How A Baby Changes Your Life

The main and the foremost dream of all parents in every corner of the earth is to have a child, to give birth to their own flesh and blood! All parents spend sleepless nights in planning everything about their child. They wait for the heavenly moment for months after months to see their child for the first time. And just at the moment they get informed that their baby was  born, they become new parents and they get overloaded with happiness, excitement but also responsibilities. At that moment, It is truly very difficult to realize but the truth is that couple’s life will dramatically change with many new happy moments but also serious worries.

Sleepless Nights

One of the main changes in you new life as a parent of a newborn baby, is the hundreds of sleepless nights! New parents often sleep two or three hours at a time, because of frequent feeding needs of their baby or for changing its diapers. Many times parents wake up from their sleep due to their infant’s crying. This means that they have to wake up even every 45 minutes. In most cases this will last only for the first months of the baby’s life.

One important thing that the parents should regularly monitor, is their baby breathing even if the baby is napping. You must always keep an eye to your baby to ensure that its breathing is regular.

Sometimes babies have colic, which means unstoppable crying all day and night long. The parents have to spent a lot more time with their little cutie to soothe its crying!

Finally little kids have a lot of energy! When you get back from work, already exhausted, you have to face your baby’s unstoppable energy. Kids are always waiting for their parents to spend valuable time together. There is nothing bad about it, but when you are already tired, it’s a bit difficult to deal with it. Even more when a baby doesn’t like to sleep at nights!

Parents live for their babies

Forget about your hobbies when you decide to have a baby. All your habits become secondary and your first aim is to give your best to your angel! You will no longer work to buy your dream car or to travel to your dreamed destination. When a baby arrives into your life everything changes! These days the demands to raise a healthy and unique child have greatly increased!

In most cases the 24 hours of a day are not enough, considering your own liabilities that don’t have to do with your baby. New parents often see their social life decreasing dramatically! Newborn babies don’t usually like it when you decide to go out for lunch or dinner. It depends on your baby and how you two are as a couple. If you manage to go out two or three times a month, you can feel happy!

Couple’s Relationship

It’s true that when a baby arrives in couple’s life, their relationship changes. Fights and disagreements are a usual situation. They may disagree about many things and most of them are very important for their baby life. For example they fight about sharing their new duties and all the childcare works. The couple has to communicate more than any other time before to find the proper solution for their problems. Shouting and fighting don’t help at all! There is always a way to find the best solution that both parents agree with.

Another major problem is when one of the two parents (mostly women) pay attention almost exclusively to the infant needs. They forget that they are also a couple except from parents. Jealousy may appear in the couple’s relationship. The only way to solve the problem is to communicate! Communication between the couple is maybe the only way to solve any problem that may appear in their new life!

 The Verdict

Birth is a miracle! Despite all the minor or major problems or the sleepless nights that may appear on the arrival of a new baby, being a parent is what makes a man or woman complete in this life! A baby’s smile or a hug is the best way to forget all your concerns and fears! A baby is like a “white paper that needs to be written” and the only people that are able to write on it, are its parents!

There are many unique challenges during stages of a child life! When you decide to have your own, you will realize that all other things in life are not that important and many of them are completely useless!

Always remember that you have to communicate with you partner to solve your problems, because when a baby comes to life, it has only its parents to care about it. Don’t work only for your baby. Work also for your relationship! It’s too important to have the happy family you were always dreaming of!



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