Baby Boy Names For 2014 – A Safe Way To Choose

Searching for baby boy names for 2014 newborn boys might be a bit confusing for most parents. Especially when they try to find unique names for their little angel. If indecision clouds your vision and you are somewhere in between of the million baby names you have to choose from, the safest way is to pick one of the most popular baby boy names. In the following list Baby Boy Names For 2014 you can choose between popular and rare names.  All of them were submitted to us by our visitors, on the baby names survey page. We believe that collecting names from you, will be more helpful in your decision. Take a look on the list below  and tell as your opinion or your suggestions and we will take care of the rest…

Baby Boy Names For 2014 – A Safe Way To Choose

Allen is a preferred English and American name and originates from Gaelic word “Ailin”. It means a Little Rock and as per its German variant, Adal, it means precious. The name is very popular for both the genders in English and Scottish speaking countries. Some famous bearers of the name include poet Allen Ginsberg, Filmmaker Woody Allen, and basketball player Allen Iverson.

Ayush is a Hindu name used in India or Hindi speaking countries. The name is used for boys. It has originated from Sanskrit and is a variation of the word “Ayus”. It signifies duration of life or age and linage.

Brendell, a feminine name has originated from the word “Brandr” which means “Sword”, or “Torch”. The origin of the word is in Old Norse. This is a rare name used in English speaking countries. As per some theories, a sword flashing in the sun looked as if it were on fire, and the sight of this might have been coined as “Brandr”, which later paved way to the word “Brandish”.

The baby boy name Dieter is commonly used in German and is of Germanic origin. In Germanic, it means the ‘warrior of people’ or the ‘ruler of people’. It is derived from the Germanic elements; peud which means people and hari with means ‘army’. It was derived from the German and English name, Dieter. This name belongs to German pop star and song writer Dieter Bohlen, Dieter Schmitz from Laguna Beach: The real orange county and a character from HBO’s true blood. The name became popular due to the Saturday Night Live by Mike Myers. In the last few years Dieter is used and in English speaking countries too. It is supposed to be a unique baby boy names for in 2014.

Ive is a baby boy name from Norman. It is derived from Ivo which means the first element, ‘iv’ of the Old Norse. The name was introduced to England at the time of the Conquest by St. Ivo, the bishop of Chartres. In Hebrew, Ive means gracious and merciful. It also has a French meaning of weapon that was made from the yew tree. It is also rarely used as a name for a baby girl with the pronunciation of ‘eve’. Though it is not a very common first name or surname, it has been picked by many people recently according to the census.

Although Leland is a name used for boys and girls, it is a bit more commonly used for boys. Its meaning in English is ‘a person who resides beside barrien land’. Leyland is a first name give to one of the celebrity’s kid Walter Kronkite. There are a lot of famous personlaities with the name Leland like Amasa Leland Stanford, Leland H. Hartwell, Leland Michael Postil.

Marlon is a name given to baby boys, it is derived out of the name Marcus in terms of Latin origin which refers to Mars, god of war depicted in Rome. it is also believed that this name is a derivative of the name Marcelon, originated in France. We all know the famous actor and celebrity Marlon Brando who was an Academy Award winning actor.

Peyton is used mostly as a male name and is derived from the surname ‘Poega’. The Scottish and American meaning of Peyton is royal, in Latin, it means regal, its meaning in Irish is noble and in English, it is ‘fighter’s land’. It is a very rare as name, because until few years before it was a popular surname; remember the great NBA basketball player Gary Payton!

Skyler is one of my favorite baby boy names! It is a very intellectual baby name and it means ‘scholar’. It is actually a unisex name, but it is more commonly used as a baby boy name. The name origin from Schuyler surname used in Dutch. Its roots may be from Isle of Skye a place, in Scotland. I like it very much and i believe many parents agree with me, that it will be one of the most popular baby boy name in 2014.

The name Wyatt is derived from an English surname, an Anglo – French origination of name Wyot and the name from French Guyot which means little guy . Guyot is a combination of the name Guy and surffic “ot”, Guy means a leader. Similarly, the name Wyatt may come from an Old English meaning ‘brave in war’.

Last one we have the boy name Xavier. It was the most favorite name of the year 2013 according to our readers! It means ‘new house’. Xavier was a place in Navarre, a Spanish conquered region and therefore, is a Spanish surname. The name also derives from another region conquered by Spain named Basque meaning the new house. Saint Francis Xavier was born in Kingdom of Navarre and hence, had his surname as Xavier. He was a Jesuit missionary in 16th century, known to spread Christianity. Xavier is not common for English speaking countries, although we had to include it in this baby boy names 2014 list, as it was one of the most popular male name between our readers!

Baby Boy Names For 2014

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