Baby Names Trends 2014

Want to know the latest Baby Names Trends 2014? Expecting a baby in 2014? Bored and tired of all old and traditional baby names? Facing the anxiety of having the first child? Or, your earlier children don’t like their names? Well, considering the pop culture is the best way to determine the latest baby names 2014. Interestingly, parents who have to christen a baby have few options. Firstly, they want their baby’s name to be short.

Secondly, many have the customary belief of christening the child with name having good meaning. In addition, it feels sweet to pronounce it. Also, it must not be weird in any way. And, how about having some not-so-common name? Well, considering all these aspects in one time is definitely a difficult thing for the parents to do in this year.

Specially, when most of them are continuously blaming their old parents for giving them either weird or old names, none of them would like to take the same blame from their children.

Baby Names Trends of 2014

Since more than two decades, pop culture has been playing a greater role in our society. Either it involves our dressing style, things we eat, music we listen to. Baby Names Trends of 2014 is no exception. So why not consider it when naming our babies as well. According to a report, the name “Aria” has been becoming famous in 2014 among infants after the success of blockbuster The Game of Thrones. Moreover, “Finn” from the American serial Glee is also becoming trendy this year. As the film or drama becomes popular, or the protagonist is loved or hated most by the audience, a possibility occurs that upcoming children will be named after him/her.

Another thing to consider about the trends of baby names 2014 is the increased concept of hipsters. Again, this is a cause and effect of our pop culture that is bounding the parents to conform to such aspects also when naming their baby. Hipster names are reported to have a classical sound, as if talking about the old times, when women wore heavy jewels and men fought with swords.

But why forget about the famous characters of many bestselling books and poems. Yes, “Fiona”, a name invented by famous poet James Macpherson in his poem Fingal, is another trendy name of 2014. Happily, the custom of names having good meanings is vanishing reportedly now. Many new names were invented by the authors in eighteenth till twentieth century but the custom then could not be changed easily. Some of the new names of 21st century are Myra, Stella, Careen, Clea, Angela and many more.

No matter what, trend of baby names 2014 will not change unless conventional parents will stop baby-names-2014-trendsgiving their children their family names. For example, as Alex’s grandmother’s name was Mary and she was a good woman, thus Alex’s daughter should also be called Mary as it would cause her to become a good person. Musingly, this tradition is still present in many societies around the world. However, considering names of all of family members wouldn’t be a bad idea, in case you get the right one for your baby. Furthermore, the act of giving virtue names is still very common. Still in 2014, boys are being named on different kinds of virtues and attributes like Valor, Concord, etc and girls are christened as Faith and Hope.

Now, coming towards the modern parents, many of them prefer to name their child with long vowel sounds, like Ruby (pronounced; Roooby), Isla (pronounced I’laaa), Miles, Ryaan and more. Many of them are of the opinion that such names tend to give a hotter and stylish feel to the child’s name. Funny, parents of 2014 now find no problem in giving girls’ name to their boys and boys’ name to their girls; which is apparently some kind of novel creativity of year 2014 in the industry of naming the babies. Auspiciously, the trend of girls’ name ending on ‘A’ has also somewhat decreased, such as Ivy, Skylar, Adeline, etc.

Another interesting fact here is that parents are eager to choose a name for their child starting from a very limited range of alphabets that only count J, K, M, and O. The names that used to start with letter ‘C’ are being written with ‘K’ in year 2014, for instance Karter, Kalvin, and Kaius. However, common names starting from letter ‘J’ such as John, Jake, and June are still in practice in 2014. Many parents are also influenced by names of places, like Kenya and Malaysia. Names starting with letter ‘M’ and ‘O’ are Miles, Mandy, Millie, Maverick, Orlando, and Olga.

If you will become a parent in 2014 and you are currently researching for some unique names for your newborn, it is suggested to avoid the top ten popular names in the list and can go for stylistic yet patronizing version of the names you have always liked, despite of their occurrence lately.


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