Cute Boy Names Inspired by Comic Book Characters

There are many reasons why parents choose names for their new baby boys.  Some names are chosen to reflect certain traditional family names to keep the name alive within certain families.  Sometimes parents name their sons from biblical boy names and some even name their sons from computer shortcuts such as the name ‘Hashtag’. All of them can be really cute boy names!

Comics was always a source of inspiration for people and especially for men and boys. If you are a comic book fancier or love the movies that have been made from old favorite comic books, here is a list of boys’ names that can reflect your favorite comic book character. Some of the meanings actually reflect back on the character themselves such as the first one on the list:  Alfred – Counsellor. Cute boy names inspired by comics characters is a unique idea to choose a name for your baby, although some people may find it weird. What ever the reason you choose your baby boy’s name is totally up to you, the parents.  Congratulations on your new baby boy.

Cute Boy Names inspired by Comic Book Characters 

Alfred (Alfred Pennyworth – Batman)
Meaning: Counselor – Origin: Old English

Anthony/Tony (Tony Stark – Iron Man)
Meaning: Worthy of Praise – Origin: German

Archie (Archie Andrews – Archie Comics)
Meaning: Very Bold – Origin: Hebrew

Ben (Ben Grimm – Think – The Fantastic Four)
Meaning: Son of my right hand – Origin: Hebrew

Bobby (Bobby Drake – Iceman – X-Men)
Meaning: Famous, bright fame – Origin: Teutonic

Bruce (Bruce Wayne – Batman)
Meaning: Woods – Origin: Old French

Charles (Charles Xavier – Professor X – X-Men)
Meaning: Manly, full grown – Origin: Teutonic

Clark (Clark Kent – Superman)
Meaning: A cleric or scholar – Origin: Old French

Forsythe (Forsythe Jones – Jughead – Archie Comics)
Meaning: Forest Dweller – Origin: Old French

Frank (Frank Castle – The Punisher – Punisher)
Meaning: A free man – Origin: Latin

Gordon (Gordon Ferrao – Flash Gordon)
Meaning: Triangular hill – Origin: Scottish Gaelic

Hank (Hank McCoy – Beast – X-Men)
Meaning: The ruler of home or estate – Origin: unknown

Harvey (Harvey Dent – TwoFace – Batman)
Meaning: Army warrior, strong, brave– Origin: Old English and Old French

Jay (Jay Garrick – The Flash)
Meaning: A bird – Origin: Latin, Sanskrit, Old English

Johnny (Johnny Storm – The Human Torch – The Fantastic Four)
Meaning: God is Gracious – Origin: Hebrew

Jonathan (Jonathan Crane – Scarecrow – Batman)
Meaning: God has given, or a gift of the Lord – Origin: Hebrew

Kal-El – (Superman)
Meaning: “Kryptonian” birth name of Superman – Origin: American Invented Name

Lex (Lex Luthor – Superman)
Meaning: Protector of Men – Origin: Greek, German

Logan (Wolverine – X-Men)
Meaning: Small Cove, hollow. – Origin: Gaelic, Scottish

Matt (Matt Murdock – Daredevil)
Meaning: Gift of God – Hebrew

Max (Max Eisenhardt – Magneto – X-Men)
Meaning: From the stream of Magnus – Origin: Hebrew

Oliver (Oliver Queen – The Green Arrow – The Justice league of America)
Meaning: Olive Tree or branch, Symbol of Peace – Origin: Latin

Peter (Peter Parker – Spiderman)
Meaning: Stone or Rock – Origin: Greek

Reed (Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic – Fantastic Four)
Meaning: Red haired – Origin: Old English

Reggie (Reggie Mangle – Archie Comics)
Meaning: Wise and powerful ruler – Origin: Old English

Remy (Remy Etienne Le Beau – Gambit – X-Men)
Meaning: Oarsman – Origin: French

Robin (Dick Grayson – Batman)
Meaning: A small bird – Origin: English

Scott (Scott Summers – Cyclops – X-Men)
Meaning: From Scotland, Scottish – Origin: Scottish

Steve (Steve Rogers – Captain America)
Meaning: Crown or Garland – Origin: English, Greek

Xavier (Charles Xavier – Professor X – X-Men)
Meaning:  Bright (Arabic), of the new house (Spanish) – Origin: Basque, Spanish


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