12 Unusual Boy Names You Should Not Miss

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a parent, whether first-time or many times over is when it comes time to go over possible names for the baby. No doubt, this is a process but for some it can be an absolute production. For those parents-to-be who are expecting a rambunctious little bundle of joy, choosing an unusual boy name will take them no further than looking to stars. Not the heavenly stars, mind you. We’re talking about acting and pop music stars. Celebrities are notorious for coming up with unusual boy names. Soap opera character names are not likely to be found in your average baby book either. Listed in this post are 12 unusual boy names.

12 Unusual Boy Names You Shouldn’t Miss

Arlo – the name means barberry tree in Spanish and fortified hill in English. Arlo may not be an extremely common name now, but it was during the 1970s largely due to the popularity of folk singer Arlo Guthrie. Nevertheless, it really is an unusual boy’s name. Actress Toni Collette named one of her children Arlo as did actor and film producer Johnny Knoxville. Raymond J. Barry played the part of Arlo Givens, a fan favorite on the FX series “Justified.”

Benton – is English and means “bent grass settlement, town near the moor.” Interestingly, there were three men in the U.S. who not only shared the same name but had something else in common as well. All three men were politicians. Benton Hall was member of the Iowa House of Representatives in 1872 and 1873. Benton Jensen served 13 consecutive terms as a U.S. Representative for Iowa from 1939 to 1965. Benton McMillin was governor of Tennessee from 1899 to 1903.

Unusual Boy Names

Unusual Boy Names

Broderick – is also a common surname and is of Welsh and Irish origin. It means “brother.” However, the name is also of English origin where it means “descendant of Bruadar.” In 2013, this three syllable moniker ranked 998 in baby names for boys in the U.S. Not many people know this, actor, but talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey shares the same name with the late actor Broderick Crawford. It’s true. Steve Harvey’s first name is actually Broderick.

Camilo – is of Spanish origin and is a masculine form of the Italian name Camilla. Camilo, which is an unusual boy name, means “attendant for a temple.” Professional golfer Camilo Villegas, who was influenced by golfing champ Tiger Woods, was once thought to be an up and coming threat to Woods’ record. Camilo has a nice flow and ring to it. One in every 21, 949 Americans is named Camilo and it is most popular in the country of Chile.

Corban – not to be confused with Corban University in Salem, Oregon is another unusual boy name. Its origin is Hebrew and it means “a blessing from God dedicated back to God.” Although this is indeed an unusual boy name, Corban should not be confused with Corbin or Korbin as those names have been around much longer. Corban debuted on the American Top 1000 list of male names in 2011 and is a character in the children’s book, Dear Big Brothers.

Unusual Boy Names

Unusual Boy Names

Enoch – now here is another unusual boy name associated with the Bible. The world’s first Enoch was the son of Cain and the name means “dedicated, trained.” Interestingly, the name Enoch seems to be such an unusual boy’s names until a person would be hard pressed to find someone or something given the name unless he’s a character on television, in a book or Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Public Library. To be called “old as Methusaleh” is making reference to Enoch’s son, Methusaleh.

Jaron – Word is, a year ago there were less than 2,000 people in the U.S. named Jaron. Who wouldn’t want their name to be associated with “cry of rejoicing, to sing out?” Babies are certainly a good reason for rejoicing. Maybe now folks will take real notice on this trendy name and add Jaron, an unusual baby name, to their top 10 list of names for their babies just country pop singer Jaron Lowenstein’s mom did some 40 years ago.

Jeramiah – is often spelled Jeremiah with an “e.” Nevertheless, it is of Hebrew origin and means “God will exalt, appointed by God.” The prophet Jeramiah, was a major prophet in the Bible known throughout the land as “the weeping prophet.” He was despised and ignored chiefly due to his warning messages as opposed to the “feel good” type of predictions folks wanted to hear. One in every 10,639 Americans is named Jeremiah. The TV drama series “Jeremiah” lasted two seasons.

Trystan – the name means “riot, tumult” in Welsh. It’s such a pretty name to be associated with chaos. Even though it is more commonly spelled as Tristan, it is a great rhyming companion name for those expecting twins. Just imagine your little Trystan and Christoff or Trystan and Tryn. Tristan is celebrated in a national name day on November 28 in Slovakia. Actor Brad Pitt played the role of Tristan in the 1994 movie “Legends of the Fall.”

Reuben – is Hebrew for “behold a son.” How appropriate and a strong character name. “American Idol’s” singing sensation and Alabama native Reuben Studdard shares the century’s old name with an Old Testament figure who was the eldest son of Jacob and Leah and the grandson of Abraham. This is a solid name that is easy to spell. The name Reuben is so well liked they named a sandwich after it. You won’t find this sandwich missing from any deli menu.

Vaughn – Welsh names seem to be a favorite when it comes to baby naming and the name Vaughn is no exception. Although its meaning is “little” that didn’t stop several people from selecting the name. There are dozens of football players whose first name is Vaughn and we all known there is nothing little about this contact sport. Vaughn Meader was a comedian famous for his JFK impressions and Vaughn Monroe was a popular band-leader during the 1940s and 1950s.

Zackery – Hebrew names are some of the top choices as well with this ever popular one meaning “remembered by God.” There is a long list of people in the world who are named Zackery, including actor Zackery Quinton of “Star Trek,” Zackery Levi from NBC’s “Chuck” and the 12th President of the United States, Zachery Taylor who was a military war hero. September 5th is celebrated in the Ukraine in honor of the name Zachery. Pick Zachkery for a win.

Whether narrowing it down to using a relative’s name for seeking out an unusual boy name, having a baby is one of life’s most special occasions and picking out names to stay with one for a lifetime takes time and careful consideration. It is also a fun thing to do especially when choosing an unusual boy name.

Unusual Boy Names

Unusual Boy Names

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