Pregnancy Symptoms And Tests

It is common for a woman to not know that she is pregnant when she actually is. Every woman’s body is different and provides her with different pregnancy symptoms with sometimes no symptoms at all such as still getting her period.  As a woman you need to be conscious about what your body is doing and telling you at all times.  There are a number of symptoms that will provide you with an indication that you may be pregnant.  If you think you may be pregnant and are experiencing even one of the symptoms listed below, it is important to have a pregnancy test done immediately.

Pregnancy symptoms to watch for

Missed period – If you missed your period this is the first indication that you may be pregnant.  This is generally the first symptom of pregnancy.

Abnormal period – If you start to experience unusually heavy bleeding or unusually light bleeding this is another symptom of pregnancy.  You know your body and how you normally have your periods, so if anything unusual starts to occur when you first start your period make sure you see your doctor and have a pregnancy test.

Morning Sickness – Nausea and vomiting are the signs of morning sickness when a woman is pregnant.  You may find that you wake up one morning and can not stand certain smells which will make you sick to your stomach.  Your favorite breakfast foods may not look appetizing anymore and when you first wake in the morning you have a nauseous feeling in your stomach.  This is absolutely normal during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Changes and sensitivity in your breasts – Once you become pregnant your entire body starts to change immediately.  You will experience soreness in your breasts as well as notice they are getting larger.  This is normal as your body is starting to produce milk to feed your growing baby.

Frequent urination – With the baby growing inside of you, he or she will be pressing against your bladder causing frequent urination.  As the baby grows larger and moves around more the more you will have to use the restroom more frequently than normal.

Enlarged abdomen and ‘butterflies’ – Along with a missed period you will find that your street clothes just do not fit anymore.  If you suspect you are pregnant and suddenly your jeans do not close around your abdomen (this can happen over night) it is best to have a pregnancy test to confirm or deny your pregnancy.  Along with your enlarged abdomen you may start to feel a fluttering sensation near your pubic area above your pubic hairline.  This feeling is like little ‘butterflies’ and you may feel like you are anxious as well.  These are sure symptoms that you are pregnant.  Immediately make an appointment with your doctor for a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests can be performed in two ways either by an over the counter home pregnancy test or a blood test and pelvic examination from your doctor.

The home pregnancy test is a simple stick on which you urinate.  The test itself will tell you how long you need to wait for the results.  However, there are false positives as well as false negatives that occur on these home pregnancy tests.   If you think that you are pregnant, never rely solely on over the counter home pregnancy tests.  It is always best to make an appointment with your doctor.

Clinical Pregnancy test – Once you have used the home pregnancy test and either way if it comes up positive or negative and you think you are pregnant it is always best to see your physician for a blood test and pelvic examination.  The blood test and pelvic examination is the only sure way to tell if you are pregnant or not.

As soon as the positive results of your pregnancy test are received periodic examinations will be scheduled and performed by your OB/GYN.  Your doctor will also prescribe pre-natal vitamins for you to take to make sure your baby grows healthy and strong.

Taking care of you and your baby

 The earlier you find that you are pregnant the healthier your pregnancy will be as well as the healthier your new baby will be.  Your overall health is important to ensure a healthy and wonderful pregnancy.  You will need to get a book and find out what foods you can and can not eat and what foods are best to help you produce milk.  Remember, you will be eating for two and you will start having some strange cravings as well.  Do not ignore these food cravings as it is absolutely normal to have pickles with your ice cream while you are pregnant.

Being pregnant is a wonderful and happy experience for a woman.  Talk with your doctor and have him/her recommend pre-natal exercise classes as exercise while you are pregnant is important as well.  Taking these pre-natal exercise classes teaches you how to relax, how to breath and strengthens muscles you will use during labor and delivery.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your new baby.  Make sure you pamper yourself and get plenty of rest.


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