10 Romantic Boy Baby Names Inspired By Love

And yes, love is in the air! Wonder, how many of you are getting either engaged or married on this day. The cupid is around and targeting all around us. But wait, are you expecting a child lately? Well, get ready to be romantically inspired this Valentine and consider some names from popular romances from small and big screen this month. And if your upcoming child is a boy, you have the all-inclusive package. Let’s discuss some romantic boy baby names inspired by love that will help you take the important decision of giving your young prince the right name. Not just that you will love your baby because of parenthood, but also due to these love names. Have a look at some of the suggestions in naming your little cupid.

Arrow – The first romantic baby name is from the TV show Arrow in 2012 which has made this name popular not only in action but in love also. Wondering why is it at the top of our love names? Well, because it’s about naming your little cupid who would be useless without his arrow. Your young prince will be now ready with this name to strike you with love!

Rhett – The main star of Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the Wind, Rhett is one of the greatest love birds of silver screen. He is the lively guy who dearly loves Scarlet in the movie. It is actually a surname derived from Dutch name de Raedt. Its literal meaning is not clear but stands for advice or counseling. In United States now, it is ranked on number 508 on charts of most popular names.

Desmond – The season of love for Desmond in TV series LOST is very brief but severely striking. Experiencing many problems in the show, he finally manages to win Penny and is adored more by the viewers then. The name is derived from the Irish surname, meaning the person who came to Ireland, probably from South Munster. It is ranked on 339th position according to US charts.

Eros – Naming your little prince? Here, name it on the cupid’s name. Eros is known to be the impish god of love, a gofer and constant cohort or possibly the son of the goddess Aphrodite. It is a myth that he was always equipped with arrows and targeted them on people that caused them to fall in love. It is also a name used regularly by Shakespeare and meaning according to him is the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra or Antony’s friend. Eros describes exactly what a romantic boy baby name is!

Carl – Everybody loves the couple Ellie and Carl from the movie UP. The sweetheart Carl is adored by everyone and is a symbol of devotion and a heartwarming tale. It is the German form of Charles and is used in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and English cultures. The literal meaning of this name is ‘man’. Its variant names are Carolos, Carles and several others. It holds the 539 position in American charts and 2nd in those of Denmark.


Edward – Despised by many, but loved by millions, Edward is another love character, from the blockbuster movie series Twilight. The guy has managed to win his love of love even in complicated situations. It has the polish roots and means rich guard. It is known to be one of the oldest names in English history and is used throughout Europe. In USA, it is on the position of 157, 40 in England, 66 in Australia, 95 in Ireland, and 89 in Sweden.

Valentino – The Latin name is not just beautiful but also gives an exotic sound with a sexy feeling. It is derived from Valentinus and is a variant name of Valentines. This name has become popular chiefly due to the the Italian fashion designer and trendsetter Valentino. It is also a name of Ricky Martin’s son. Its related names are Valentinus in many languages, Val, Valentyn, and numerous others. Right now, it is ranked on 812 position according to American charts, 92 on Croatia’s chart and holds the 407th position in Netherlands.

Romeo – Baby boys are always the little Romeos of their mothers. Romeo is one of the oldest yet classy romantic boy baby names inspired by love. It roots back to Italians, by the name Romaeus which means “a pilgrim to Rome”. Romeo is popular for his love for Juliet in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. It is ranked on 323rd position in US.

Jack – Titanic’s love dove Jack can never get old when it comes to love. Being an independent name, it became a jargon for ‘man’ in Europe. It is most popular in Ireland and Scotland and holds 3rd position on English charts.

Jerry – The name once common for the cartoon Tom and Jerry got a love meaning after the success of An American in Paris. It holds the 446th position in United States chart.


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