Top Names of 90’s Movies Male Characters

The motion picture characters in the 90’s, were a great influence for many people. The idea to name your baby with a Top Names of 90’s Movies male Characters, is not very common. The creators in the movie industry always pick names for their characters that are unique and the most important easy to remember! This is what parents want for their babies, a name that is easy to remember! 90’s movies are a good source to pick a name for your little boy. There are many male characters with unique personalities and names that are straightly connected with them!

Top Names of 90′s Movies Male Characters






1VincentJohn TravoltaVincent Vega Pulp Fiction1994
2EllisMorgan FreemanEllis Boyd ‘Red’ ReddingThe Shawshank Redemption1994
3OskarLiam NeesonOskar SchindlerSchindler’s List1993
4ItzhakBen KingsleyItzhak SternSchindler’s List1993
5HenryRay LiottaHenry HillGoodfellas1990
6TylerBrad PittTyler DurdenFight Club1999
7NeoKeanu ReevesNeoThe Matrix1999
8MorpheusLaurence FishburneMorpheusThe Matrix1999
9FredBenicio Del ToroFred FensterThe Usual Suspects1995
10LéonJean RenoLéonLéon: The Professional1994
11LesterKevin SpaceyLester BurnhamAmerican Beauty1999
12PaulTom HanksPaul EdgecombThe Green Mile1999
13LarryHarvey KeitelLarry DimmickReservoir Dogs1992
14WilliamMel GibsonWilliam WallaceBraveheart1995
15NeilRobert De NiroNeil McCauleyHeat1995
16JeffreyJeff BridgesJeffrey LebowskiThe Big Lebowski1998
17CarlSteve BuscemiCarl ShowalterFargo1996
18BaconJason StathamBaconLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels1998
19MalcolmBruce WillisDr. Malcolm CroweThe Sixth Sense1999
20SamRobert De NiroSam ‘Ace’ RothsteinCasino1995
21ChuckieBen AffleckChuckie SullivanGood Will Hunting1997
22PhilBill MurrayPhilGroundhog Day1993
23NedStephen TobolowskyNedGroundhog Day1993
24GerryDaniel Day-LewisGerry ConlonIn the Name of the Father1993
25VinzVincent CasselVinzLa Haine1995


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