for him/her. With so many names out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one, and this is why we have compiled a list that contains some of the most popular baby names 2015 for boys.

10 Most Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys


Aiden is a name that doesn’t have any major legacy in history, and it can be widely encountered in the UK. The name comes from Aedan and Aodh from the ancient Irish and the mythology of that region. This is a name that has a lot of popularity in the US as well, and here it’s used as a variant of Aidan. Some of the few famous people bearing this name are Aidan Gillen, Aidan Quinn and Aidan Andonn.


Alexander is a name that is latinized from the Greek Alexandros which means the defending men. Alexander was the second name of the Hero Paris and it can also be found as the name of various Characters in the New Testament. The name on its own is very popular in the US and Canada, but it’s also widely used in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Australian and Austria as well. Boys with this name are creative and they express themselves in singing, writing and acting, amongst others.


Connor is a name that has its origins from the Gaelic languages and its meaning is something similar to “loving wolves”. This is one of the most popular names in the US right now and it mostly focuses on providing a supreme meaning and understanding. There are a few variants of Connor in the form of either Conner or Conor. The name Connor doesn’t have any historical or religious relevance, but numerous famous people have it, such as Connor Barth, Connor Barwin and Connor Henry, something that suggests a strong connection to sports.


Ethan is a Hebrew name that means solid or enduring. This is the name of a wise man from the Old Testament and it’s the most popular name in Canada, with the same situation being in the US as well. This is a Biblical name, so it’s mostly associated with wisdom. Famous people with this name are Ethan Hawke, as well as the sports players Ethan Allen, Ethan Brooks and Ethan Horton.


Isaac is another Hebrew name that has a deep meaning in the Old Testament. It’s also a name that was used quite a lot during the middle ages and especially during the Protestant reformation. This is a popular Australian name, as well as a name that means “One who brings laughter”. Famous people with this name are Isaac Newton, Isaac Curtis, the musician Isaac Hanson and football player Isaac Brown.


Jacob is a boy name that has the origin from the Latin Iacobus and the Greek Iakobos. The meaning differs based on the language, which can either be the Holder of the Hell or May God Protect. Jacob is one of the top 3 names in the US and it’s also widely popular in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. This name is suitable for those that analyze the world and need inner quiet.


Liam is an Irish diminutive of the name William and it delivers from Germany. It’s a very popular name in the Germanic countries, with William the Conqueror being the most important person with such a name. The name is mostly associated to royalty and it means strong mind/protection. Famous Liams are Liam Neeson, Liam Finn and Liam Coen.


Matthew is a Hebrew popular name that has the meaning of Present from God. Matthew was one of the disciples of God and because of that the name has a major religious significance. It was and still is a very popular name for centuries, and it even functions well as a surname. Matthew Broderick, Matthew Perry and Matthew Lillard are some of the most significant persons wearing this name.


Michael is a name which derives from the Hebrew Mikha’el, meaning “who is like God?”. Widely encountered in the US and Ireland, this is less popular in the other countries, although Austrians and Scottish people are also using it as well. A name which remain at a high position between the most popular baby names 2015.


Oliver is a Germanic name that has the meaning of Elf Warrior. It’s a masculine name widely encountered in Europe during the middle ages, even though its significance has diminished since then. There are numerous famous people bearing this name, with Oliver Cromwell, Oliver Goldsmith, Oliver Selbert and Oliver Platt being the most significant ones.

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