Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

Having a baby is the biggest milestone in any person’s life.  There are many changes that a new baby brings, especially the first baby.  New parents are always looking for encouragement as it can also be a scary time as well.  It is a time of unknown happenings and new parents look for any wisdom or encouragement they can get from their friends and family.

Baby showers are happy celebrations and it is totally fine to provide the new mom and dad to be with creativity and humor, of course being sincere at the same time.  Writing your baby shower wishes or messages should be personal and memorable from you to the new parents.

Baby shower cards and messages are generally saved in a scrap book to look at later on when the baby gets older.  These albums are usually given to the baby once they grow up along with the photographs taken during the shower.

When writing your baby shower wishes and baby shower messages, be creative and funny.  Babies can be funny so writing a funny message is appropriate.  You can write your message to the parents and the baby all in one message.  Never be negative or say old cliches about changing diapers. The new parents will be changing diapers soon enough.  Always think positive about the new baby when writing a baby shower message.

Writing baby shower wishes and baby shower messages providing genuine advice also is a good idea when writing a baby shower message to the new parents, first time parents will always cherish advice.  This can be a scary time for new parents, as they are entering into the world of the unknown with their new baby.

Remember, when sending baby shower wishes and messages write positive, funny and encouraging words.  The new parents will feel more at ease knowing their family and friends are standing behind them with wisdom and love.

Here are some creative baby shower wishes and baby shower messages to give you an idea of what to write.

Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

—    In a few short months we are going to have a new member of the family. Right now we are going to spoil you.

—    Your pregnancy is like waiting for Christmas. You can’t open your present early and the anticipation is overwhelming.

—    I am so excited about your pregnancy and can’t wait to see what you made together.

—    Babies are a wonderful way to start people.

—    Babies are a gift from God and your pregnancy shows you have been blessed.

—    Your baby just may be the one to change the world.

—    There is nothing like the smell of a brand new baby, baby powder and poop.

—    Congratulations on your pregnancy you will soon give birth to a little Angel.

—    The sparkle in your eyes shows you are going to be a wonderful mother.

—    Looking forward to meeting your new little Angel.

—    Being a parent is having unconditional love for your baby.

—    Having a baby is like no other joyful feeling in the world. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

—    Babies are special and so are you.

—    God may bless you and your new baby.

—    Welcoming your new baby with love and laughter and health.

—    Sending well wishes to you and your little one.

—    Wishing you nothing but happiness and joy with the birth of your baby.

—    Remember to count to 10 because you will be counting fingers and toes.

—    The stork may bless you with a beautiful healthy baby.

—    Wishing you both health and happiness with your new baby.

—    How exciting you are having your first baby, Congratulations.

—    If you need a break after the baby comes, you can call me anytime.

—    Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

—    Congratulations on creating a family there is nothing like it in the world.

—    Your precious new bundle has come from above to fill your hearts and home with love.

—    Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are adding to the love of the world.

—    You are entering the world of parenthood. Have fun with it and enjoy your new baby.

—    May your new little bundle bring you lots of love and happiness

—    Congratulations on your new baby.  Your life will be filled with giggles and cuddles

—    Wishing you and your new family the best of everything.

—    After your new baby arrives, let us know if you need some help.

—    Wishing you joy and happiness and a safe delivery.

mom—    I know you will be a wonderful and loving parent. Congratulations on your new family member.

—    Congratulations on your new baby. This is the best time of making memories.

—    Babyhood is full of lots of memories so cherish every moment.

—    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Babies grow so fast so enjoy every moment.

—    You are now eating for two but will soon be cooking for three. Congratulations on your new baby.

—    Your new baby may provide you with more love and a happier home.

—    Now you are two and soon you will be three. Congratulations on your pregnancy

—    Now is the best time to sing lullabies and start collecting children’s’ stories.

—    Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. May he/she grow up to have your sense of humor.

—    May your new baby be full of success stories.

—    The biggest blessings come in small packages. Congratulations on your new baby.

—    The best things in life are the little ones.

—    It is pink for girls and blue for boys just think of all of the fun toys.

—    God has blessed you with a wonderful gift as He knows He can trust you with his love.

—    Congratulations on your pregnancy. You will enjoy the sounds of giggles and coos soon.

—    You are going to make wonderful mom and dad!

—    You are going to make wonderful parents!

—    May your baby have beauty and wisdom that only you can provide.

—    A home is not complete without the sounds of a baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

—    Congratulations on your new baby. You are going to give birth to a new generation that could change the world.

Baby Shower Wishes


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