Irish Boy Names – Popular And Meaningful

Irish boy names were always in the vogue especially in the US. Their meaning and sound are the two reasons that make Irish boy names so attractive to parents. Most of them are inspired by the Irish history, with thousands of bibliographic Irish history records, and the Celtic mythology with a polytheistic religious structure.

The latest trends of baby names keep the Irish boy names in a continuously rising position. It is believed that an Irish name can bring luck to your baby, because Irish people have suffered a lot throughout history and they reacted in a very positive manner. It also can help a boy to grow strong and healthy, despite the difficulties he will encounter in life. In the following Irish boy names list you will find many popular Irish names.

Regardless they are popular or not, all of them are meaningful and with great sound quality and will give your boy the courage to to overcome life’s obstacles and difficulties.

Irish Boy Names – Popular And Meaningful


Aidan it’s a variant of the name Aed, who was a Celtic “God of Sun” of the underworld in Irish mythology. Except from Ireland, Aidan, is popular in Scotland, England, Canada and in the US too. According to United States Social Security Database the name was the most popular boy name in Canada in 2007. used on over 51.000 boys. Aidan became popular in honor  of St. Aidan of Iona at 630AD, and the famous monastery on the island of Lindisfarne, which St. Aidan founded.


A very popular Irish boy name in all English speaking countries. Brian means “strong” and “high noble”. In the 10th century Celtic mythological figure with the name Brian Boru became a high King of Irland, continuing the achievements of his father and his elder brother. He was known of his bravery and his great warrior skills. Brian is also a very popular surname but there are many celebrities with Brian as a name, such as the lead singer of the rock band AC/DC Brian Johnson.


Cian means “ancient”. It was the name of Brian Boru’s son in law, who was famous for his huge bravery in the battle of Clontarf. Despite Cian is not such popular as other Irish boy names, it is believed that boys with that name tend to be very romantic and passionate with attractive  personalities. Sometimes Cian is used as a girl name too.


Men with the name Cillian are known for their great leadership skills. The Anglicized form of Cillian is Killian. Possible meanings of this name are “church of John”, “war”, “strife” and “bright-headed”. Cillian is one rare name for boys, but it is consider to rise many positions in the rank during the year 2014. A very famous actor and writer with this name is Cillian Murphy who played in the latest Batman movies and Inception in 2010.


Derry is not very popular Irish boy name, but is more popular as a surname. The second largest city in Northern Ireland has the name Derry. It means “oak grove” and boys with this name have great learning skills and a sophisticated personality that gives them great skills in analyzing difficult situations.


Back again to very popular names and one of the cutest Irish boy names. Kevin became popular in late 50’s and means “attractive” and “gentle”. A very common variation is Kevan which is used more in countries outside Ireland. One famous bearer of the name was St Kevin of Glendalough, although Kevin doesn’t belong to biblical names. People who have the name Kevin are known for their understanding and their desire to travel and explore.


A pure Irish name which means “little fierce one”. Lorcan is a very cute Irish boy name. Until the last few years was used only in Ireland, but lately attracts parents from many other countries especially in the US. Men with this name tend to be very romantic,passionate and generous.


An Irish boy name that has a Latin origin too. Patrick is very popular due to St. Patrick which means “Patrician” and “noble”. The name before 18th century was used only in Ireland, but then was spread to many countries around the world and became one of the most popular between all baby names. People who bear the name Patrick are tend to be very balanced personality.


An Irish and Celtic origin name which means “intelligent” and “wise”. People who have Quinn as a name have both characteristics and they have the potential to develop public speaking and writing skills. The name is more common as a surname in English speaking countries and somewhat popular as a first boy name.


Redmond is the Irish version of the old German name Raymond which means “counselor” or “protecting hands”. The name was popular in the Northern Ireland in 17th century, but in the last decades the name was a bit “forgotten” and is more common as surname. Maybe because of its non pure Irish roots. The name became popular from Redmond O’Hanlon a charismatic outlaw, well known as “the Irish Robin Hood”. Because of him, boys who bare this name have the potential to develop great leadership skills.


Ryan popularity is huge, used both as a first name and surname. It’s the Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó Riain which means “king”. It has been used as a girl’s name too in the late 70s. Ryan O’Neal was one of the famous American actors who bare this name. It can be found with many variants such as Rian, Ryen,Rien, Rion and many more. Men with the name Ryan and its variants, tend to be charismatic leaders and most of them tend to live their lives extreme.


There are many celebrities who bare the name Sean: Sean Connery, Sean Penn, Sean Lowe, Sean Lennon and many many more. The name is of Irish and Hebrew origin and means “God is gracious” and “gift from God”.  It’s an Irish form of John and a very popular variant of Sean is Shane which was a common used name in Northern Ireland in the memory of Shane O’Neill an Irish King in the mid 16th century. Another form of Sean is Shawn like the famous basketball player Shawn Kemp.


The last name of the Irish boy names list is Tadgh. A pretty uncommon name which means “poet”, “honor” and a “philosopher”. According to a legend during the Battle of Clontarf, Tadhg Mór was fighting like a wolf dog until he was killed by the Vikings. The legend continues saying that an extraordinary sea creature came out of the ocean to protect Tadhg’s body. Boys with this name have the potential to become great leaders wit powerful force. Some variants of Tadhg are Tad, Teigue and Teague which are a bit more popular.


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