Cute Baby Girl Names

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Choosing the right name for you baby girl is sometimes more difficult than choosing a boy’s name. That is because a name is a big part in woman’s life and gives great influence to her personality. A cute name can suit to every woman and she can feel comfortable with it. Also a cute name can boost her self-confidence and make her feel unique and memorable! Remember that you always have to consider the sound, meaning and uniqueness of the name. In the following list of cute baby girl names, you can find more than fifty names that perfectly fit to any cute baby girl.

If you are looking for a boy’s name, check out the cute baby boy names page.

Cute Baby Girl Names

Adriana  Means “From Hadria” a town in northern Italy and it’s a feminine form of Hadrianus. Alternative meaning Dark. Origin: Latin.

Alicia Sweet is the most common meaning. It’s a short form of Adelais. Origin: English and German.

Allison It’s a variation of Alice. Short form of Adelais. Origin: German.

Ashley Means “ash tree clearing”. It was given to boys until the 60s in the US, but now is a cute girl name! Origin: English.

Aurora  Aurora is a Roman goddess of the morning and it means “dawn” in Latin. Latin.

Brianna  Means strong. A very popular name in the US. Origin:  Irish.

Caroline “Song of happiness” and joy. Famine form of Charles. Origin:  Latin.

Catherine Innocent. It has roots from the Greek name Αικατερίνη (Aikaterine) which means pure. Origin:  Greek and  English.

Charlotte Another feminine variant of Charles meaning manly or joy. Origin:  English.

Chloe Blossoming or “green shoot” in Greek. Origin:  Greek.

Cianna Means God is gracious. It’s a cute name and not very common. Origin:  Irish.

Claire Clear, famous and bright. It’s a French form of Clara. Origin:  French.

Corina Means powerful. Form of the Greek name Κορίννα (Korinna). Origin:  French and Greek.

Dahlia It’s from the flower Dahlia. Its general meaning is “Valley”. Origin:  Latin.

Danielle Female form of Daniel. Most common in the English speaking world. Origin:  American.

Delilah Biblical name means “YAHWEH has drawn” in Hebrew. Origin:  Hebrew.

Destiny Fate, destiny. The God of fate in Greek mythology. Origin:  American.perfectly right

Emilia Flattering. It has roots from the Roman family name Aemilius. Origin:  Latin.

Emma The most common meanings are whole, complete, universal and faith. Origin:  Latin.

Evelyn Life and light. It’s related to the name Evelina. Origin:  English.

Gabriella God gives strength. Feminine form of Gabriel. Origin:  Italian.

Goldy Precious, wealthy and shinny. Origin:  English.

Isabella Devoted to God. Variant Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning “my God is an oath”. Alternative meaning of Isabella “my God is abundance”. Origin:  Italian.

Jacqueline French feminine form of Jacques which was from the Greek Ιάκωβος (Iakobos). Origin: American.

Jasmine From the English word for the climbing plant with fragrant flowers which is used for making perfumes. Origin:  Persian.

Kimberly From the name of the city of Kimberley in South Africa. Origin:  English.

Kylie It means “Boomerang” and it’s a feminine form of Kyle. Rare but famous cute name. Origin:  Aboriginal.

Layla Means night in Arabic. Popular name from romantic poems written by the 7th-century poet known as Qays. Origin:  Arabic.

Lillian From the flower Lily. Means innocence, purity and beauty. Origin:  English.

Lucy Light, illumination. English form of Lucia. Origin:  English.

Lydia Means beauty with Greek roots. Alternative meaning “from Lydia”. Origin:  Greek.

Macy Feminine form of Matthew. Not a very common name. Origin:  English.


Madeline Form of Magdalene .Mary Magdalene was a character in the New Testament. Origin:  English.

Maya Means “illusion” in Sanskrit. Other meanings are “close to God” and “happiness”. Origin:  English.

Melanie Night, black and darkness. This was the name of a Roman saint who gave all her wealth to charity in the 5th century. Origin:  Greek.

Naomi Means pleasant person. Origin:  Hebrew.

Natalie It means “Christmas Day” and comes from the Latin name Natalia. Origin:  French.

Olivia Olive. Known from William Shakespeare’s character in his comedy “Twelfth Night”. Origin:  English.

Rebecca Captivating or possibly meaning “a snare” in Hebrew. Origin:  Hebrew.

Riley Variant of the name Reilly which means “Unknown”. Origin:  Irish and English.

Roberta Feminine form of Robert. It has not a specific meaning but some believe that means “famous”. Origin:  English.

Samantha Female form of Samuel. No specific meaning. Origin:  American.

Sarah The most common meaning are lady and princess. Known from the Old Testament as Abraham’s wife and mother of Isaac. Origin:  Hebrew.

Sophie Means wisdom and it’s variant of the Greek name Sophia. Origin:  Greek.

Stella Its Latin meaning is “Star” or Shinny Star”. Origin:  Latin.

Taylor From the profession Tailor. Cute name for a girl. Origin:  English.

Trinity according to the Christian belief Trinity is the three states of God: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Origin:  English.

Victoria Means “victory” known from the Roman goddess of victory. Origin:  Latin

Zoe In Greek means “life” or “alive”. Origin:  Greek

Cute Baby Girl Names

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