Greek Mythology Names for Boys

Parents search the databases of best selected names for their kids when it comes to choosing an interesting and well-liked name. Many people nowadays get inspiration from folklore and legends from the ancient times especially Greek mythology when they are given the task of selecting a name for someone. Greek mythology names for boys are mystical, romantic, and exciting – all at the same time. These qualities make the names quite trendy and modish. Here we have compiled a list of top names in the category of Greek mythology for boys.

Castor – This is a popular name in the list of Greek mythology names for boys. The character in mythology was the twin brother of Pollux and the son of Leda. Helen of Troy was also a sister of Castor’s. In the popular cartoon series, Popeye the Sailor, Castor Oyl is a character who is the older brother of Olive Oyl. The name Castor is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and many other countries. Castor oil and castor sugar are the two widely used terms in the kitchen.

Dylan – Dylan means “Celtic Sea Creature” or “Born Near the Sea”. American folk singer, Bob Dylan is quite popular the world over. It is believed that this name was borrowed from the Welsh but some people believe this name has its roots in Greek mythology. Either way, the name is getting popular with the passage of time. Dylan Bruno is a famous American actor. Dylan sounds quite bossy and for some people it is an arrogant name. However, it is popular and meaningful.

Griffin – Again this name has been believed to be borrowed from the Welsh; however, it was the name of a monster in Greek mythology that was a half eagle and a half lion. Griffin means “Strong Lord” and these creatures are portrayed as dignified ones but aggressive of nature. In Robert Altman’s book, The Player, Griffin name has been used by the author as the leading character. The name is also sometimes written as Griffith.

Jason – Everybody is familiar with this interesting and cute name from Greek mythology names for boys. Jason means “To Heal” or “The Healer”. People named Jason are often nicknamed “Sunny”. There are a number of famous personalities whose first name is Jason, such as Jason Bateman (actor), Jason Mraz (singer), and Jason Biggs (actor). The name Jason is mostly popular in the United States and Ireland.

Paris – Remember the epic of Helen of Troy? Then you must be familiar with the name Paris, who was the Trojan prince who was in love with Helen and this affair was the cause behind the Trojan War. Paris is, in fact, a unisex name as in Paris Hilton. Very few people keep this name for their boys and so it’s a unique and meaningful name from Greek mythology. If you are in need of a unisex name that also holds a story in itself, then choose this lovely name for your boy.

Robin – Robin Hood from English folklore, Robin Williams from the movies, and Robin Roberts from American Baseball – all have made this name quite popular and well-liked from Greek mythology names for boys. Again, this name is used both for boys and girls but is more commonly kept for boys instead of girls. Robin is also the name of a bird and therefore this name is ancient as well as contemporary.

Tristan – If you admire unisex names, Tristan can be another choice for you. Some people don’t like this name because its meaning is sad and related to tragedies. However, the name is quite well-sounding and appealing. Found very rarely in literature and movies, this name can make a unique name for your boy. If you want to know its origin, Tristan was the name of the hero in the tragic old story “Tristan and Isolde”.

Zeus – Finally, how can we forget Zeus, the king of the gods, when discussing Greek mythology names for boys? If you want to keep a name purely from Greek mythology for your boy, then choose this name. It is not only unique but also sounds very cute. However, according to some people this name sounds a bit stuck-up and conceited and therefore they don’t like to name their boys Zeus.

Who doesn’t like Greek mythology names for boys? They are exciting, appealing, and quite meaningful as well. The history and folklore attached to them is ever so interesting making the names even more attractive. If you are on the lookout for unique names yet the ones that carry great weight, then choose a name from the above list. You will be surprised to know that some of these names are quite common all over the world and are even becoming famous in many Asian countries.

Greek Mythology Names for Boys

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