Popular Italian Boy Names

If you have Italian roots or your forefathers belonged to Italy, then choosing an Italian name for your baby is the best way to pay tribute to your origin. There are tons of Italian boy names that have been adopted in the modern dictionary of names from around the world. All these names are quite fascinating and beautiful. Parents who are in search of unusual yet traditional and well-liked names should choose one of these Italian names for their baby boy. Here is a list of some popular and top-rated boy names from Italy to make the process of selection easier for you.

Popular Italian Boy Names

Antonio – Who isn’t familiar with this lovely Italian name, often nicknamed as Anthony? The name Antonio is popular not only in Italy but also in Spain and Croatia. Its meaning is “Priceless”. Like Romeo, this name is also considered to be Shakespearean and quixotic. Antonio Banderas is a world-famous Spanish actor. Beautiful name with a beautiful meaning, this name had to be on top despite the alphabetical order.

Calvino – Again, one of those dreamy Italian boy names, Calvino is unique and motivating. In Italian this name means “Bald”. The name is a variation of English name Calvin. Calvin Klein is a famous fashion designer, also known as CK around the globe. The Italian version of this name is not very common; hence making it a unique and lovely name to consider for your baby boy.

Dino – Dino has Italian as well as Spanish roots. It is also used as a short form of many other names. There are many authors, sportsmen, painters, and actors in the world whose first name is Dino. Dino Morea is a popular Indian actor, Dino De Laurentiis was an Italian film producer, and Dino Ciani was an Italian pianist. The name is short yet very captivating and therefore a preferred choice of a lot of parents out there.

Enzo – Again, a short name used as a diminutive for other Italian names like Lorenzo. It means “Home Ruler” and is not very popular as a first name. However, its English counterpart Henry is very much famous all over the world. If romance is on your mind along with being creative and original, choose this name among famous Italian boy names.

Giorgio – This name has become popular the world over due to the famous Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani. Its English counterpart is George, which is again quite popular and common male name. Again there are many painters, writers, architects, and authors in Italy whose first or middle name is Giorgio. Giorgio Baffo is an Italian poet and Giorgio Pacchioni is an Italian performer. Many other people are also named Giorgio who are famous in one field or the other.

Mario – Want a cute, common, and lovely name among Italian boy names for your baby? Choose Mario, which is popular in Spain, Germany, Greece, and Croatia. Mario is a famous fictional character in the video game Mario Brothers created for Nintendo. There are also many celebrities with this name like Mario Barwuah Balotelli, who is a famous Italian footballer, born in Palermo Italy. And of course the author of Godfather trilogy Mario Puzo, born in Manhattan New York. The name is mostly used as a first name and its popularity is on the rise in the United States because of being short, striking, and meaningful.

Romeo – For all those Romeos out there, this name is slightly tender, definitely Shakespearean, and undoubtedly romantic. If you want your boy to be called by a popular and lovely name, choose Romeo meaning “Pilgrim to Rome”. David Beckham’s second son was named Romeo by his parents making it a well-liked name. Jon Bon Jovi’s son also shares the same name. Moreover, Romeo Miller is a famous American rapper and actor. This cute and fascinating name is one of my personal favorites among all Italian boy names despite being dramatic and theatrical.

Santino – Does this one ring a bell? Yes, you guessed it; Santino or “Sonny” was a fictional character in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather; the eldest son of the godfather, Vito Corleone. Santino is definitely an attractive and unusual name with a lovely meaning. It means “Little Saint”. A good number of people in the United States like this name and therefore its popularity is on the rise all around the world. Santino Rice is a famous fashion designer.

Most of the Italian boy names end with an “O”. If you want to choose a romantic, contemporary, or simply a cute and interesting name for your baby boy, check out the above list. All these names are very much popular, not only in real life but also in movies, novels, stage, and literature. Italian language is very rich and fascinating. Many of the names with Italian origin are quite dreamy and idealistic. Since the name of a person reflects his personality, parents should choose their kids’ names after careful research.

Italian boy names

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