New Born Baby Wishes

How do you feel when you get the news of a baby taking birth in this world? You truly get overloaded with happiness when you hear that a new born baby was added as a family member to the families of your near and dear ones. But don’t you think you must take up some responsibilities at that time?

The first and the foremost thing you must do at that instant is to start thinking about awesome wishes for a new born baby.  It is important to congratulate the proud parents who gave birth to a baby, as well as to send loads of good baby wishes for a bright and colorful future of the new born baby.

Short Baby Wishes

– Congratulations! Enjoy and have fun raising the new born baby and welcome to the club…of the sleepless parents!

– Our cutest love to your little baby!

– Very hearty good wishes to both of you, for becoming proud parents.

– Congratulations!  A new little angel has been added to your family! It’s time for a big party!

– This is real good news! Lots of blessings for your little baby!

– Wish you all the very best and I wish him every happiness in this tough world!

– Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy. You must be proud to have this lovely cute kid!

– His/Her sweet little smile and his/her tiny weeny fingers and toes will change your life for sure!

– Warm wishes on the birth of your baby boy/girl! Together you’ll guide your little baby’s footsteps in life and you’ll discover wonderful new things along the way.

– May this new little girl/boy brighten your world!

– May God bless your baby and fulfill her/his life with joy!

– Congrats! You just joined the club of the hard but happy workers!

– My best wishes to your baby! May his/her life be full of happiness.

– With all my love I wish your baby to be full of health and joy!

– Million kisses and hugs to your new little angel!

newborn baby wishes

Long Baby Wishes

– Sending loads of heartiest welcome to the new born baby to take birth in this world and make the world much more bright and colorful. Heartiest congratulations to the proud parents of this gifted baby.

– Dear baby, you have done a great job by taking birth among us. It seems to be the greatest gift to your parents to have you as their most prized possession. Congratulations to the proud parents.

– Let the new born baby have a life full of happiness, prosperity and success. Let the new born baby decorate his life with all the wonderful accessories he will collect on the way of his life.

– It is time to rejoice as a new member has step forward in this family to celebrate his life. Let the Almighty shower all His blessing upon the new born baby so that he/she gets all the power to go forward in the way of life.

– This wish is especially dedicated to the new born baby who has achieved a great success by taking birth in the world. Let the God bless you. I have no words to congratulate the proud parents for giving birth to this sweet baby.



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