Cute Baby Boy Names

A cute baby boy name for their precious boy is what most people choose. They don’t bother about the meaning or origin of the name, they just want a cute boy name! Actually, this was not happening a few years ago, when people were naming their babies with their parents names.

Nowadays people feel more excitement in choosing the right name for their baby! For those who believe that a cute baby boy name is what they need for their little angel, in the following list they can find fifty male baby names that sound good and are easy to pronounce. We hope that this name list will help on your decision.

Cute Baby Boy Names

Adrian It means “from Hadria” in Latin, a small town in Italy. Its variant, Hadrianus means “From Adria”. It may also mean “Dark” in German. Origin is English. Popes and martyrs have had the name. There are also famous personalities bearing the name such as Adrian Paul an actor and Adrian Gonzalez a baseball player.

Aidan and Aiden is an English version of Aodhan and Aodh, which means “bringer of fire” Aodh was also the name of a sun god in Celtic. Origin is Irish – Celtic. The name appears on a Harry Potter character named Aidan Lynch and other characters on television. Some of the famous people with the name are Aidan Quinn an actor and Aidan Kennedy son of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Alexander It is from the Greek name Alexandros that means “Defend” or “Help”. Origin is Greek. Its fame is from Alexander the Great and also the eight popes and Russian emperors.

Angel It is a Latin form of the name Angelus that was the name of the heavenly creatures in the medieval years. Origin is Latin. Famous people such as Angel Faith a musician and Angle Guzman a baseball player share the name.

Austin It is a contracted form of Augustine and the Roman name Augustus that means “Venerable” or “Great”. Origin is English. Many famous people share the name and it is in books and on TV.

Benjamin It means “Son of the south” or “Son of the right hand”. Benjamin, in the bible, was the patriarch Jacob’s twelfth and most beloved son. Origin is Hebrew

Blake It has two meanings that are opposites. It means “Pale or white” and “black” or someone with dark-black hair. Origin is English. Blake Edwards a movie director and Derek Blake are some of the famous people with the name.

Brandon its meaning is “Hill covered with broom” and it is a variant of Brendan. Origin is English. Other variants of the name are Brandan and Brandy.

Bromley it means “From the broom covered meadow” and it is a rare cute baby name. Origin is English.

Brody It Means “Ditch” in Gaelic and reference to Brodie Castle in Scotland. Origin is English

Bruce Originally referred to the town of Bruges in Belgium. It is a very popular name among celebrities such as Bruce Willis and Bruce lee. Origin is English

Carson It is a name of unknown meaning. It is believed that it means “Son of Carr”. Origin is Scottish – English. Carson Daly is an MTV host with the name.

Christian It means “Follower or servant of Christ”, a very good cute name for Religious people. Origin is English. Christian Dior a fashion designer and Christian Slater an American actor are some of the people with the name.

Christopher the name means one who dedicates his life to Christ. It has similar meaning with Christian. Origin is English.

Daniel It is known from the Old Testament, where Daniel was a Hebrew prophet. Origin is Hebrew

Denis It’s from the Greek name Dionysus who was, in Greek mythology, the God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of lust and ecstasy. Origin is Greek and English

Dominic Means “Of the Lord” from the Latin name Dominicus. Origin is Latin. Other variants of the name are Dominik, Dominique and Domenico.

Elliott It’s from the medieval name Elias and Elijah meaning “my God is Yahweh”. Yahweh is the name of the Hebrew God. Origin is English. Famous people with the name are Elliot Richardson an American politician and Elliot Morley a British politician.

Ethan Means “solid” and “enduring” in Hebrew. Ethan was a wise man in the Old Testament. Origin is Hebrew.

Evan Means “A young warrior” in Celtic. Origin is Scottish and Celtic. Famous people with the name include Evan Moor an athlete and Evan Griffith a singer and songwriter.

Gabriel Gabriel meaning is “Strong man of God”. Gabriel is a biblical Archangel besides Michael named in the canonical Scriptures. Origin is Hebrew

Gavin It means “White hawk”. It is a medieval form of Gawain meaning “uncertain” Origin is Scottish

Hayden the name means, “hay hill” or “hay valley”. Origin is English. Famous people such as the Canadian actor Hayden Christensen and American poet Hayden Carruth share the name.

Jaden It’s a Biblical name means “thankful” and it became popular in American in the 1990s. Origin: Hebrew

Jason It’s from the Greek name Iason meaning ‘healer’ or ‘physician’. Jason housed Saint Paul and Silas in the Bible. Origin: American – English

Jeremy English form of Jeremiah which means “Yahweh has uplifted” or “Exalted of the Lord” Origin: Hebrew – English

Jonathan In Hebrew means “Gift from God”. It was also the name of the son of King Saul in the Bible. Origin: Hebrew

Jose Means “God will add” and it is short form of Joseph. Origin: Hebrew

Joshua Its main meaning is “God is salvation”. Joshua of the Bible led the Israelites to Israel. Origin: Hebrew

Julian it is a variant of Julius and it is a synonym of youth. In Latin, it means belonging to Julius. Other variants are Julien in French and Juliano in Portuguese. Origin: English

Justin Means “Just”, “Upright” and “Righteous”. Origin is English. Famous persons include Justin Timberlake a musician and Justin Moisescu a Romanian Patriarch.




Kevin Some of the name meanings are “Gentle birth” and “Handsome child” other variations are Kevyn, Kevan and Keven. Origin is Celtic – Irish.

Landon Means “From the long hill” or “Long hill”. Origin: English

Leo It comes from lion and means “King” and “Leader”. Leo’s alternative meaning is “Beloved”. Thirteen popes including Leo the Great had used the name. There are also other famous people with the name such as Leo DiCaprio. Origin: English

Liam It is a short form of William and it means “Will” and “Desire”. Origin: Irish

Mason its roots are from the stone workers Origin: English – French. George Mason is a founding father while James Mason is an actor.

Nathan Means “He gave” in Hebrew and “Gift from God”. Origin is Hebrew. Nathan was a prophet in the Bible who served King David and King Solomon.

Nicholas The name meaning is “Victory of the people” from Greek word “niki” (victory) and “laos” (People). Origin: Greek

Noah Means “Comfort” and “Rest”. It is a variable of the name Noach. Noah of the Bible was used by God to save mankind. Origin: Hebrew – English

Nolan It means “Renowned” and “Noble”. Origin: Irish – Celtic

Oliver It comes from the olive tree witch symbolizes “Fruitfulness”, “beauty”, “Peace” and “Dignity”. Origin: English

Ryan Derived from Ó Riain meaning “descendent of Rían”. Rayn alternative meanings are “Kingly” and “Little King”. Origin: Irish – Celtic

Samuel It could mean either “God has heard” or “name of God” Samuel was a prophet in the Bible. Origin: Hebrew

Sebastian It means “Venerable”. Saint Sebastian, a Christian Martyr of the third century led to the increased use of the name. Origin is Greek. Sebastian Bach a singer is one of the famous people with the name.

Simon Its meanings are “Hear” or “Listen”. Origin is English – Hebrew. In the Bible, there is mention of Simon on the two disciples of Jesus. Other people with the name are Herbert Simon and Claude Simon, Nobel winners.

Wesley Meaning “From the west meadow” and it came from a place name. Origin is English. Its popularity is from use by the Methodists to pay tribute to the founders Charles Wesley and john Wesley.

Woody Either a diminutive of Woodrow meaning “Row of houses by a wood” in Old English Origin: English

Zachary A cute name, which is a form of the name Zechariah and it means “God has remembered” in Hebrew. Other variations are Sakari in Finnish, Zachari, and short forms of Zack or Zach. Origin: Hebrew – English


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