Astrological Baby Names for Boys

Parents who are looking for unique boy names for a boy face quite a challenge. Astrological baby names maybe a nice way to find the best one. While there are many astrological baby names for girls such as Luna, Stella and Star, boys are much more challenging. Finding baby names for boys inspired by Astronomy might be a challenge, but there are some. It just takes a little research to find the right name for that new baby boy. Below is a list of some excellent names and their meanings for boys that are linked to astronomy.

Astrological Baby Names for Boys

Altair is Arabic in origin, but it may have Latin ties. It means Falcon or bird. It is also the name of the brightest star in the Aquila constellation. There are three spelling variations: Alltair, Altaer and Altayr. Altair Ibn-La’Ahad is the protagonist in the video game Assassin’s Creed. There is also an airline called Altair.

Aries comes from Latin meaning ram. It is also the name of the astrological sign of those born between March 21st and April 19th. If your baby boy is born during this time, this is a good one to put on a list of unique names. Aries Merritt is a famous American hurdler and Aries Spears is an American comedian. This is a perfect name for a boy born during this time in astrology.

Atlas is most definitely Greek as it is the name of a God. This name was once thought too powerful for a baby’s name. American actors Anne Heche and James Tupper were among the first to shrug the idea that this was too powerful a name for a baby boy by naming their son Atlas Heche Tupper. Let us not forget Charles Atlas, the famous body builder.

Castor is a unique baby name. Do not think oil with this one. It is a Greek name and the name of one of the Gemini twins. Many famous people carry the name Castor: Saint Castor of Apt, the French bishop of Apt, Saint Castor of Karden, a German priest and hermit, Castor Cantero, a Paraguayan football player, and Castor McCord an American jazz saxophonist. It is important to not forget that castor is also an oil.

The name Cosmo is an Italian name derived from Greek, it means order and beauty. One of the most famous Cosmo’s is Kramer from the television sitcom Seinfeld. Cosmo is also the Arabian patron saint of doctors. Unique baby names for the future doctor or sitcom character. It may be written in the cosmos, or even the stars, your baby’s name should be Cosmo.

real parentGalileo
This belongs on the short list of baby names. Galileo literally means from Galilee. It is the name of the distinguished Renaissance mathematician and astronomer. Galileo is a perfect name choice for parents who are involved in astronomy or math. This fits well as a middle name or a powerfully unique first name. This name is for the people from Galilee. Galileo is also featured in a song or two.

Holmes is a distinguished English name. It means “from the island in the river”. The most popular Holmes would be Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective. There are many other famous people with the name Holmes; Holmes Herbert, an English character actor, Holmes Colbert, the leader of the Chickasaw Nation and author of the Chickasaw Nation’s constitution in the 1850s, Holmes Conrad, an American politician and Holmes Osborne, an American actor.

Janus is a Greek name-meaning gateway. Janus was an ancient Roman god that communicates transitions, newness and fresh beginnings. This is on many baby names lists and new a new baby is also a new beginning. One famous Janus ends his name with a z. Janusz Kaminski, a Polish cinematographer who is responsible for all of Steven Spielberg’s films. Janus is also the name of the King of Cyprus. It is no coincidence that Janus is close to January on our calendar.

Jupiter not only is the name of the largest planet, it is also from Roman mythology. It is the name of the supreme Roman deity. Once regarded as a hippy or non-mortal name, it is rising in popularity. Jupiter Jones is a popular children’s book series. The series Sailor Moon featured Sailor Jupiter. Jupiter belongs on a list of baby names.

Mars is the Roman god of war. When it comes to unique baby names this is a popular one for boys. It is celestial as the name of a planet and a famous candy company. Mars doubles as a girl’s name and also makes a great middle name. Bruno Mars is an American songwriter; Thomas Mars is front man of a French rock and roll band Phoenix. 30 seconds to Mars is an American rock band.

Mercury, a Roman god and a planet in the solar system, is among the choices for baby names with an astronomical twist. It is also a metallic element. Merc is a common nickname. The name derived from Latin words meaning wages or trade. Mercury, the Roman god is the patron of tradesmen and travelers. One of the most famous people with this name is Freddie Mercury of the famous band Queen.

An English surname with a trendy sound. Nash Bridges, a character played by Don Johnson in the nineties and brought this name to the top of many unique baby names. Of course, there is the infamous Crosby, Stills Nash and Young of rock and roll fame. Other famous Nash named people are, Nash Overstreet, is an American musician, Nash Edgerton, an Australian movie director and stunt performer, Nash Chambers, an Australian musician and music producer, and Nash Grier, an out spoken racist Vine personality and aspiring actor.

Phoenix is definitely a trendy name on the list of unique baby names. It is a place, Phoenix, Arizona. It is the name of a mythical bird, which rose from ashes. In addition, it is the symbol of immortality. Who can forget the late actor, River Phoenix, who died before his time? The name is bound to grow in popularity over the years.

Pluto is planetary and comic. It is from the Greek meaning rich. It is also the name of a Roman god of the underworld. Not many choose this name for their list of unique baby names, but it would be a great choice. Pluto was main cat character in Edgar Allen Poe’s short story called The Black Cat that was written in 1834.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. For unique baby names, this one is most definitely that. It is pronounced serious, which leads one to wonder if it would be good for a baby’s first name. Perhaps this one would be better chosen as a middle name. Harry Potter fans, Sirius Black will sound familiar. Baby boys named Sirius are destined to be bright and unique.

Solar is unique as it cannot be found on many lists of names. It is celestial and vast. The fact that this name is not on any lists makes it one of the most unique baby names. Naming a baby Solar and it will be shortened to Sol. When searching for a unique name for baby, Solar is one of the most unique names.

All parents want to give their child a unique name that will help to shape their life. These names come from many places. Some choose a favorite television show, astronomy, author or family tradition. Choosing the name for a new baby boy is a joy.

Astrological baby names


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