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Hot Girl Names 2014 – Prediction

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5 Responses

  1. Arianna says:

    I think Thanousha is an absolutely beautiful girls name. I know a very pretty girl called Thanousha and she is truly and beauty.
    My name Arianna is also quite nice, if I say so myself!
    Thank you xxx

  2. Jake says:

    Hey, I agree with Arianna – Thanousha is my girlfriends name and I love it and I love her she is so beautiful and talented and sings like an angel I love her so much xxx

    I also think for twins Sienna and Sierra are good :)

    However I hate the name Sofia, I know its my girlfriends best friend but I just think it sounds wierd but most people probably disagree
    Also Lauren is an okay name, don’t reckon it much but I read that it means graceful and elegant but also ‘unloved’
    I’m just naming my girlfriends friends! Well just two more then:
    Katherine: this name is quite old fashioned and a bit wierd. But I guess its nice, but a bit bossy and rude
    Zoe: this name is cool, I like ‘z’ names. I think that even if its boring I still like it.

    I could go on loads but that’s enough!
    Thank you so much!
    Jake x
    ps: I adore arielle its a wonderful name I’d love to have a daughter named arielle

    • Lauren says:

      Hello Jake I’m lauren, me and my friends were slightly freaked out by your message coz all of our names are mentioned! It’s probably a crazy coincidence but it’s still really weird. My friends names are Katherine, Sofia, Zoe and Thanousha. Thanks for reading! Bye!

      • Thanousha says:

        Hey Lauren, I’m tellling you I have no idea who wrote these – you have to put your own email and this is the only comment I’ve made.
        And yeah to the Jake guy I know I’m amazing! Can you please tell Lauren that even though I have no idea who you are but tell Lauren that it is you that is writing these things not me AND BTW ARE YOU A STALKER OMG DO I KNOW YOU OMG OMG OMG ARE YOU THE GUY THAT LISTENED TO ME ON THE PHONE AT ORCHESTRA??? Actually I don’t think so……. maybe you did…….
        Well tell my friend Lauren that it is not me writing these things.
        Thanks anyway but just saying I ain’t pretty and I cannot sing lol so wrong person!
        See ya!

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