Biblical Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be difficult. You, as a parent, want to have a name that not only goes along with your last name; you want one that is strong and has a particular Christian meaning as some times names predispose who your child may grow up to be. As an example: I know of a man whose name is Jude. When he grew up he became a police officer. Jude happens to be the Patron Saint of police officers watching over them and providing them protection. I don’t think that names and occupations are coincidences however; you can be the judge of that yourself.

It is important to choose the right name for your baby boy. You want something that is strong and flows with your last name. It may take several months until you find the right name for your baby boy. Take your time, write it down on paper and say it out loud. Make sure both you and your husband agree on what name you choose.

Choosing the right baby name can also reflect upon how you like the ‘nick name’ that comes from the original given name. For example; Zachary can be called Zac for short, or Abel can be called Abe for short. It all depends on your taste and even who your favorite biblical character may be. There are many spelling variations of the names that are listed here and this is a short guide of some of the more popular Biblical Baby Boy Names.

Biblical Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Abel – Breath or Vanity (Hebrew meaning: Meadow)

Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve and was a shepherd by trade. Abel found favor with God wherein his brother Cain did not. Able was murdered by his brother Cain and became the first martyr and the first human to die.

Abraham – Father of a multitude (Hebrew)

Abraham’s original name was Abram. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham to symbolize His promise to make Abraham the father of many nations.

Asher – Happy, Blessed (Hebrew)

Asher was born of Jacob and Zilpah (handmaiden to Leah) and founded the tribe of Asherites which is a city in Manasseh.

Aaron – Teacher, mountain of strength (Hebrew)

Aaron was the elder brother of Moses who later became a High Priest. He was Moses speaker at the royal court of the Egyptian due to his eloquence and persuasiveness.

Andrew- A strong man (Greek)

The name is common nowadays with the Italian version being Andrea and its short form is Drew and Andy. Andrew was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Bethuel- House of God (Hebrew)

Bethuel was the nephew of Abraham and father to Rebekah and Laban. His daughter Rebekah became the wife of Isaac. His granddaughters and daughters of Laban became the wives of Jacob.

Benjamin- Sons of my days (Hebrew)

Benjamin was the second son of Rachel and Jacob and the last born of the 12 sons. When the other brothers were plotting against Joseph, Benjamin had remained with his father. His lineage formed the tribe of Benjamin.

Caleb – A dog, a basket (Hebrew)

Caleb was one of the spies sent by Moses to spy on the Promised Land. He and Joshua were positive on conquering the land while the other spies felt that it would be impossible to conquer. He represented the tribe of Judah.

David – Well beloved, dear (Hebrew)

David was the second king of Israel and Judah. Jesus came from the lineage of David. Although with faults, David was a righteous king, a poet and a musician who composed psalms. He had many wives including Bethsheba who bore Solomon.

Daniel – God is my judge (Hebrew)

Daniel was one of the great prophets in the Bible. He was able to interpret dreams and became second in command of the Babylonian Empire. His prophecies are in the Book of Daniel.

Eli – Ascension (Hebrew)

Eli was the high priest and judge of Israel for over forty years.

Ethan – Firm, Enduring (Hebrew)

Ethan was known for his wisdom which was second only to Solomon and is the author of the 89th Psalm. Ethan was a member of the Levite tribe and was a famed musician at the temple during the time of David. Ethan was the grandson of Judah and father of Azariah.

Ezekiel – God with strengthen (Hebrew)

Ezekiel was one of the great prophets of Israel and was the son of Buzi who was a priest. Taken captive and sent to Babylon Ezekiel prophesized for over twenty years.

Elijah – My God is Yahweh, God the Lord (Hebrew)

Elijah was a prophet who worked many wonders in Israel in the time of Ahab’s reign. He was for the worship of Yahweh instead of Baal who was an idol. He did not die but was taken up by chariots and horses.

Enoch – dedicated, disciplined (Hebrew)

The name has many occurrences in the bible. There is Enoch the great grandfather of Noah and Enoch son of Cain. There is also Enoch (Hanoch) the son of Reuben.

Hosea – Salvation, He saves (Hebrew)

Hosea was a prophet in Israel who also wrote the book of Hosea. He is among the twelve prophets and he preached about destruction and on the promise of restoration. On Gods command, he married a prostitute, Gomer.

Isaac – Laughter (Hebrew)

Isaac was the promised son of Abraham and Sarah whom they begot at their old age. He was the fulfillment of Gods promise to Abraham that he shall become the father of many nations. Isaac later on married Rebeccah and they had two sons, Jacob and Esau. The twelve tribe of Israel are from the lineage of Jacob.

Jacob – To follow, to succeed, sup-planter (Hebrew)

Jacob was the twin of Esau born to Abraham and Sarah.

Joshua – God is my salvation. (English/Greek version of Joshua is Jesus or Jehovah)

Joshua was the minister to Moses and was the man who accompanied Moses half way up Mt. Sinai when Moses received the 10 Commandments. After Moses’ death, Joshua became the leader of the Israelis and conquered Canaan. He became Governor of Jerusalem.

John- Graced by Yahweh or mercy of the lord (Hebrew)

Several people in the Bible have the name, such as John the Baptist and the Apostle. There is also the gospel of John.

Lucas (Luke) – Bringer of Light (Hebrew)

Lucas was a doctor in Rome and one of the earliest converts to Christianity. He was friends with Paul, one of the disciples of Jesus and was Paul’s friend while Paul was in prison. Lucas was also called Luke.

Matthew – (Mathew) Gift of God (Greek)

Matthew was the son of a tax collector for the Roman government and was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

Moses – Taken out, drawn forth (Hebrew)

Moses was sent by God to Egypt to get the Israelis from slavery. He was a Jew that grew up in Pharaoh house after being adopted by Pharaohs sister who found him in the river. He parted the red sea with his walking stick for the Israelis to pass.

Nathaniel – Gift of God (Hebrew)

Nathaniel was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and is described as “in whom there was no guile.” It is said that Nathaniel is the same person called Bartholomew in the Bible.

Noah – Rest, respite (Hebrew)

Noah was commanded by God to build an ark and fill it with his family as well as a male and female of every kind of animal and creature that walked the earth. For forty days and forty nights God made it rain destroying the original creation of mankind in order to start over with the family of Noah.

Paul – Small, humble (Hebrew)

Paul had a vision of Jesus and when he did he converted to Christianity for Judaism. Paul became a passionate evangelist travelling to many places teaching the Word of God. His teachings are found in Acts of the Apostles in the Bible.

Samuel – Told by God (Hebrew)

Samuel was one of the great prophets of the Israelis and established the Hebrew monarchy by anointing Saul and David as kings.

Simon – He who hears (Hebrew)

Simon was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. Simon’s original name was Peter and Jesus changed it as the name Simon was one of the names of Jesus’ brothers.

Zachary – The Lord has remembered (Hebrew)

One of eight people in the bible named Zachary with the most famous Zachary being the father of John the Baptist.boy-angel

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