Hot Boy Names 2014

Choosing a baby’s names is one of the most precious and joyful things in a parent’s life. While traditionally, naming a baby involved consulting all the close relatives, with the coming of the digital age, parents can make the decision by few simple clicks and find a suitable and hot boy name.

Naming children after the kids of celebrities have always been popular. This year, the celebrity baby names that made the most noise were George and North West.

While it is fine to name your babies after celebrity kids, we are sure you are not cruel enough to name your daughter North West. Also, traditional names are slowly finding more takers and 2014 is expected to be rules by traditional baby boy names.

Going by the latest trends, we have here the baby names that we are sure to be hot in 2014.

Hot Boy Names 2014


Abel is a name that has stood the test of time. It is a biblical name, from the story of the brothers, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve, who were born after God banished their parents from heaven for committing the sin of eating the fruit of the sacred tree. Abel, the younger and more pious son, was favored by God for his devotion and he was murdered by his brother for this exact reason. Though Abel’s is probably the first murder in history, his name has remained popular all through the years and is expected to get a new resurgence as one of the most hottest baby names of 2014.


Adriel is also a name with biblical origin. Derived from Hebrew, Adriel means “flock of god”. Adriel has been quite popular all over the world, since the early nineties. Though the name waned in popularity during the last decade, it is expected to come back into fashion next year, mostly due to its exotic sound and nature. This is one name that is both extremely stylish and religious, at the same time.


Brantley is one of the more rarer names on our list. Brantley, in English, means” beacon or proud”. People with this name are believed to be very understanding and intense. They are also thought be people of deep desires and emotions with a strong affinity for family. Though not very popular earlier, Brantley is slowly receiving attention due to the famous American baseball star, Michael Brantley. It is definitely expected to be one of the hottest baby boy names of 2014.


Chandler is definitely a name quite familiar for fans of the 90’s American sitcom Friends. The meaning of Chandler is “someone who deals in household necessities, like oil and soap”. Though its meaning might not be that great, most people are reminded of Chandler Bing, the Friends character when they hear the name, so it is fine. In the series, the character of Chandler is of the funniest guy around and one of the most nicest and dependable guys, in the group. People with this name are hence believed to be funny and friendly.


Declan is a name of Irish origin. Though its actual meaning is unknown, it is believed to have a meaning similar to “man of prayer”. Declan is a one among the many Irish names that are becoming popular, all over the world, in recent times. The name has also gained popularity from the famous English singer, Declan Galbraith. Declan is definitely a name that is going to be one of the hottest baby names in 2014.


Dexter means “on the right hand side” or “favorable”. Dexter is again a name that has become very popular in the last decade due to the smash hit American TV series, Dexter. Though the central character of the series is a blood spatter analyst moonlighting as a serial killer, parents all over the world are naming their baby boy Dexter. This is a name that is both traditional and modern, at the same time.


Finnegan is a name of Irish origin that means “fair”. Finnegan, though not very popular earlier, is slowly rising in popularity now. This is mostly believed to be due to the general increase in popularity of Irish names, in the last decade. With the name Finnegan, you can call your little boy, the very cute nickname, Finn.


Jameson has been a very popular Christian surname for a very long time. Jameson means “the son of James”. It has recently started becoming popular as a first name too due to the sudden increase in popularity of Christian names, all over the world. Go ahead and name your precious boy Jameson, because this name is definitely going to be one of the most popular baby names of 2014.


Kamden is a name with Scottish origin that means “winding valley” or “form of Camden”. It has been popular throughout the nineties and the last decade as both a surname and a first name. The name has augmented in popularity, due to its exotic sounding nature. The name can also be spelled as Camden or Camdin.


Kason is a name with both Burmese and Scottish origins. In Burmese, Kason is the second month of the traditional Burmese calendar. In Scottish, it means “pure or chaste”. It is a name belonging to the modern trend of using surnames as first names. Kason has become very popular in the recent years and is expected to be one of the hottest baby boy names of 2014.


Kieran is a name with Irish and Gaelic origins. It means “black” or “little dark”. Though the name Kieran itself is not that popular, its variations like Ciaran and Kerry are very popular all over the world. Notable people with the name Kieran include Kieran Culkin, the popular actor and dramatist.


Remington is a name with Old English origins, meaning “raven family town”. The name ‘Remington’ was derived from an old stream, on which the English town stood. It is a very popular surname and is also the name of many popular goods brands all over the world. Remington is expected to become one of the most popular baby names of 2014.


Though no one is sure of its origin, most people believe Zaiden to have an Indian origin. It means “fiery” or “sower of seeds”. People with this name are believed to be exceptionally talented, masculine and natural leaders. Zaiden has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and is expected to become one of the hottest baby boy names of 2014.

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