Celebrity Baby Names – How Celebrities Name Their Babies

Celebrities do not think twice that their kids will be carrying the name for their life and people around them would tease them forever. For example, Rob Morrow named his daughter as Tu Morrow due to a drunken pre-conception conversation.

The Native American Indian fathers take their newborn child out of their huts and name them with the first object they see. On the other hand there are many artists like Christina Aguilera who chose a name for her baby with a special meaning for her.

Celebrities end up naming their kids with unique, crazy, interesting and sometimes, funny names. This article talks about how some famous personalities have named their kids and a great idea for new parents to pick a Celebrity Baby Name.

Celebrity Baby Names

Adele/ Simon Konecki

The singer did not want to reveal her son’s name and mentioned that they call him ‘little peanut’. However, later they named their son as Angelo which means ‘messenger’.

Christina Aguilera/ Jordan Bratman

The famous celebrities named their son as ‘Max Liron’. She explained that Max means the greatest and Liron means ‘my song’ in Hebrew and Max Liron is her greatest song.

David/ Victoria Beckham

The famous couple named their three sons as Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. They gave an interesting name to his daughter, Harper Seven. There was a rumor that Victoria never read any book and she broke it by reading Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and the number ‘seven’ was imprinted on his shirt, at that time.

Beyonce/ Jay-Z

The singer and the rapper duo named their daughter as ‘Blue Ivy Carter’. Blue is Jay-Z favorite color and 4 is their favorite number. IV is the roman interpretation and they changed it to Ivy. They trademarked their baby’s name so that no one else can use it for their benefit.

David/ Angela Bowie

The musician and model duo named their son as Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones. David’s birth name was David Jones and he changed it to Bowie. Zowie Bowie later changed his name as Joey. Joey said that his ridiculous name set him apart from his classmates, when he was young.

Pierce Brosnan/ Keely Shaye Smith

Mr 007 named his son, Dylan Thomas Brosnan after the poet, Dylan Thomas. Dylan is a Welsh name for Son of Wave.

Nicholas Cage/ Alice Kim

They named their son after Superman’s birth name, Kal-el. They had plans to name him Kyle but Alice wanted the name to be unique and hence, they “stole” it from the Superman Comics.

Mariah Carey/ Nick Cannon

This singer and rapper duo named their son as Moroccan Scott and daughter as ‘Monroe’. Nick proposed Mariah in a Moroccan inspired décor room and named their son after it. The daughter was named after Marilyn Monroe, who was an inspiration from Mariah.

Kurt Cobain/ Courtney Love

The famous musician pair named their daughter as Frances Bean after the guitarist, Frances McKee and the middle name was added because she looked like a kidney bean on the ultrasound.

Kurt Cobain-Courtney Love

Tom Cruise/ Katie Holmes

They named their daughter as Suri. Tom announced that Suri means princess in Hebrew and Red Rose in Persian. However, Suri also meant, ‘pickpocket’ in Japanese and ‘sour’ in French. There were rumors that the name ‘Suri’ never existed and the name was just popularity news to see how many people are naming their kids with the same name.

Robert Downey Jr/ Susan Levin

They named their son as Exton Elias. He was named after Susan’s great Uncle who added Exton to his name when he was in fourth grade because he did not have a middle name.

Hilary Duff/ Mike Comrie

The couple named their son as Luca Cruz. Though the name is derived from Lucius, the root meaning is light. ‘Cruz’ means cross in Spanish.

Courteney Cox/ David Arquette

This actress from ‘FRIENDS’ named her daughter as Coco Riley. It is said that Coco is a short name for Courteney. The first two alphabets of her first and the middle name are given to her daughter.

Celine Dion/ Rene Angelil

They named their first son as Rene Charles and their twins as Eddy and Nelson in the honor of Nelson Mandela and Eddy Marnay. Their first son shares the name with his father.

Richard Gere/ Carey Lowell

The couple named their son as Homer James Jigme. They named their son after Carey’s and Richard’s father. Homer is a Greek name and it means ‘security’. Jigme is a Tibetian name. A very unique name for a baby!

Milla Jovovich/ Paul Anderson

The pair named their daughter as ‘Ever Gabo. Paul is Scottish and Milla is Celtic. They wanted a name which will satisfy both the family roots and they found in in ‘Ever’. It is a Scottish boy’s name and they gave it to their daughter. Gabo is a mixture of Milla’s parents’ name.

Milla Jovovich-Paul Anderson

Kim Kardashian/ Kanye West

The famous couple named their baby girl as North West. The couple said that the North does not mean direction. It means “up” or “pinnacle”. They named her ‘North’ because she is the North Star for them.

Kourtney Kardashian/ Scott Disick

They named their son as Mason Dash. The ‘dash’ in Kourtney’s last name became the kid’s middle name and the first name is a very popular last name turned first name. Though it means a medieval occupation, it is quite common.

Alicia Keys/ Swizz Beats

The singer musician pair named their son as Egypt. When Alicia was very depressed, she took a trip to Egypt alone. The trip to Egypt was a very special one for her. The river, tombs and the pyramids made her feel better and hence, she named her son as Egypt.

Jennifer Lopez/ Marc Anthony

The singer couple named their son as Max David and daughter as Emme Maribel. Max means the greatest and Emme means the healer of the universe.

Jennifer Lopez babies

Jamie/ Jools Oliver

The chef used his culinary talents in naming their daughters as Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo. The couple does not like being questioned about their daughters’ name. They went an extra mile in naming their youngest daughter as Petal Blossom Rainbow and son as Buddy Bear. They do not want people to ask them why they are naming their kids with the characters in the little pony set.

Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie

The first adopted son is Maddox, which means mature. Jolie’s mother picked the name for the second son as Pax, which means peace. Shiloh was the name that Jolie’s parents wanted to name their first child but it ended in miscarriage and Jolie used the named for her daughter. Knox is Brad’s grandmother’s name. It is a French originated name.

Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie

Kyra Sedgwick/ Kevin Bacon

They named their daughter as Sosie Ruth and son as Travis Sedg. Sedg is Kyra is last name and Travis is a French name. It is derived from the occupation of toll keeper and the name means crossing. Sosie is a diminutive of Susan, which means Lily in Hebrew.

Gwen Stefani/ Gavin Rossdale

The musician pair named their sons as Kingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock. Zuma is named after the Beach in Malibu in which Rossdale had an epiphany that started his career. Nesta means messenger while Kingston means king’s town.

Emma Thompson/ Greg Wise

They named their son as Benjamin and daughter as Gaia Romilly. Gaia means ‘Earth’ in Greek. Romilly means sea dew in Latin.

Bruce Willis / Demi Moore

The actor couple named their daughters as Rumer Glenn, Tallulah Belle and Scout Larue. Bruce Willis said that he does not care much about the names as he was named after a playboy millionaire. Two of his children are planning to change their names as they are not happy with it. Rumer means gypsy in Salvic. Scout is adapted from the ‘To kill a mocking bird’ book while Larue means ‘Street’. He named his youngest daughter as Tallulah which means ‘leaping water’.

Shakira / Gerard Pique

They named their son as Milan Pique Mebarak. The name means ‘dear and loving’ in Slavic and ‘Eager’ in Roman. They stole the name, Pique, from the central defender of Barcelona. They stated that Milan is a Barcelona member by birth.

Celebrity Baby Name

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